Chapter 1,

Chapter 1,

Kagome was sitting with Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara in the small hut they had found on their journey to find the jewel shards. They had been traveling together for about 4 years now. They had collected about half of the jewel. Naraku, and evil hanyou bent on ruling the world, held the rest except for the two in Koga's legs and one in Kohaku's back. Kagome looked over at Sango and smiled.

"Do you know how far it is till we get to Kaede's village?" She asked. Sango looked at the ceiling for a second and nodded. "Yeah, I think we still have about half a days walk till we get there. Are you planning to visit your home for a while?"

Kagome nodded and ignored the death glares she was getting from Inuyasha. "Yeah, I need to go back because I need to study for finals. They will be coming soon." Sango nodded and Miroku couldn't help but take that chance to grope the demon slayer. Kagome laughed when she heard a loud smack when Sango hit Miroku.

After a while they all went to sleep, well all except for Inuyasha who required little sleep, and rested up for their journey back to the village. That morning they packed up and walked back. Suddenly Kagome looked at Inuyasha.

"I sense two Jewel shards. Koga is coming so please don't fight this time." Inuyasha grunted his disapproval and waited for Koga to appear.

Koga appeared out of his little tornado like always and grabbed Kagome's hands.

"Why are you still with that Mutt-Face Kagome. You know you would be better off with me." Kagome sweat-dropped and let out a small laugh. Inuyasha growled at them and yanked Kagome away from Koga.

"Don't you ever touch her again you Wimpy-Wolf!" Koga ignored him and looked back at Kagome. "Well I must be off. If you ever get tired of him Kagome you know where to find me!"

Koga was gone as quickly as he had come. Inuyasha stared at him and continued walking toward Kaede's house. Just as Sango had said they arrived at the village close to lunchtime. Kaede walked outside of her hut and smiled at them. Kagome waved goodbye and took off running towards the bone eaters well.

Inuyasha watched her leave and went to sit on his favorite branch. Miroku watched him then followed Sango inside with Kaede.

Kagome was running toward the bone eaters well and after about 10 minutes finally made it. She sat on the edge of the well for a bit and rested. Suddenly she felt a Sacred Jewel Shard close by. She also sensed its Naraku nearby. She knew Inuyasha sensed it and got in a fighting stance with her bow and arrows. Suddenly a Bear Youkai walked out of the forest. She noticed that it looked different, probably tainted by the jewels dark powers.

The bear looked at her. "You are the miko priestess that Naraku said to kill." Suddenly the Youkai charged and Kagome noticed that it was to fast for her to aim her arrows and suddenly she felt a searing pain in her side where the Youkai had swiped at her, the attack sent her flying into a tree. Kagome screamed when she hit and sat at the bottom of the tree, slightly dazed. She managed to grab an arrow as the bear Youkai charged her again. This time when it got close enough she pointed the arrow at it and suddenly the arrow shot toward the Youkai and purified it.

Kagome stared and tried to grasp what she had just done. She heard and evil laugh and finally Naraku appeared. Kagome tried to back up until she remembered that a tree was behind her, blocking escape. Naraku walked over toward her and gently grabbed her chin making her make eye contact with him.

"That power, I think I want it" Kagome's eyes widened. He is seriously going to try and absorb me, is he? Naraku bent down and pressed his lips to hers. She then felt like she was going to puke. Her chest started to burn when she realized that he was breathing miasma into her. Suddenly her eyes saw only red and she put her hand to Naraku's chest and sent a purifying shock through him, making him back up. He smiled at her.

"I have other plans to get that power from you." He said evilly. After that he vanished. The pain in Kagome's chest was almost to much to bear. Suddenly she started to feel dizzy then there was nothing.

Sesshomaru was with Rin and Jaken when they had heard the scream. Sesshomaru looked at Jaken.

"Stay here and protect Rin. I sense Naraku and I'm going to get rid of him." Jaken nodded and Rin stared at him. Sesshomaru took off and ran quickly through the woods, but little did he know that he was not the only one who had heard that scream. Inuyasha had heard it as well, so Sesshomaru ran even quicker so that he could destroy Naraku before his weak half brother got there.

When Sesshomaru arrived where he heard the scream he did not sense Naraku anymore, but instead started to smell blood, and lots of it so he turned around to where the smell was coming from and saw his half brothers wench leaning up against a tree and bleeding badly from a large and deep wound on her side. He also noticed that her breathing was ragged. He walked over to her and instantly smelled miasma.

He picked her up bridal style, so as not to injure her farther, and ran back to where Rin and Jaken where.

Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara ran over to where they heard the scream. Inuyasha had yelled at them earlier because he had sensed Naraku nearby and so they ran.

When they got there they saw Kagome's yellow backpack lying on the ground beside the well. Inuyasha picked it up and looked around for Kagome. Suddenly the smell of Kagome's blood hit his nose and he almost gagged. He looked around and spotted a tree with a dark red stain around it.

He ran over and instantly knew that it was Kagome's blood, and there was a lot of it. Sango and Miroku saw as well and despair fell upon the group. Sango was holding Shippo and Kirara. Shippo was bawling and Sango was crying. Miroku held the tears in as did Inuyasha. He looked at them.

"We need to find Kagome. If we cannot find her within a day we will hunt Naraku down for this. He will pay with his life if we do not find her."

Everyone nodded and went searched all day for at least a body, but nothing was found. They walked back to the village and told Kaede what happened and they all built a small grave. Since there was no body they only put a headstone next to Kaede's hut.

That night everybody had a troubled sleep because they were all dreaming of a friend that they no longer had.

Inuyasha looked up at the sky and sighed. "Please be okay." He suddenly saw Kikyo's soul collecters and ran after them. He saw her sitting in a tree and staring down him.

"Inuyasha have you come to finally return to me?" He stared at her. Kagome is not alive anymore so I now only have Kikyo. He looked back up at her and nodded.

"Yes, but we must find the rest of the jewel shards and defeat Naraku before we can live happy." Kikyo nodded just happy to have Kagome out of the way. She looked down at him.

"Do you think that you friends will approve?" Inuyasha shrugged and smiled. "I don't care as long as I have you." Kikyo nodded, got down, and walked over to him. She leaned in closer to his face and gently kissed him. His eyes widened before closing while he deepend the kiss. He hugged her and they broke apart. "We must be going. They will wonder where we are." Kikyo nodded and smiled again, following Inuyasha to the hut, where they slept and awaited the next day.


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