Kittenn: Konnichiwa

Kittenn: Konnichiwa!

Elmo: Hello!

Kittenn: This is just a one-shot to try and get my creativity back, so tell me if I've got it.

Elmo: She means, tell her if she sucks.

When He's Not Home

There was his uniform. Covered in blood and other unmentionables, and frankly, she didn't know if she wanted to know why.

"Mom, is that you?" Kurama called back towards the house when he heard the door close.

"Yes, Shuuichi. What are you doing?"

Kurama quickly slipped his torn-up uniform into the garbage can and hope she didn't see the movement in the dark of the twilight. The streetlights were already on, and he was worried she would see.

She made no movement of notice.

"Oh, and mother, I need another uniform. The one I have has been ruined. We were kidding around and he spilt paint all over it." He spoke; hiding the pain that he was almost sure would leak into his words, and began to move towards the door. He noticed the garbage bag in his mother's hand as Shiori crept towards the garbage can.

She smiled her motherly smile, "Okay Shuuichi. You might want to get Yuusuke to be more careful, that's the fourth one in the past couple of months." Kurama smiled at her and returned to the house to re-wrap his wounds. Shiori waited a moment.

As soon as she was sure he wouldn't come back, she opened the garbage can.

There was his uniform. Covered in crimson blood and other unmentionables. It had green-coloured guts. It was torn. It was ruined. It wasn't covered in paint.

"Oh, Shuuichi…"

And for once, she wondered what Shuuichi really did when he was with Yuusuke.

And frankly, she didn't know if she really wanted to know.


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