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Okay so I thought this was kind of cool and decided to write a fanfiction on it. All different kissing styles. I think there is a all different lemon styles somewhere I read it before but now I've forgotten who wrote it. You're awesome!! Oh, and this humans I think!? Enjoy!! Reviews??

Sucking Kiss



Edward played the last note of his piano piece. The one he was working on for the school concert. He had asked me to sing with him on stage but I declined quickly. Everyone watching me? No thanks. Each one of my friends were doing something but I jut couldn't. Even shy Angela was going up with Ben performing a beautiful duet. He turned around on his seat to look at me sitting silently on the couch.

"What do you think?" He asked nervously, his emerald green eyes twinkling like diamonds of always. A grin stretched across my face and I walked over, sitting down beside him and threw my arms around his neck and burying my face into his neck.

"It was beautiful, Edward," I complimented him honestly, giving him the praise he deserved. I pulled back to see his face. It was stretched into a full on grin and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled me into him, our foreheads touching along with our noses.

I was dazzled, yet again. Just looking at his face had me stunned. How could one person hold so much beauty and the best thing he wasn't just beautiful he was sincere, generous, selfless, kind, compassionate and the best of all, he was mine and by some miracle he loved me too.

"You really liked it," He whispered. His minty, cool breath blowing into my face, making me close my eyes in contentment. I nodded slowly, after a minute. Hoping he didn't think I wasn't a love stricken teenager. Okay I was.. But I didn't need to act like it , like a fool.

He laughed breathlessly before pulling back and getting off the seat, walking into the kitchen. My eyes snapped open and I followed him in, fuming. I sat down at the table, brooding. He set a can of Coke in front of me before sitting down opposite of me. He grinned before opening his lip and pouring a small amount into his mouth.

"You're such a tease," I huffed before opening my opening my coke and downing a large gulp. When I put it down I saw Edward was watching me, purposively.

"I'm the tease?" He gushed. My eyebrow rose but I nodded, confused.

"I certainly am not, miss Swan," He boomed. "I'm not the one who comes to her boyfriends house looking so irresistible it has to be a crime and walks in front of her, already so tempted boyfriend, up the stairs. Her skirt so short that he can see her blue lace panties," He accused. I gaped at him and unconsciously tugged down my pink skirt. But then an idea hit me and I bit my bottom lips. I got up from the chair and onto the table. I saw Edward's eyes widen as I crawled across the table, towards him. My butt hitched up in the air. I saw him gulp as I stopped in front of him.

I had been researching kissing styles on the Internet and now I could try them out on them. See which one of them finally made him loose his patience and both our virtue's. Emmett and Alice thought it was an awesome idea and Rosalie just smiled. Jasper rolled his eyes as usual and patted me on the shoulder.

I reached across and knocked the Coke can from his hands. I extended my neck slightly and pressed my lips to his. My lips parted as did his, probably thinking I was going for the normal French kiss. Ha! One of my lips caught his bottom lip and I began to suck it for a minute. He seemed to like this as his hands traveled to my ass and landed on each side, squeezing them. I changed to the other one for a minute before pulling back. I licked my bottom lip before sliding off the table and walking toward the door.

"Where are you going," Edward cried from the kitchen.

"Home," I laughed before walking out the front door and slamming the door shut. I walked over to my truck and hopped in quickly and started it up backing up and driving out the driveway.

Sucking kiss was a failure next kissing type...Nip Kissing. But, ah, the sucking kiss...

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