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My hair was around my face, my teeth were clenched and my legs were spread, above my head. A cold hard rod was pressed in between my thighs as I painfully slid down onto the ground. Alice had her hands on her hips, shaking her head sadly. Emmett laughed at my flushed face and picked me up.

"Remind me," I wheezed. "Why am I dancing around some stripper pole that I only found out about?" Edward, Rosalie and Jasper had gone hunting this morning for a part for Edward's car. Alice picked me up and decided to show the secret quarters of Emmett's house.

"Because Edward has never been in this room. Now we have something that can lure him down. You. Plus, me and Emmett have a bet," She smiled deviously and grabbed the pole with one hand and swung around, her legs always a ninety degree to the pole.

She looked like a professional and Emmett patted my on the head. She skipped to the side once her feet touched the ground without a sound. Emmett grinned and walked forward placed his two hands on the hand, gripping it tight. He brought his knees up to the silver post. Where Alice looked like an energetic pixie Emmett was just as good but more like a big burly..person.

Charles and Helen were out shopping, so I was on my own. Alice, with her hand on the small of my back, pushed me forward. Emmett guffawed and smacked my ass. I slapped it away and put my hands above my head on the pole. I took a deep breath and pulled my knees up and circled the pole twice, my legs going above my head again until I fell.

My chin was pressed against my chest, my legs were over my shoulders and my back was on the ground. I wheezed worriedly as my face was red out. From in between my legs I could see Emmett and Alice cock their heads to the sides, folding their arms across their chests and giving my a perplexed expression.

"That's funny. That's mine and Rose's favourite position," He said, smiling. Alice turned to face him, a pucker between her brows and looked at me again, nodding.

"Guys," I squeaked.

"Hmm. I could see where it may be pleasurable but Jasper and I prefer the Reverse Cowboy," She said with an absent smile. Emmett smirked.

"I should have guessed Jasper didn't wear the pants in bed. Alice you naughty girl,"

I raised a hand in the air. "Okay we get it Alice is a dirty ho like that Pussycat Dolls song. But the one dancing to a different, unperverted drummer wants to get up," Emmett shrugged and lifted me up and steadied me, slinging a muscled hand over my shoulder.

"I thought that was called Jai Ho?" Alice said softly.

"Oh, it is but have you listened to the lyrics?" She rose an eyebrow, I sighed.

"I got, I got shivers, shiver when you touch my body. I'll make you huh and all I got, I'll make you wanna say…,"

"Dirty Ho," Emmett and Alice chorused, laughing. I grinned and smiled as Alice bounced in throwing her hands around me. It had been awhile since just the three of us hung out. It was nice.

" I think…. I have an idea for your next kiss Bella..,"

"Alice?" Jasper's voice came as he descended down the stairs Rosalie following him. She looked up from under her eye lashes. His brows furrowed as he took in Alice and Emmett appearance.

"What the..? Edward wanted to know whether Bella was down here," Of course she couldn't see me, I was behind some curtain behind the stripping pole reading Why had I agreed to it? Because your desperate and spending too much time with Alice. I could hear Edward pace above my head and prayed he

"Oh, she's floating around," Rosalie moved closer, I could her the squeak of her trainers as she came closer.

"Where's Edward?" Alice asked, the smile evident in her voice.

"Upstairs..because he's suddenly this big prude," She emphasised prude by raising her voice. I heard the pacing stop and start again.

"Emmett? Alice? Why are you wearing that?" Jasper asked cautiously. Alice and Emmett were wearing black suits that Emmett happened to have in his 'costume' wardrobe. I had one on to.

"Oh, just something we said we'd do," Emmett laughed and walked over to the stereo, switching it on. Britney Spears Do Something blasted out. I couldn't help but roll my eyes it was typical to drag up our song for years ago. I bet her and Emmett still remembered the dance. I know I did. I fixed the collar on my suit jacket, sighed and burst through the curtains. I flipped my hair around and grinned. We were such a cliché.

"Bella?" Rosalie laughed, rolling her eyes and I stuck out my tongue.

Somebody give me my truck
So I can ride on the clouds
So I can turn up the bass like...

Emmett stood in the middle, Alice to the right and me to the left. Jasper gaped and Rosalie muttered 'Two thousand and four. The only holiday I went on and they still remember that dance,' I flung my head left then right in perfect sync with the others. I saw a shadow come down the stairs almost reluctantly and instantly knew who it was.

Somebody pass my guitar
So I can look like a star
And spend this cash like...

I bent down on one knee keeping the other out a bit, resting my elbow on it and to two sweeps in the air, imitating the guitar at the two beats from the song and quickly getting back on my feet again the same as Alice and Emmett.

Whatchu going do when the crowd goes Ayo?
Why you standing on the wall?
Music starting everywhere
So why don't you just move along

I leaned back and hammered my fist into the air and quickly dipped to the ground, letting my butt skim the ground and slowly brought it up.

I see you looking at me
Like I'm some kind of freak
Get up out of your seat
Why don't you do something'?
I see you looking' at me
Like I got what you need
Get up out of your seat,
Why don't you do something'?

We slowly walked, swayed our hips and tore off our suits. The beauty of rip of clothing. Alice and I wore denim short skirts. Hers was black and mine were black. I had a green tank top, sticking to every curve and she had a yellow one more cutesy than mine but then again that was completely on purpose. Emmett just wore basketball shorts and his ripped chest was on full display.

Now you all in my grill
Cause I say what I feel
Only rock to what's real
Baby bump bump
But I can't do that with you
Only here with my crew
I can roll if you can
Don't be a punk punk

I twirled around putting both hands up in the hair and entwining them above my head. I bent my knees a tiny bit and pushed out my butt twice in sync with Emmett and Alice as Britney sang '…baby bump bump..' Then I put my hand under my chin and flicked my head up twice to the last two words.

Whatchu going do when the crowd goes Ayo?
Why you standing' on the wall?
Music starting' everywhere
So why don't you just move along?

I pushed my arms out from my chest and brought them back again. Shuffling closer to Emmett and Alice I laid my hand on Emmett's chest, bending backwards as Alice laid her hand on mine and Emmett put his on hers. I feigned pushing Emmett's, while letting my chest rise and fall under Alice's hand as she did the same as what Emmett was doing to her and I to him.

"Now," She whispered and my breath caught. I hadn't known what I was going dancing to, however I did know my pole routine barely after two hours. I looked up and sighed, spotting Edward come forward, now standing beside Jasper and Rosalie.

"You owe me twenty bucks Emmett," Alice snickered pushing me up and getting to her feet as I skipped over to the pole. I placed my hands above my head and heaved myself up. I struggled with my legs as I pushed them out, curving them around each other as I swung myself around the pole, slowing going further down the pole. My feet touched my ground and I backup against it, circling it and dipping once.

"Woo Bella," Rosalie hollered and I blushed. I put my hands around it and let one of my legs wind around it and pushed my other leg up, slowly spinning around. I stopped suddenly, holding on to the pole I leaned back and shuck my hair out. I ignored Emmett's and Jasper's dog's whistles. With my last lift I shifted both legs up in the air, let my hands go only holding on with my legs, my hair pooling into a chocolate puddle on the ground beneath me.

There was hands under my head and I saw Edward grin coyly, crashing his eager lips to mine. I melted into them before falling. He caught me and swung me up into his arms. He kissed me again and the other shouted. I smiled. Finally I had him. Before I could snake my hand into his hair blackness set in and instantly I knew what was happening.

"Damn," I yawned before falling asleep.

Dirty Ho Kiss