A change is good, indeed.

Sequel to 'A change might be good, no?'. It's been a year since the seminar, and Roarks feelings has turned a bit stronger. But will he hurt Gardenia in the process? RoarkxGardenia, CandicexVolkner and hints of LucianxOC. Rated for references and obvious reasons. Some future chapters will have higher rating.

Chapter one: Sort out your feelings.

"Whoa…". Roark stood in a lush, green forest. He could tell it was in the middle of the day since the sun was quite high. The grass was quite soft and a few flowers were scattered around. He looked down at his body. He was wearing trunks and a black T-shirt, which was his usual pajamas. Suddenly, the young man could hear someone giggle. He turned around and saw a girl with ginger hair that reached her shoulders. She weared a light green robe of some sort while her feet were bare.

"Who are you?" asked the rock pokemon user as the female floated towards him. "A friend…don't worry" replied the gingerhead before she kissed him. It was quite sweet...the male did not hestitated to return it. Both of them sat down in the grass and continued what they had started. The kisses turned more passionate…he did not mind though. The rock pokemon user WAS 22 years old after all. Suddenly, he felt some soft hands crawling up his torso and his T-shirt was gone in the next moment. Her robe had slid down a bit, exposing a little bit of her cleavage. The auburn-haired male let out a small groan: he could not deny that he enjoyed it. The hands begun to go south, the green-clad girls lips still on his.

He let her do that, and soon, it felt like electricity spread trough his body. His head begun to grow foggy and his eyes begun to close…

"Roark! ROARK! Are you OK!". A familiar voice could be heard nearby. The Oreburgh gym leader opened his eyes. "Ugh…dad?" muttered the young man while he rubbed his eyes a little. "You were moaning and tossing around a bit. Are you all right?" inquired Byron, who looked a bit worried at the moment. "Yeah…just a nightmare…I'll be fine" muttered the redhead as he sat up in bed. The older man let out a small sigh and left the room. The 'steel man' had celebrated his birthday yesterday, which fit perfectly well with the 22-year olds schedule. His gym had to close for three days due to some necessary renevations.

The male stretched and got out of the bed. He then noticed some spots on his trunks and rolled his eyes. "Great…" muttered the bespectacled male and threw them in the laundry basket. He had dreamed similar dreams quite often lately. He and Gardenia had a great relationship, but something had turned different. Sometimes when they kissed, the young man wanted to cradle her waist under her shirt or massage her inner thighs. But he knew that his girlfriend might not approve of such and decided to suppress those thoughts. Was he turning into a pervert or something?

When the auburn-haired person thought about it, this was the fourth time in ten days that he had dreamed something like this. 'Is it something wrong with me? I usually don't get dreams like that very often…' thought the young man while removing his T-shirt. Suddenly, someone knocked on the bathing room door. "Can I come in?" asked a male voice. It was his father. "Yeah, just a sec" muttered Roark before he unlocked the door. It was just his father, so it was no need to be shy.

"I'm going to the hotspring in an hour or so…want to come with me?" inquired the older male. "Sure" answered the younger male before he dressed himself in a moss green hoodie jacket plus a white T-shirt. "Great" smiled the 'steel man'. After he had shaved himself, the rock pokemon trainer begun on his breakfast. "I heard you had nightmares Roark" informed his mother. He tried to stay calm, despite that his heartbeat was skyrocketing. "Uhm…yeah. I dreamt that I was in a house with a lot of ghost pokemon that scared me" stuttered the Oreburgh boy. Which made sense: he had never liked ghost pokemon that much.

"Sounds scary…" muttered Byron and begun to cut up a sausage. His son nodded in agreement as he started on his scrambled eggs. 'I have to talk to someone about this problem. Talking to dad about this is a bit embarrasing though. Wake is out of the question. But perhaps Volkner can help me…he is my best friend after all' thought the male before he drank some orange juice.

The two went to the hotspring. It were nearly no people at the moment and the auburn-haired guy did not knew any of them there. He let out a small sigh: it felt good to sit in this warm water. "Roark?" asked the older man. "Hm?" replied the younger male. "Can you please massage my shoulders? They feel a bit painful" requested the auburn-haired man and sat in front of his son. "OK" said the bespectacled young man. He then laid his hands on his father's shoulders.

Despite that his parent had a somewhat bony bodybuild like himself, he had strong shoulders, arms and hands. It was probably after all the work in his gym as well as the underground. The older male let out a content sigh while he lowered his shoulders a little bit. His wife used to joke with that his shoulders plus his hair was his 'soft spots'. If someone gave his scalp or shoulders a massage, he would be almost unable to move. Which was not far away from the truth. The Canalave man did not mind body contact despite his nickname of being a 'steel man'.

"OK son. It's your turn" stated the man before he turned. He pushed his son a little in the front of himself and laid his hands on his sons shoulders. Then, he begun to massage them a little bit. Roark made a grimace: it hurt a bit. "Are you trying to break my shoulders or something!" whispered the male. "You have a lot of knots. No pain, no gain" replied Byron before he squeezed a bit extra hard on a particularly large knot. His son whimpered a little in pain. After a little while, it became a lot better. "Thanks dad…I needed that" whispered the auburn-haired trainer and laid a little back. The older man walked over to some of his friends.

"Hey Roark. I have not seen you in a while" greeted a soft voice. The said person opened his eyes and felt his eyebrows raise in surprise. In front of him stood a purple-haired man that was at his age. "What are you doing here Lucian!" whispered the Oreburgh gym leader in surprise. He felt small next to him: the older male was the best in the Elite four. To make it worse, he was the weakest gym leader as well. "I was in this town to borrow some books. Canalave has a huge library, so I decided to spend a little of my week off here" informed the young man as he sat down right next to his friend. The weakest of the two was not surprised by this...many gym leaders knew that the elite four trainer had a passion for books.

"So Roark…have you dreamed anything unusual recently?" asked the purple-haired trainer. Roarks eyes flew open. "How did you knew!" whispered the male in bewilderment. His friend chuckled. "No need to worry Roark. You DO know that I'm a psychic pokemon trainer, have two older sisters plus that my zodiac sign is Pisces ((OOC: Pisces are supposed to pick up other peoples feelings very quick)). That look you have on your face tells me that it's something that worries you. If I'm not wrong, it has something to do with your sleeping habits, dreams or something similar. You're a person that is most likely to be bothered by that. No offense…everyone has their own type of worry" informed the male. The rock pokemon trainer had to sleep over at his apartment for a few days last year and he always had trouble to fall asleep or nightmares. "So…what is your problem really?" asked the psychic pokemon trainer.

The Oreburgh gym leader bit his lip. The older male was not exactly a guy that used to slip out secrets (with or without purpose) and he was quite smart tpp. "Do you PROMISE to not tell anyone? It's quite embarassing…" whispered the young man. Lucian nodded and moved a little closer. "You were right about those dreams. I have had…some sort of embarrasing dreams about my girlfriend" whispered the auburn-haired guy. "Gardenia, if I'm not mistaken?"inquired the male. The other male nodded. "I see…what do you mean with embarassing dreams? Are they comical in a way or something?" asked the elite trainer while raising a mauve purple eyebrow. "No..kind of more…adult dreams if you know what I mean" muttered Roark, fully aware of his now brick-red face.

"Oh...those kind of dreams" chuckled the young man. "It's NOT funny! This is the fourth time in ten days I have dreamed something like that! And I don't have dreams like that very often!" hissed the young man. His face was still red. But this time, it was frustration. "Calm down, calm down Roark. It must be quite annoying for you to have it like this! Now…I know this question is kind of private. But have you and Gardenia done…?". The purple-haired man was interrupted by his friend shaking his head. The shade of his face was now in a bright shade of pink that could make a Clefairy jealous.

"Well…you two have been dating for a year right? Maybe it's just your mind that has begun to feel that it's ready for it. You probably want to go further when you two are kissing, no?" inquired the male. "How do you know all this!" asked the Oreburgh trainer. "I am on the same age as you. And I just happen to have a girlfriend myself" muttered Lucian, his cheeks now faint pink. "Who is the lucky girl then? Someone I know?" inquired the young man. His curiosity had awaken. "Let's just say it's a pale brunette with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen" muttered the other young man.

"Are you dating Mavis!" whispered the auburn-haired male. Mavis was Cynthias assistant. She was an all right trainer who loved reading and music. The psychic pokemon trainer nodded. "But as for you…I will suggest that you try to talk to your girlfriend about your…ahem, urges. But I think you should let out the fact about your dreams…most girls think it's a bit sickening. Good bye Roark, I hope we will meet some day" said the male and stepped out of the bath with only a towel around his waist. Roark was left in his thoughts...what was he going to do?