Chapter six: Confession!

The sun peeked trough the windows. It was Friday morning and it appeared to be a great day in the mining city. Gardenia blinked while she opened her eyes. 'Why am I so warm…and what's laying next to me?'. The female turned her head a little and was face to face with Roark. 'WHAT THE…' thought the ginger head. Yesterdays events replayed in her head and she begun to understand what had happened.

'But Roark is an early bird…I wonder why he is still asleep' thought the young woman while she tilted her head a little bit. The male seemed to be fast asleep, despite that the clock was 08:45 AM. And he was usually up at 07:00 AM. She tried to move, but something hold her back. The grass pokemon user looked down and saw that the auburned-haired young man had wrapped his arms around her waist. The female tried to move, but the male groaned a little.

"Sorry Roark" muttered the Eternia woman. But when she stood up, she felt awfully sore from her navel and down. 'Oooh…I hope it will go away' thought the young woman as she walked towards the bathroom with a somewhat pained look at her face. Suddenly, someone locked up the main door in the apartment after she had entered the bathroom.

"Hm…weird. Roark should be up by now" muttered Byron and closed the door behind him. He heard that someone were in the bathroom. "Hello, it's Byron. Can I come in?" inquired the man. "Hold ooon…" said a voice behind him.

The miner turned around and saw a furious Roserade look at him. The pokemon's eyes were replaced with something shiny…it seemed like the grass pokemon gave him the deathglare. "Roserade? Why are you here?" asked the Canalave man in confusion. "That's why" informed the pokemon while she looked at the door. "You mean…Gardenia is in there?" inquired the adult while he looked at the pokemon. "Exactly!" stated the white-haired pokemon before she trotted away.

"I don't speak pokemon, but I suppose that was a 'yes' or something" muttered the auburn-haired man. "Dad! What are you doing here!" exclaimed a surprised voice. The male turned around and saw his son stand there. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt, black sweatpants as well as his glasses. But his hair was a little more bushy than usual. "I told you that I was going to visit you this Friday to deliver you some tools" answered Byron. "Snap! I must have forgot that!" exclaimed his son and facepalmed.

"I think we need to talk a little" sighed the adult before they walked into the ktichen. They sat down and looked at each other for a few seconds. "Roark…please explain how you could forget that I would come to visit you today" muttered the steel pokemon trainer. "Sorry dad…I just feel a little tired" replied the male. "When did you went to bed last night?" inquired the older male with his 'no-nonsense father voice'. "Dad…I'm 21 now" muttered the rock pokemon trainer while he buried his face in his hands. He usually did not minded his father's protective instincts, but this was almost a little too much.

A set of chestnut eyes gave him a 'you-better-tell-or-else-you-are-grounded' look. "I went to bed at 11:15 PM or something" muttered the young man. "But if you went to bed at 11:15 PM, you should not be tired. Why is Gardenia here so early in the morning by the way? I know you two have Fridays off, but it's not even noon yet" inquired the auburn-haired man. Then, something begun to move in his head.

'OH NO…' thought the Oreburgh man when he saw his fathers expression change from wonder to something that was near disbelief. "All right son…I have a question to ask you. And you have to be honest, OK?" asked the adult. He clasped his son's hands with his own ones. The other auburn-haired man gulped, but managed to nod. "I suppose I have to be direct but…is she sleeping over here?" inquired the male and looked him straight into his eyes. "WHAAAT! You see, I…I mean that…What I'm trying to say is…yes". He said the last word very low while his face went from light pink to deep red in the fraction of a second. His father sighed. "You DID used protection, right!" muttered Byron while he looked down at his shoes. "Yes…" muttered the young man.

"I see…good thing you did that at least" muttered the adult and stood up. "Are you mad at me dad?" asked Roark. His father looked down and his hair covered most of his face. "Heh…I don't know what to say. It feels like it was yesterday you hugged my legs and told me that you loved me" chuckled the steel pokemon user. "I still love you dad" answered the male while he raised an eyebrow. "I know" said the other male before he looked up. A second later, the rock pokemon user found himself in a special, bone-crushing hug.

The young man could only remember a few times when he had got a hug like that. The first time he could remember he had got one when he was five years old and his father was following him to his first day at school. The second time was when he was ten and was officially a pokemon traine. The third time when he was 11 ½ and had got all the Sinnoh badges. The fourth time, which was probably the most embarassing one, was when he was 15 and his voice was breaking when he least expected it.

The fifth time he got a hug like that was when he was 20. He was officially off age and the gym leader in Oreburgh at that time (AN: You become off age in Japan when you are 20, not 18). The bespectacled male could not help but to smile and buried his face in his father's shoulder. He smelt like coffee mixed with some aftershave. The door then suddenly creaked and both of them turned their heads around. "Sorry for ruining the moment Byron" greeted Gardenia with an embarrassed smile on her face. She stood in the doorway and was clad in a light green sweater paired with jeans. "You are not ruining anything Gardenia" replied the youngest male while he gave her a small smile.

His father let him go and turned a little. "Hey Gardenia…come over here for a moment" muttered the adult and snickered while he bent down to tie his shoelace. 'Does he know?' mouthed the female to Roark. He turned pink and nodded right before his relative stood up again and walked towards the ginger head. "I will not kill you" laughed Byron before he left the apartment.

"So...are you up for some breakfast?" suggested the redhead. "Yup! Let's enjoy our day off" grinned the young woman as they went towards the kitchen.