Alrighty! So far this fanfic has been on paper and I'm finally posting it on Well, I hope you guys like this new Sasunaru fanfic!

A blonde teen walked through the crowded hallways of his new school, looking at a complete map of the school.

It's so huge! How the hell am I supposed to go through this school and be expected to make it on time to all my classes?!


The blonde turned around at the mention of his name to see a brown spikey-haired teen. He was wearing a navy blue Hollister T-shirt with faded brown Hollister shorts. He wore black worn out converse and a chained necklace with the symbol of their town clearly shown. His face held what someone would easily mistake for a cocky grin.

"Kiba! I thought you got held back?"

Kiba walked closer to Naruto and put an arm around the blonde's shoulders.

"Almost… I took summer school and made up for all the classes I failed. You should have been there… Shikamaru Nara? He got to be the supervisor... That tells it all right there!"

Kiba chuckled in something that mocked a dog's bark. Naruto chuckled along with him until he glanced up at the clock. 7:56.

"We've got to get to class Kiba. We've got four minutes. By the way… What do you have first hour?"

Kiba thought for a minute as he removed his arm from Naruto's shoulder.

"I think it's Mr. Hatake for Land of Fire Government."

Naruto's face brightened as he replied, "Awesome! Me too! Come on, let's get to class."

Naruto and Kiba walked to their first hour chatting about how much fun they'd have in class.

This is a very short chappy but it's the very first one sooo yeah…. Anyways! The land of fire government is kinda a referal to what I have as my first hour in real life lol….U.S. Government…..UGH! So I wanted to make Naruto suffer through it also XD Well….check out the rest of the story too!