A/N: This is sort of an offshoot to a story I came up with but never got around to writing titled Earthquakes & Snowflakes in which Pete falls in love with the daughter of the American Ambassador to Great Britain. It was a fascinating story really, hopefully I'll get around to writing it all out someday but in the meantime, here's a peak at their relationship from Audrey's (the Ambassador's daughter) point of view.

What I liked about Peter, was that I felt like I could trust him. If he asked me to take his hand and walk blind beside him, I would have no hesitation in doing so. He knew what he was doing. The boy had been carving out his own survival for so long (and notably succeeding), the faith was all but flowing from me. I was practically his fountain.

That was the truly odd thing about being so happy with Peter. Is that he didn't see me like a fountain at all. Not ferocious like a waterfall. Or solid and firm and gray like concrete. I wasn't rigidly planned out like the architecture of a fountain to him. Or organized like the infrastructure of the plastic tubing and brass pipes. None of that mess. What reflected in Peter's sharp blue eyes when looking at me was glass.

Clear and fragile, absorbing and reflecting all the light in the room (which was usually emanating from him in the first place). In Peter's eyes, I was a thousand drops of warm, summer rain shower. And to me, he was the kisses of all the lovers standing outside together, braving the storm. I was the dim glow of a half-full moon and Peter was my velvet, navy blue sky, shining with countless shards of uncut diamonds. I was the sparkle of the sun on Caribbean waters, throwing hot white, yet hazy, shadows. And Peter? He was each and every dolphin breaking the surface, dancing between crests and troughs.

Peter was a gypsy's campfire and I was the oxygen that kept him flickering. He was the adventure and I was the sunset at the end. He was loud, barking laughter and I was the breathlessness that followed.

No matter what our roles, we outshone the people around us. Quiet and unexpected or loud and inevitable. We were the meaning of life itself and nothing could stop us. He was arrestingly irresistible and I was his. I was elegant and breakable and he was mine. And together, I felt like we were the most beautiful thing the world had ever seen.