The entire school body had just been released from an assembly in the auditorium where the headmistress announced that the school was going co-ed. The news had certainly not surprised me. Our dorm advisor Victoria had told me this months ahead of time. I looked around and laughed at the expressions on all of the girl's faces. The sea of plaid clad students was displaying a mix of shock and pure ecstasy. Great. I was in a room full of whores.

"I'm still pissed at you for not telling me about this when you found out. This is big news." Lauren whined as she leafed through an old Star Magazine from last month.

I rolled my eyes and stifled a laugh. It's not that I didn't like Lauren; she was one of my best friends, I just knew for a fact she would eventually lose her train of thought and forgive me, forgetting the entire thing.

I had friends like Lauren since eighth grade and still wasn't used to the superficial type. I remember back home in Forks I had only one friend. Edward Cullen. But one true friend was far better than a large group that would backstab you in a moment's notice.

I left public school to go to an out-of- state boarding school when I was only in seventh grade. The bullying had gotten so bad I had finally convinced my parents to send me here. And no one back home knew I left to come here. Not even Edward.

Lauren came and plopped down on the sofa next to me. We had a very large dorm room bigger than some people's houses. It had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room yet somehow it looked and felt like a chic and compact apartment. The school sure didn't skimp when it came to the housing.

It got lonely, just Lauren and I. That's the reason I spent most of my time wandering around campus and in the lounges where I socialized with all the girls in every grade. The all had a somewhat bitchy attitude. But all of the girls did here.

Most of the students here were the children of elites. There was an eclectic mix of stars' kids to entrepreneurs' children.

And I wasn't some ditzy rich girl who leeched off her parents funds.

I had some of the best grades at Morton which I liked to keep on the down-low because getting friends wasn't easy with a title liked nerd.

And I was tired of having that title.

I had brushed it off several years ago and I did not expect on having it back anytime soon.

I had an image that I loathed to keep up but had to. Every time Lauren got a wrong answer on her math homework I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from putting down my paper and giving her a ten minute lecture on variables.

But then I remembered my previous life and I was able to shut myself up.

I was selected as the lead member of the welcoming committee due to my heavy involvement in school counsel.

And those boys are going to get the greeting of their lives.

I mean they were going to be the biggest and the best.

Rich parents, good looks, and charm. This would be great.

I put on my required uniform and combed over my hair once again before I left the building. I was supposed to be in the main lobby four minutes ago but I could surely come up with some plausible excuse to use.


I recognized it as Morton University. Some of the guys from Forks fled there when it started to accept guys. Including McCarty, Hale, and even my less pal James. I grabbed the brochure and opened it.

Of course when Carlisle and Esme heard the boarding school placed in the bustle of Boston was now accepting both genders and the admission list was tight. The challenge pulled Esme in and she pulled a few strings to rub it in her tennis league members' faces. I could see it now. "They practically begged him to enroll. My darling Edward. Morton was no challenge for him."

All these thoughts crossed my mind as I flicked the window of the plane. Thank god all of my friends' parents were just as shallow and all worked their connections to get them in. I let my eyes close as I pictured what the school looked like.

After a very long flight I landed in Boston, home of the infamous Morton Academy.

BPOV: There was a parade of guys coming through the frosted glass doors of Morton Academy looking around and admiring the high ceilings and extravagant furniture placed around the fancy lobby.

I shook the hands of everyone that walked through the door, my wrist starting to cramp up.

"Wow." Jessica Stanley said with her gaze focused on two guys in the opposite corner of the room. The seemed to be unfazed by the swarms of people trying to find their way and get the paperwork settled.

I observed them closely and saw one unusually muscular hunk and a mysterious looking blonde standing side by side so I grabbed each of them by the lapels of their shirts.

I led them into the bathroom without looking at their faces. "Just follow me and don't say a word. I could tell that they were confused and probably startled as I pushed them through the doors. "Hi. I'm Bella." I said hastily as I unbuttoned the top two buttons of one of their shirts and ruffled their hair. "This may be an odd request but please just pretend like we just had a passion make out session. Thanks." I said, slightly embarrassed as I left the bathroom. What could I say? Jessica Stanley was a bitch.

I don't think I was on crack but surely I must have been baked. A brown haired girl with big doe eyes was leading Emmett and me into the bathroom and we didn't even know her.

She messed with Emmett's hair and unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt before asking us to pretend we had all just hooked up in here. Then she left, leaving us in awe of the surreal event that just took place.

EMPOV: Holy shit!