It was almost nine in the morning and I was sitting on the couch with Jasper. The T.V. was on quietly so it wouldn't mess with anyone's hangover. I couldn't give my full attention to anything. My mind was stuck on the fact that Bella hadn't came back last night. I mulled over the short scene from last night. My head spun around when I heard the door open. Bella was standing at the doorway and a frown. Her hands were rubbing her temples as she came over to plop down in the recliner. She took an aspirin from the communal hangover bowl Emmett laid out on the coffee table.

"Where were you last night? You missed the whole thing. Some kid made a pass at Rose and Emmett clocked him. We had to pull them off each other and kick everybody out." Jasper said. It was pure chaos and the place was trashed with plastic cups and streamers all over the floor.

"I left early to go spend the night at my friend's house." She said as she threw down a handful of aspirin.

"Reese?" I asked.




"Who's house?" I asked.


My eyes widened, my heart dropped, and I suddenly wanted to go over and break his fingers for even touching her. Jasper whistled and clapped.

"Not like that." She added. "We stayed out pretty late so a bunch of us crashed at his dorm. We caught a late movie." She slipped a discreet grin in my direction and I could have sworn I saw her wink.

She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail and strapped her IPod to her arm. "I'm going on a jog. Anyone wanna come along?"

"Can't. I drank too much last night. It hurts to look at harsh light." Jasper offered as he pulled a pillow over his face.

"Well how about you? I know you're a little too tightly wound to get drunk." She said blatantly said as she laced up her shoes.

Jasper chuckled lightly. "Prick."

Her sleek hair shined and her eyes stared straight at me, waiting for an answer. "Of course." I would have gone with her no matter where it was she was going. We got to the elevator and I stretched out to press the button when my hand met hers. She fumbled for a second and I saw the blood rise to her face. The elevator was empty, leaving an awkward silence between us.

"Bella?" I asked. She looked at me and gave me a knowing smirk. "What happened last night?"

She kept the same smile on while she answered. "It was a bit foggy but I remember there being a party or something along those lines." Now she was just mocking me. She knew I saw the whole thing.

"Are you ever going to tell me whatever it is you're hiding?" She stopped grinning and looked me in the eye.

"I can't tell you much. Not yet. But I'll be able to soon. Tomorrow night. After your first day of classes. What do you say?" she asked.

My mind raced with different things she would show me. I had been brainstorming the different possibilities but now that I was actually going to be let in on this big mystery I had no idea what to think. The elevator doors opened up and we moved out of the way to let the new crowd of people come in.

We started our run at a small pace, our feet hitting the gravel in time with each other's. "Can I get a small hint?" I asked, pressing my luck.

"If you can catch me." She said and darted off. I followed close behind, almost reaching her. She was now in a full fledged sprint. I struggled to catch up. I could tell she was slowly losing speed. She made it to the grass and collapsed. I lied next to her, completely out of breath.

I analyzed her slightly flushed face. She was beautiful. "I don't think I'll ever understand you Isabella Swan."

She laughed silently and put her hand on my cheek. She traced the back of her hand up and down my jaw and into my hair where she pulled a small piece of grass out. I couldn't pull my gaze away from her soft and delicate features. The sun reflected off her deep brown eyes and her smile radiated under the light. I put my hand on her neck and rubbed her chin with my thumb. "I think you understand me enough." She stuttered.

"Yeah. I guess so." I stood up and helped her up.

"I just feel like I'm missing something. You know we never really caught up. Let's go and talk." She suggested.

"Over smoothies?" I asked.

"You do know me." She giggled as she showed me the way to the smoothie stand. "So are you excited?"

"About what?" I asked.

"Tomorrow night. You picked a good time to stick your nose in. Tomorrow just happens to be a very big event. It will take a little arm twisting to get the guys to agree but Colin likes you so I think you're in." she said as she twirled her straw between her teeth.

"He calls me Scruffy. I seriously doubt that is an affectionate nickname."

She shook with silent laughter. "You got off lucky. I'm stuck with Belly. I'm sure you would like him. He's one of my best friends."

I couldn't be friends with anyone that thought of her the way he did. The way he looked at her, the way he talked to her, and the lack of respect he had for her killed me. I hated knowing he was her friend.

"Please Eddy. Just give him a chance." She pleaded. "For me?"

I snorted. "Sure. For you." She leaned over and quickly pecked my cheek.

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" she said and wrapped me into a warm hug. I held her there tightly until she pulled away. "I promise once you get to know him you'll like him." I highly doubted I would ever even consider liking the person infatuated with my Bella but I somehow couldn't deny.

"I'll take your word on that. So now can I please get a small clue about this event about tomorrow?"

"Not doable. But we do have preparations. We have a huge mall trip waiting for us. Tomorrow is the first official day of school so let's cherish the ability to leave this dreaded campus while we still have it. We can take Roxy." She said with a smile.

"Is Roxy another friend?"

"I guess you could say that. Come on. I'll show you." She said. We got to the third floor of the parking deck. "Please meet Roxy and Zeke." She said and indicated to the cars parked in the reserved lot. I ran my hand over the door of the red Viper.

"That's Zeke. Do you like them?" She said, holding back a grin.

"Wow. They're a bit too flashy for my taste but these are amazing. How did Charlie let you get these?" Charlie was always so old fashioned. He never cared much for the materialistic things.

"Long story. Hop in. I'll tell you on the way." She said and typed in the code on the yellow car. The door slowly rose up as she climbed in the driver's seat. "Butterfly doors."

"I see. Now I'm really looking forward to that story of yours. Go ahead." I urged.

"Alright. You'll appreciate your life so much more after about ten minutes. When I think back it all started when Charlie started directing. Once he started getting all this money he changed his personality, his lifestyle. He cheated on Renee with some young actress. Renee knew. She just disregarded it. Like we were some functional family. But we couldn't be functional when he was screwing some bimbo and she was having flings with all the hired help. Renee found Phil and she found real love. They got a divorce and after a while they both stopped loving giving a fuck about their daughter."


"They sent me to boarding schools all around the country. They would send me anywhere to get me out of their hair. After sending someone to get me out of jail five times they stopped caring completely. I could probably buy a truck full of cocaine with their credit cards and nothing would happen. Renee would probably lecture me about how I didn't share with her. They're just so messed up."

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it was that bad. I never would have asked if I knew all that. I didn't mean to pry." I reassured.

She just laughed it off but I could tell by the way her jaw was clenched and the way her grip tightened on the steering wheel that she was furious.

"It's not prying. You have a right to know. You're my best friend." She said, and held my hand, intertwining my fingers with hers. I saw at her face, happy and eager. She had been through more than I could ever help her get through. All I could do was squeeze her hand tighter and smile.

"And since you're my best friend you are going to try on everything I pick out for you." She added.

"I wouldn't go that far."