Toshiro's Troubles Part One

"MATSUMOTOOOOO!!" cried a small white haired teenager.

Matsumoto walked nervously and cautiously into 10th squad's office, where her angry captain sat at the desk.

"Yes Captain?" she said, trying to keep her voice free of guilt and look innocently curious.

As she walked in, she instantly felt a slight chill in the air, even though it was a warm summer day.

"Why is there a ton of unfinished paperwork hidden behind the bookshelves?" hissed Hitsugaya.

At the mere mention of the word "Paperwork" Matsumoto felt nauseous.

He really is a boy genius she thought, I'll have to think of a new place to hide them, well, he found them under the sofa, and now, he's found the ones behind the bookshelves, but at least he still hasn't found the ones hidden under the floorboards. Oh well, I'll just have to find somewhere else to put them…the window,… under his desk…

"Well! Out drinking with Hisagi and Renji again?"

"Wha. Oh"

She had to think quickly, her captain was getting quite good at recognising when she wasn't telling the truth, she quickly glanced over at him, looking into his light blue eyes, eyes that where trying to detect any giveaway signs of her lying.

In the end, only one answer came to her…

"…" and she sprinted out the door


Hitsugaya sighed angrily, Seriously, is that women allergic to paperwork? Shes gonna be the death of me. He stretched and walked over to the window but stopped as an ominous creaking met his footfall. "What the…" He looked down at the floorboard under his foot, it was loose and it was bulging slightly. He bent down, dreading what he was about to see, and he picked up the floorboard…


Hitsugaya was in a fuming temper all day, so much so that the desk, sofa, and bookshelves had small ice crystals forming on them, and anyone who entered the office usually left quickly while shivering uncontrollably.

Damn woman, she just thinks she can waltz back in here, flick her eyelashes and I'll forget everything, he thought angrily.


Matsumoto sighed loudly.

"Hi Matsumoto" Renji called

"Whats up, why are you looking so down, its not like you"

"My Captains never gonna forgive me" she sighed again

Renji thought he knew what this was about, he shifted uncomfortably, knowing that he had had a small part to play in the fact that he kept asking her to have drinks with him and his freinds. This meant that she was never in the office to do any,

"Paperwork" and again she sighed

"Well, sitting in the pub drinking sake isn't going to help much"

"He's adorable you know, even when he's angry"

"Er, Matsumoto, How long have you been here?"

Back in 10th Division Office

Hitsugaya's breath steamed in front of him but he didn't really feel the cold, he was too busy thinking up a way to punish Matsumoto. "Women" he growled

"What about them" came a soothing voice he new well.

"Hinamori, What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came over for a visit, but, er, if your too busy, I'll, er just" She fidgeted nervously, which made Hitsugaya feel quite uncomfortable.

"No, No, its ok, I've er almost finishedthe paperwork, by myself" he said, with a delicate stress on the word.

"Matsumoto, been neglecting her duties?" she asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.


"Er is it just me, or is it a bit, Cold, in here Shiro-chan"

"Maybe it is, Bed-wetter Momo" But despite her teasing him, he had calmed down a great deal since she had came. Likewise the temperature was returning to normal the calmer he got.

"Hmm, em, do you want me to help you finish the paperwork"

Hitsugaya felt a rush of gratitude towards his life long friend. She grabbed a seat and moved over to sit close beside Hitsugaya, she smiled warmly at him and Hitsugaya felt as if the room temperature was a bit warmer than normal…

Hitsugaya woke with a start to find Hinamori's head resting on his shoulder. They had both fallen asleep while doing the unending paperwork. He shifted nervously in his seat when he realized what was pressing softly against his shoulder.

Hinamori stirred slowly before opening her eyes. She slowly looked up at what her head was resting on and found herself staring into Hitsugaya's eyes. She suddenly jerked off him and almost tipped her seat over. But Hitsugaya grabbed the chair just in time and its legs fell back to the ground with a loud clunk.

Matsumoto suddenly walked in "Morning Cap…"

She stared around at the scene in front of her.

Hitsugaya and Hinamori blushed and nervously avoided looking at each other.

"Oh, I er didn't mean to interrupt you" she said with a sly glance at her captain, who quickly looked away.

"You weren't interrupting anything" said Hitsugaya quickly, knowing the impression that Matsumoto was getting, and her tendency to add two and two together and make ten.

"Of course not she said" her eyes lighting up, but deep down she did feel jealous towards Hinamori.

She quickly left the room "I'll er, leave you two in peace for a while" and she closed the door.

"Great" sighed Hitsugaya "Now she's going to tell the whole of Seireitei that we're going out"
"Sorry Toshiro" whispered Hinamori, with alarmingly watery eyes.

"Well, er, I…Didn't mean it to sound like us going out was a bad…thing. But she had already departed before he had finished his sentence.

He would have to find her and apologize later, damn Matsumoto and her interfering.

Hitsugaya had been doing paperwork until midday, and he was unsurprised if not a little annoyed that Matsumoto had not returned since the morning.

He had just went into the kitchen to start making himself something to eat when he was suddenly grabbed from behind and his head was unexpectedly pulled in-between two large soft objects as two hands wrapped around his chest. "Matsumoto, what the hell are you…" she hugged him tighter and her hands pressed around his chest. She then leant forward and said "So what were you two up to last night".


"Sorry Captain"

Hitsugaya regained the ability to breathe as she let go of his chest, chocking slightly he growled "Were you intentionally trying to kill me".

"OOOH Captain, I could never do that" and she ran forwards, her arms outstretched.

Hitsugaya looked up but it was already too late, a split second later his head was buried face first into Matsumoto's breasts. Having barely regained his breath he was once again deprived of oxygen. She released him just before he passed out and even though he was chocking, his face wasn't only flushed crimson because of the lack of oxygen. No matter how many times he had been thrust into that airless valley he still found it quite embarrassing.

"Now that you've finished attempting to suffocate me, for your information NOTHING happened" As he said this he couldn't help but notice her eyes light up slightly. "We both sat and did paperwork, speaking of which" He walked into the office, grabbed a large stack of papers and thrust them into Matsumoto's hands. "You can fill those in, and if you run away, I'll double it"

"Ooooooh Captain, you can be cruel sometimes" she whined.

"Just do it, please"

"Ok Captain, just for you"

Hitsugaya was taken aback by this sudden change in her horrendously lazy attitude. For the first time in his memory she walked into the office and started doing the paperwork.

After he had made himself some lunch he walked back into the office, noticing that she had barely completed any of the paperwork. Although he had said she wasn't to leave until it was done, he couldn't help but detect a small smirk on her face throughout the rest of the day, and that same glint in her eyes when he had told her that nothing had happened between him and Hinamori.

Even though he had given her so much paperwork Matsumoto couldn't help but grin slightly, if nothing happened then that means I'm still in with a chance she thought, and he would never lie about that sort of thing. I'll soon have him all to myself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him looking at her suspiciously and she quickly tried to remove the grin that was spreading across her face.

Hitsugaya was returning to the office when Ukitake appeared from nowhere. "Ahh, Shiro-chan". Hitsugaya stepped back, Not again he thought, what am I going to do with the candy this time?

"Well, what a pleasant surprise seeing you here, young Shiro-chan". Surprise, yeah I'm really surprised considering you probably followed me here.

"Please, I'm not called SHIRO, I'm a captain too, old Shiro-chan" he growled, fed up with Ukitake's stupid excuses for giving him sweets and his disrespect of his title.

"Aww I'm sorry, well I'll see you later, Captain Hitsugaya" He turned around and slowly walked away.

He couldn't believe his luck. What! He didn't give me candy!! Just as he thought this, Ukitake stopped abruptly and slowly turned round. Damn

"OH, I almost forgot, here, I have candy"

Hitsugaya stood, exasperated, as he piled mountains of sweets and chocolates into his hands. I should have known he wouldn't forget.

He staggered back to the office, bearing the weight of the candy. He managed to open the door with his elbow.

"Matsumoto", he called, unable to see past the stack of candy in his arms.

He shakily walked over to her desk and deposited his large load of sweets, just as Matsumoto walked in from the kitchen. "Captain" she said in a loud sing song voice, "Thank you so much, she charged forward and once again the tired captain found his face stuffed into Matsumoto's…'upper body'. "Thank you, you know how much I love sweets" she chirped hugging him tighter. She felt him struggle, trying to push her off but she tightened her grip, she loved teasing her captain like this.

Although it was soft and warm, where his head was located, he started to choke from the lack of oxygen. Wishing he had just thrown the candy in the bin, rather than having to endure this attempted murder.

Knowing roughly how long he could survive, Matsumoto knew just the right time to release him, when she did he was, as usual, blushing deeply. Matsumoto smiled to herself, knowing that subconsciously he probably slightly enjoyed these hugs but she knew he would rather die than admit it.

Due to these hugs Hitsugaya usually received a lot of envious looks from the other men in Soul Society. Envy, who'd want to be suffocated like that.

Finally he collapsed into his seat and started completing a large stack of paperwork, while Matsumoto slowly ate her way through the sweets.

It was another searing hot day in soul society, Hitsugaya felt exhausted, as the heat sapped his energy. Screw this stupid paperwork he thought uncharacteristically, as he lay slumped lazily on his chair. I should be allowed to relax for once, but maybe I should just get it finished first. As usual when there was a lot of paperwork, Matsumoto was nowhere to be seen.

Hitsugaya forced himself into a proper sitting position and stared blandly down at the paperwork which was commenting on a decrease in the number of hollow attacks in Karakura town. Decrease, who cares about a decrease, I'd be more worried if it was an increase. Maybe I should release Hyorinmaru, that might cool me down.

Suddenly the door of the office opened and Ichigo and Rukia walked in. "Hi Toshiro" called Ichigo. Hitsugaya twitched angrily at the use of his first name.

"It's CAPTAIN Hitsugaya to you, and if you say that ONE more time I'm gonna turn you into an ice sculpture" he roared. "OH and Knock before you come in, and…what the hell are you doing here anyway?"

"You're just full o' questions, aren't you Tos…"

"AAAARRGGGHHHH", roared Hitsugaya as he stood up "IT. IS. CAPTAIN. HITSUGAYA. YOU. STUPID. IDIOT!" he screamed in-between deep breaths.

"Jeez, sorry Captain Hitsugaya"

"Thank you, was it that hard to say" and he sat down

Ichigo paused, noticing an ice cold feeling surrounding him on this scorching hot day "…no" he said quietly, before adding "captain"

"So, why are you here"

"Oh, I'm just taking a holiday to visit Rukia, just thought I'd pay you a visit"

He indicated to Rukia who had been standing in the background the whole time.

"Hi Captain Hitsugaya" she said as she gave him a rather seductive smile.

Ichigo noticed this nice attitude towards Hitsugaya, which earned him a jealous glare from him.

"Well, we were thinking about inviting you for a drink, but we can see your busy" he said hurriedly, grabbing Rukia and beginning to leave.

"Wait, I'm almost finished so, yeah, I'll come"

Rukia beamed at him and Ichigo scowled angrily, hoping that the answer had been no.

At the Pub

"That'll be…" Ichigo did a quick head count, "six sake's and a glass of water with lots of ice"

He carried the drinks back to the table sat down, and began passing the drinks around…"…and the icy water for you Tosh, er Captain Hitsugaya."

"I was just thinking" said Ichigo, "Why did you want ice cubes with it, surely you could just make the ice your…" He faltered at the glare that Hitsugaya was giving him.

"Do you want to be turned into an ice cube" he growled

"I think I'll pass" he whispered.

The atmosphere around the table was tense, and rather cold (If you were sitting too close to Toshiro). For a while Rukia, Hinamori, Ichigo, Hisagi, Yumichika, Renji and Hitsugaya sat in silence, occasionally taking a sip of their drinks, the others noticing that they were unusually chilled.

"So" Rukia began "I've heard that there have been fewer hollow attacks in your town Ichigo"

"What, really?" said Hisagi. So they began a long discussion about hollows, which Hitsugaya did not participate in.

He looked across the bar, and there, on a bar stool in the corner of the room sat Matsumoto, Tsk, so this is where she's been all day, hiding from me in the one place I wouldn't normally go, Hmm… Well, now that I know that this is where she hides out, I'll be able to find her here next time…

Matsumoto sat and took another lazy sip of her drink. I wonder if the Captain's did all the paperwork yet, then it'll be safe to go back.

"Hello…Matsumoto" came a voice she did not want, or expect to hear.

"Captain! What are you doing here?" she said, shocked to find him in the pub, with a glass of water in his hands.

"I could ask you the same thing" he said

Matsumoto thought carefully about how to respond, observing the fact that her captain was now holding a glass of ice, instead of water.

"Well you see, it was such a warm day, I decided to get some refreshments, and then I er ran into…Ichigo and we started talking abou…" she stopped as he cut across her babbling "Well that's funny" he growled. "Considering that Ichigo's been annoying me for most of the day, unless he has a twin brother".

Dammit, she thought, once again only one option came to her…

"Don't even think about flash stepping out of here, if you do…the consequences will be so much paperwork that you'll never be able to leave the office for…" He paused, deliberating what the length of her sentence should be. "a month"

She noticed a glint in his eyes which meant to her that he was serious.

"Oh come on captain, can't I have a break once in a while?"

"WHA…" He was cut off when Ichigo called over, "Hey Matsumoto, wanna come and join us?"

She eyed her enraged captain before calling across "Sorry, I have…I have…" she looked at Hitsugaya again before finishing, "Work to do" she said miserably".

As she left Hitsugaya returned to the rest of the group before sitting down again between Hinamori and Rukia. As he sat down he noticed that both of them gave him a warm smile and then each shot angry looks at the other, as if wishing that if they glared long enough the other person would instantly die.

Hitsugaya happened to notice this, and it didn't take him long to figure out what they were probably battling over. ME, or maybe I'm just getting paranoid. He attempted to take a sip of his water before realising that it was frozen solid. He then decided it was best to leave before Hinamori and Rukia started clawing each others eyes out. He stood up "Sorry, I better get back and make sure Matsumoto's doing the work". Hinamori and Rukia looked slightly depressed that he was leaving so soon. "What?" mumbled Ichigo, slightly drunk, "Oh, bye Toshiro"

Hitsugaya stopped on his way to the door and slowly turned around, "ICHIGOOO!"

Ichigo gulped and soon become aware of the fact that the whole bar was glazed in a layer of ice. Unfortunately the only escape route happened to be the door…which Hitsugaya was standing in front of. Hitsugaya grabbed his sword and unsheathed it, ready to turn him into an ice-lolly.

Suddenly the door of the bar opened and a massive man with incredibly spiky black hair appeared at the door. "Hey kid" Kenpachi roared "Wanna fight?"

"Wha…What" Hitsugaya stuttered, turning round and seeing that it was Kenpachi.

This was the last person he would want to fight, but thankfully, someone unintentionally came to his rescue, because as Kenpachi looked around the bar he spotted…

"ICHIGO, Excellent, we can have our rematch now"

If Ichigo had been terrified before, it was nothing to how he felt now.

Toshiro used this distraction to quickly flash step out of the bar and to safety.

Unfortunately he happened to flash step near a person he definitely didn't want to see right now "If it isn't Shiro-chan, must be my lucky day, but, you're out a bit late, aren't you" Ukitake said.

"Unless…you were looking for me…for some reason" He winked, "For some candy".

OH DEAR GOD, why couldn't I have flash stepped near someone else, anyone else but him. I think I would have rather fought Kenpachi. Is candy all that infernal man ever thinks about?

He gave him a fatherly smile and put an arm around his shoulder, "Ukitake, what are you doing?" Hitsugaya said, trying to shake his arm off. But he just winked knowingly at him. "Lets go back to my office and I'll see what I have".

Rukia, Hinamori and maybe Matsumoto was one thing, but…Ukitake. He shivered, that's…just…not…right. So that's why he's always giving me candy. I should stop thinking about stuff like this.

A while later he was standing in 13th Squads Office while Ukitake went and searched for as much candy as he could probably find. Hitsugaya stood where he was, too polite to refuse him. After all Ukitake was permanently ill and it just seemed a bit cruel to Hitsugaya if he refused allowing him to do something which, strangely, made him happy.

"Here we go" Ukitake said, carrying a huge box with the words 'Hitsugaya's Candy' scrawled across the side. Hitsugaya stood where he was, dumfounded, Surely NO, He cant expect me to carry that thing all the way back to 10th Division.

He dropped the box on the ground and Hitsugaya thought he felt the ground shake a little. "I've been meaning to give this to you for a while, but I couldn't think about how to get it to you, so I'm glad you came over"

And HOW THE HELL do you expect ME to carry it he thought.

He moved over to the box that was literally bursting with candy and he had to use a considerable amount of reiatsu just to slide the thing along the ground.

He focused as much spiritual energy into his body as he could and with a huge effort, he lifted the box, which was almost bigger than he was. He could have fitted inside the thing, and there was about 20 times his weight in candy inside it.

Much, Much, MUCH struggling later…

At last, the door to 10th Squads office, where he could finally deposit this infernal box. He managed to use his reiatsu to open the door and at last he was able to drop the huge box. Panting, sweating and breathing hard, he collapsed onto the sofa without even looking at it, before jumping up in surprise and embarrassment. He had just collapsed onto the sofa which was already occupied by Matsumoto

"WHAAA, oh, it's you Captain, I thought whatever fell on me was light" Toshiro blushed furiously and looked away. It was at this point that Matsumoto noticed the huge box with candy leaking out of it. The scream of delight she let out at seeing this box made Hitsugaya cover his ears, surprised that the windows hadn't shattered. "OH CAPTAIN, YOU BROUGHT ME SWEETS AGAIN!"

Thinking quickly he suddenly had a miraculous idea, an idea which would make the effort of bringing this box worthwhile. "Wait" he shouted, "you can only have it if you do all your paperwork for the next month"

She stood, weighing up her options before saying "OK, anything for you" and she winked seductively at him.

I think that Matsumoto might actually be part of this love triangle now, he thought,noticing the way she had winked.

"Captain, how did you know?"

"Know what?"

"That candy's may third favourite thing in the world"

"What, Oh…What's you're first and second favourite thing."

"Well my second favourite thing is sake, and my first…my first" she paused again and glanced over at Hitsugaya, who thought he knew what the answer was.

Well, she's definitely in this love triangle now.

"My first favourite thing is…is…you"

For the next few weeks he was surprised that she actually did the paperwork, with the lure of the gigantic box of candy to keep her motivated. However the times that they sat together in the office were quite awkward after the night that she had told him that her favourite thing in the world was him.

This could turn nasty if Rukia and Hinamori find out what she said. Speaking of which both of them appeared, usually at least once a day, though obviously not at the same time lest a fight would ensue. Normally they would make up lame excuses for visiting him such as wanting to have a chat with him, or else ask him for a drink. Everytime this happened, Matsumoto would stop to listen, and then smile a little when he said he was too busy.

I'll have to choose one of them or they'll end up murdering each other.

He turned back to his paperwork and filled his signature in at the bottom, before neatly stacking it on the pile of completed work (which was considerably larger than Matsumoto's stack of completed paperwork) At least she's trying he thought, as he looked over at her small stack of completed papers.

He then checked his watch, it was 11:30pm, he yawned, and went into the kitchen for a cup of tea. Moonlight shone through the window where he stood, looking up at the stars, a full moon shining in the sky. He suddenly saw Matsumoto's reflection approaching him from behind.

"Captain" she said, uncharacteristically nervous, as he turned around.

"Yes?" he replied cautiously, the tone of her voice made him feel anxious too.

Matsumoto stood and stared into his teal eyes, and he stared back at her navy eyes.

"I…I…think…I'minlovewithyou" she said in a rush.

"What, sorry, could you say it a bit slower?"

"Oh er…never…never mind. It wasn't important." As she turned and walked back to her desk, he thought he saw a tear running down her face.

He cautiously walked back into the office, although he hadn't heard her clearly, he thought he had got roughly what she had said. Maybe I should tell her what I think I heard her say, I hate seeing her sad like this. Although he couldn't see because she had her head bowed and her hair hung down like a curtain, covering her face, he thought that she was crying, because he could hear her sniffing occasionally.

As he looked at her he couldn't help but think that she did look quite beautiful, especially the way her hair hung lazily down around her face as she sat with her head down.

Knowing how terrified she must have been when she said it, Hitsugaya finally plucked up the courage. It was amazing how much easier it was to face up to a Menos Grande, or even one of the Arrancar, than it was to say his feelings aloud.

He slowly walked towards her desk, as he did she shifted a large pile of paperwork in front of her, blocking herself from view.

It took me so long to pluck up the courage to say that, and I messed it up Matsumoto thought. I don't want him to see me crying. She saw him approaching her, and shift the paperwork away.


"I er…er…I…I…think…I…er……you too.

There was a silence that was so quiet that you could here a light breeze outside, blowing gently against the windows.

"Cap…tain" Matsumoto whispered, unsure if she had heard him correctly. I must be dreaming, did he just say that, I could swear he just did, WAHOOO.

Hitsugaya stood nervously, wishing that he would stop blushing. She's not saying anything, maybe I misheard her, maybe she doesn't like me…

There was a long silence, and they both looked at each other.

Hitsugaya was starting to panic, he felt like flash stepping as far away from her as he could, but then she smiled at him.

"You do?"

"Well, yea" he finished lamely



Before he new it she had stood up, knocked over the paperwork and he was receiving a bone breaking hug. His face, for about the thousandth time, was stuffed in-between her breasts. He quickly twisted his head to the side so that he could breath, and he made no attempt to struggle, because for once, he allowed himself to enjoy it…

When he was released, Matsumoto turned and went over to sit on the sofa. Hitsugaya followed nervously. They stared into each others eyes again and Matsumoto leaned towards him. Hitsugaya closed his eyes, and their lips met in a deep kiss, he moved forwards and deepened it, This isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Matsumoto noticed this deepening of the kiss, He really is quite good, for a novice.

They broke apart and Hitsugaya sat nervously at the end of the sofa.

"You're quite good at kissing Captain" She said.

He blushed crimson again and stared at his hands.

"Oh, come on, there's no need to be so embarrassed, it was a compliment".

She slid along the sofa towards him and he turned to look into her beautiful eyes.

She put one arm around his neck, and with the other, she ran her fingers playfully through his snowy white hair. Matsumoto gently pulled him closer and their lips meet again in a passionate kiss. She slid the hand that was on his neck slowly down his chest, feeling his muscles, even through his captain's uniform. The stroke sent a shiver running down his spine and he twitched a little. They parted again and he rested his head on her lap.

She gently ran her fingers through his long, soft hair, while he softly rested against her.

This is so relaxing he thought, as his eyes slowly drifted shut.

A few minutes later Matsumoto noticed that her captain had fallen asleep.

She bent down and kissed the top of his head before gently lifting him up and carrying him to his room.

"You deserve a nice sleep." She walked into his dark and immaculately clean, tidy and well ordered room. She tenderly placed him down on his bed and pulled the covers over him. She knelt down and looked into his beautiful face as he slept. She watched him for a while as he took long deep slow breaths. She then stood up and walked to the door "Goodnight Captain" she whispered before quietly closing the door.

Hitsuagaya was suddenly awoken by a loud scream, and panicked yells from all over the place. "What the…?" He quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed Hyorinmaru. He ran outside and a terrible sight met his eyes.

There were large rips in numerous places in the sky around Seireitei, and, storming around the place where about twenty Menos Grande. He stood transfixed, horrified, WHAT, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING.

The Menos Grande stormed through the narrow alleys of Seireitei, firing cero's and trampling on buildings. Numerous Squad 10 officers lay dead as he followed the trail of destruction the Menos Grande that was nearest him had caused.

"CAPTAIN" came a terrible scream.

"MATSUMOTO" he shouted, and suddenly he saw her, and with a shock, he realised that beside her stood Ichimaru Gin, with his sword at her throat.

Gin gave Hitsugaya a sly grin before opening a rift to Heuco Mundo with his finger. He then dragged Matsumoto inside and the rift sealed "NOOOO" he screamed.

Suddenly, the Menos Grande that was nearest to him fired a Cero at him, and he barely flash stepped out of the way in time.


Wings of ice and a tail erupted from his back, and his arms and legs were encased in a layer of protective ice. With a quick flap of his wings he was at eye level with the Menos Grande. He sliced it in half with one attack before it unleashed a Cero that would have destroyed 10th Squads Barracks. He charged forwards towards the next Menos Grande but suddenly they all turned and retreated back to Heuco Mundo.

From his altitude Hitsugaya could see the whole of Seireitei, and the damage that had been done in just a few minutes. Smoke billowed from numerous places and he could see countless bodies surrounding large craters.

All this destruction caused in but a few minutes, but nothing compared to the pain and destruction Hitsugaya felt in his heart as he had watched Matsumoto being dragged away by Ichimaru, that cruel, unnatural smile on his fox-like face.

He soared back over to the 10th Squads Barracks and landed, just as a hell butterfly fluttered towards him. "All Captains and Vice Captains are to report to Captain-Commander Yamamoto at once for an emergency meeting".

Hitsugaya took flight again and soared towards 1st division, tears forming in his eyes.

The Vice Captains and Captains were all assembled in front of the Head Commander. "The damage reports from the squads are coming in now, it is unbelievable that Aizen has gathered so many Menos. However, it was thanks to the quick actions of you all that more serious damage was not caused."

Yamamoto stared around at the assembled Captains, who each had panic-stricken looks on their faces, all still confused from the attack. He suddenly noticed that Matsumoto was not there.

"10th Division Captain Hitsugaya, were is Vice Captain Matsumoto"

Hitsugaya looked up, tearfully "Ichimaru Gin has kidnapped her"

"What, this is bad news indeed, I wondered why they disappeared so quickly. We must form a rescue operation to get her back from Las Noches, whilst there we should attempt to wipe out Aizen, Tosen, Gin and his Arrancar. However, it will be a difficult mission indeed, which is why I am leaving soul society under the protection of the royal guard, zero division. All of the Gotei 13 shall head to Las Noches were we shall confront Aizen and put an end to this now, before he can gather any more Vasto Lorde and convert them into Arrancar, and before the Hougyoku becomes fully active."

He stared around at them all, seeing the determination in their faces, and none more so than in Toshiro's.

"Well, I'm glad were getting straight to the fighten, I hated this waitin around" growled Kenpachi

"You do understand the seriousness and the dangerousness of this mission don't you 11th Division Captain? That is why I request that you do not hold back when you are fighting, all of you, this is not the time to enjoy the fight so I request that you do not use your eye patch to hold back your reiatsu, Kenpachi"

"Well, I guess that means it won't be fun after all, OK I won't use it"

Hitsugaya stared out the window, the very same one he had been looking out when Matsumoto had said that she loved him. How could this have happened, he felt terrible all the time, the memory of her screaming for him, her terrified face as she was taken away.

They had spent most of the past few days preparing for the assault on Las Noches, and the officers helped the rebuilding process to try and repair the damage caused by the Menos.

Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Ishida, Yoruichi and Urahara had appeared in Soul Society to assist with the restoration, and they had also decided to join the rescue squad. Orihime had been very tearful because she and Matsumoto had got on well. Thanks to Urahara, they had a way to gain entry to Heuco Mundo, he had also decided to come, so that he could destroy the Hougyoku which he had created.

Eventually the time came for their attack, all the Captains, Vice Captains and Ichigo's group gathered in the 1st division meeting room. Yamamoto and Urahara stood at the front of the group.

"We should all stick together as there is safety in numbers, and don't take any unnecessary risks." Yamamoto said before turning to Urahara, "Is it ready?"

"Yes" he said.

Suddenly a black line appeared which then seemed to peel back the very room as the black gateway to Heuco Mundo appeared. Slowly they all advanced inside. Hitsugaya was glad that it was finally time to do something, he would kill Gin for doing this, and he hated Aizen equally if not more. I'm coming Matsumoto, and I'll save you, if it's the last thing I do he thought determinedly…

Las Noches

"O' c'mon, jus take a little" Gin said, a plate of food in his hands

Matsumoto just stood where she was, her back to him, To think that I ever had feelings for that man, compared to Toshiro he's nothing but a vicious freak.

Gin placed the food on the floor and then slid his slender hands around her waist and she slapped him.

"Now tha' wasn't very nice, eh?" Gin whispered softly in her ear.

"I think I'll ave to teach ye some manners…" He punched her and she gave out a soft whimper as she fell to the floor.

He stared at her for a while before he departed, "Be back later…Rangiku."

She shivered at his use of her first name, and held her stomach were he had hit her. She was so hungry that she grabbed the plate of food and ate it within a few minutes. Her stomach still ached where he had hit her but nothing hurt her more than thinking about Toshiro, and where he was now. I feel like I've been here forever, does anyone even care, if he really loved me he'd come after me… Tears began to run down her face as she thought about him "Toshiro" she whispered…