Toshiro's Troubles Part Four

Hitsugaya woke up in the middle of the night to find Matsumoto moaning in her sleep, and thrashing a little bit. "No…Toshiro" she groaned, twitching a little.

Hitsugaya looked confusedly at her, "Matsumoto" he said quietly, shaking her softly. "AAH" she said as she jerked awake, "Wha…Oh Toshiro" she said, starting to cry.

"Are you ok" he asked uncertainly.

"Oh, I had such a horrible dream, I don't ever want to lose you" she sobbed.

"It's ok" he said, trying to reassure her, but she continued to cry. He sidled up to her and hugged her tightly, "It was just a bad dream."

"I'm sorry. I'm just being stupid" she said.

He gently brushed away her tears, "Don't worry about it" he said, and he embraced her again, he could feel her body shaking a little, out of fear, but she began to relax in his arms. "I don't know what I'd do without you" she whispered.

"The paperwork?" he said, trying to cheer her up.

She laughed a little, and they fell asleep in each others arms.

When Hitsugaya woke the next day, he had completely forgotten what Matsumoto had planned. "Ready to go shopping" she said, as they sat around the table eating breakfast."

"What, why do I have to go, why don't you and Orihime want to go together" he asked

"She's going away for the rest of the week, she's left us in charge of the house"

"Oh, where are you going?" he asked Orihime as she walked in.

"Me and Tatsuki-chan are going on a short holiday" she replied happily. "Besides, it'll give you two more time to spend together" she said.

"But why do I have to go shopping, I don't want to buy anything" he pleaded.

"I need you" she said, before taking a mouthful of cereal.

"For what?" he asked uncertainly, hoping it wouldn't be too bad a job.

"Fo pov-eh-cuon" she said, her mouth packed with food.

"What language was that" he asked, she swallowed, before smiling.

"For protection. You're not gonna leave me all on my own in the real world?" she asked shrewdly, knowing the answer.

"Fine, but you should be able to take care of yourself" he then turned to Orihime "Don't worry, I'll make sure she doesn't burn the place down while you're gone"

Orihime laughed, while Matsumoto looked as if she wanted to run him through with Haineko.

After a quick goodbye to Orihime, Hitsugaya reluctantly followed Matsumoto to the shopping centre. I doubt that she really wants me here for protection. He suddenly remembered something which made him have a horrible thought. OH GOD NO, if she brought me here to find me another 'sexy little outfit' I'll kill her. I'm not trying on anything, who knows what she'd try and make me wear.

"Ahh, here we are then" Matsumoto said, with a grin on her face as she looked at the large shopping mall. Hitsugaya looked up too, in disgust and anger at having been dragged here.

At first he thought it wasn't going to be too bad, Matsumoto browsed through various shops, with him following along behind. Eventually he thought it would be safer not to go into the shop with her, because she seemed to have finished looking for clothes for herself. After a while, she appeared at the entrance to the shop, where Toshiro was casually leaning against one of the display windows. She seemed to have gained a few additional bags of purchases, it was then, as he had thought, that Matsumoto spent the rest of the day attempting to get him to try out some new clothes, with which he blatantly refused. However Matsumoto was not one to give up easily.

His usual frown on his face, as she dragged him from store to store, looking at some simply horrid clothes that Hitsugaya felt he would rather die, than be seen wearing.

"Come on Captain" she said, looking into his stubborn face, a face that clearly said 'No'. "Pleeaassee" she said, fluttering her eyelashes, "For me?" he shook his head, but Matsumoto decided it was time for force.

She grabbed him around the waist and threw him into the changing room, "I'm not putting it on!" he said indignantly, as she held out a horrible salmon pink t-shirt.

"If you don't put it on, I'll do it for you" she said dangerously.

I knew I shouldn't have come here he thought irritably.

To show him that she was serious she began to remove his jacket, "Matsumoto, as your superior officer, I order you not to…" but she had already removed his jacket and T-shirt, and she forced the horrible pink T-shirt on to him. His face was twisted in a grimace of disgust, as he saw himself reflected in the mirror.

His hair was messed up as she forced the t-shirt off him again. "No, I don't think that really suits you" she exclaimed.


Unperturbed by his outburst, she then walked out of the changing room, no doubt to find something even worse.

That's it, I'm leaving he thought furiously.

As Matsumoto returned to the changing rooms, she thought she could sense a deep chill, with every step she took closer to it. "Oh, Oh, now he's mad". She walked in and he pushed forcefully past her, and out of the shop. Whoops, I forgot he's so damn sensitive about being treated like a child.

He stormed out of the shop, to get as far away from Matsumoto as he could, Damn women, dressing me up, forcing me to put stupid clothes on, treating me like a kid.

He reached the coolness of the outside air, and walked into a nearby park were he slumped angrily into a bench.

"Toshiro, Toshiro, where are you" Matsumoto called worriedly, she sprinted out of the shop to look for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. She searched for hours, but finally gave up, as darkness began to fall. I guess I'll just have to go home, maybe he'll be there.

She walked through the dark streets, starting to panic, I hope he's at the house.

Suddenly she was thrown to the ground as a man jumped on top of her. She landed painfully, "Wha…" a large hand covered her mouth. "Hello pretty" said a deep, gruff voice. She squirmed a little, but he was too heavy to throw off in her gigai.

There was suddenly a grunt above her and the weight was lifted off her back. "What th…" came the gruff voice again, before there was a roar and the man collapsed on the ground.

"STAY AWAY, OR I'LL KILL YOU!" roared a familiar voice. A pair of small soft hands tenderly pulled her into a standing position. "Are you ok?" Toshiro said nervously"

"Oh Toshiro" she said, collapsing into his arms, "I'm so sorry" He picked up her shopping, and gently pulled her in the direction of the house, and they went inside. "I told you I needed you for protection" she sobbed, "I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't came.

"Sshh, its ok" he said, depositing the shopping, and moving over to hug her. He rubbed her back and she calmed down a little. "Thank you Toshiro, you're my hero" she said.

All anger about the shopping incident was gone, he wanted to comfort Matsumoto and make her feel safe, not berate her about treating him like a kid. "It's ok, you're safe now" he whispered, hugging her tighter.

"I love you" she cried.

He pulled back, to see tears running down her cheeks, he kissed her warmly, and held her tight, to comfort her.

Within about an hour, Hitsugaya had managed to make Matsumoto turn into her old, cheerful self again. "When you're about I always feel safe." She said.

"I almost forgot, I got you something" she said cheerfully.

"Wh…What is it?" he asked nervously, eyeing the bag in her hands with much trepidation.

She pulled out a rather cool looking pair of black jeans, and a nice white jumper. "Well I know that winter is you're favourite time of year, so I decided to get you some nice clothes to keep you warm in the winter, I hope you like them" she said nervously.

"Thanks, they're great!" he said cheerfully.

"Really?" she asked, surprised.

"Yeah, looks like you've got good taste after all" he said slyly

She glared at him for a moment, "Well, thanks" she said.

She went in to have a quick shower, while he tried on his new clothes. When she came out, she inspected him closely. "You, look great with them on…but I think you'd look even better without them" she teased, winking.

She walked into the bedroom and turned around, to find him leaning against the doorframe. "Why don't we find out" he said cheekily, and for once, teasing her. At least Hyorinmaru's sticking to his promise, these are my own decisions.

Yes, and for he first time in your pitiful life, you're finally making the right ones Hyorinmaru interjected, I'm proud of you master, you go for it

Hitsugaya smirked inwardly before throwing his jumper at Matsumoto, "It's too warm to wear in this weather anyway" he said, walking up to her.

"Captain?" she asked, once again finding herself staring at his well toned chest. "Is Hyorin…"

"No" he cut in.

She slowly reached up, and slipped off her top, her bra the only thing restraining her ample breasts. "These clothes might keep me warm in the winter, but I guess I'll have to keep you warm he said, pouncing at her and pulling her down onto the bed…

It was the best week of Hitsugaya's life, no paperwork, and he and Matsumoto spent the days together. Toshiro had never been happier in his whole life than he was now, with Matsumoto.

"Well, I guess its back to Soul Society?" Hitsugaya said, Matsumoto's head resting against his chest. "Oh, I don't want this to end, can't we just stay here?" she whined, twisting her head to look up at him.

"Well" he said mischievously "We could, but we'd probably be killed by our officers for leaving them to do all the paperwork"

"So" she replied, burying her head deeper into his chest.

He reached up and ran his fingers through her long hair, "Just because we go back to Soul Society…doesn't mean the fun has to stop" he said cheekily.

"Suppose" she answered back.

You know master. I'm so proud of you this week Hyorinmaru said proudly. Hitsugaya could almost imagine him wiping a tear away from his eyes…

Soul Society

"OH MY GOD!" Were the first words out of Hitsugaya's mouth as he opened the office door, having just came back from the holiday. He stared around at actual mountains of paperwork, and at two of his officers, drunk and asleep, who lay beside them. His shout woke them, and the last thing either of them remember, was looking at a very angry young captain, before they were both found to be icebergs floating on the lake.

"It's going to take days to get this paperwork done, weeks" he said angrily. Matsumoto placed her arm around his shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll help you do it."

For the next week, Hitsugaya almost regretted going on holiday, although when he thought back to the memories he had, he would disagree. After working three times faster than he normally did, having demoted the two officers back to freshmen, Hitsugaya finally collapsed onto the sofa after signing his name for what felt like the bazillionth time that week.

"Now I know how you feel about paperwork" he said to Matsumoto, as she walked in, and sat near his head. She gently pulled him onto her lap, and began her usual routine of running her hands through his soft, silver locks, which always calmed him down a lot.

"Well, now that the paperwork's done, I can think of a few more interesting things we could be doing" she said cunningly.

Hitsugaya looked up at her when suddenly the door burst open and they jumped off each other. "Ukitake! What are you doing here?" he said cautiously, trying not to sound too annoyed.

"Phew, I saw the empty box and I feared the worst" he panted.

"Wha, What?" Hitsugaya said, completely dumbfounded.

"You've finished all your candy all ready! Haven't you?" he asked, starting to panic.

"What?" he said, getting more confused by the second. Oh that massive box I gave to Matsumoto, he better not be thinking about giving me another one.

"Well, I just got a new shipment in" he said happily

"Oh no" Hitsugaya said quietly, fearing the worst.

"Come on, come on" Ukitake said, slightly flustered at his less than enthusiastic reaction.

Hitsugaya and Matsumoto followed him outside, and he nearly fainted at the sight that met his eyes, as he stared out at what had been the 10th division garden.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" he roared, making Ukitake jump back in fright

He stared around at what now resembled some sort of candy land, the whole garden had been deluged in millions of bags of candy and chocolates and every type of sweet imaginable.

"I knew you'd like it" Ukitake said happily, misreading the look on Hitsugaya's face. With a smile, he turned around and went back to 13th division.

"Matsumoto" Hitsugaya said, as calmly as he could as he looked around at the mountains of sweets, "You hungry?"…

It was late at night, when Matsumoto returned from the 'cleanup' operation of the garden, she had called all of her friends, but they still hadn't managed to eat that much, so only a small area was now clear of sweets.

"Don't worry Captain" Matsumoto said as she saw his worried expression when she walked in.

"I haven't eaten too much. I wanted to make sure my stomach wasn't sore" she said, winking seductively at him, before walking up to his desk.

"I think, you've done enough work" she said, grabbing him and pulling him up.

Toshiro gave a small fake yawn "I'm so tired, I could just fall asleep right now" he said cheekily, loosening his shinigami robes.

"I guess I'll just have to wake you up" she said mischievously, dragging him to her room.

"How were the sweets?" he asked lazily.

"Oh they were nice, but not as sweet as you" she said tickling him. He giggled a little and half-heartedly attempted to hold her back.

"I wonder were he gets his supplies from? He said slipping into her bed, as she joined him…


"Thank you so much" Ukitake said happily. "I don't know where you get your suppliers, but they really do bring the best sweets, and you can order as much as you like"

"Yeah, but when you got a vice-captain like mine, you have to know a good supplier of sweets" said a gruff voice.

"I suppose, but I didn't know you could order that much" Ukitake said

"What, Idiot, you think that's a lot, my vice captain would get through about twice that in one week.

"Well, thanks again…Kenpachi"

"Yeah, no probs. By the way, who were you giving them to anyway?"

"Oh, little Shiro-chan."

"Who the hells that? Wait a minute, is that the lil captain I wanted to fight?" he said angrily,

"Dunno, probably not" Ukitake said, starting to back away, before asking "So Yachiru goes through twice that many sweets in a day?"


"Maybe I should have bought him more" Ukitake said thoughtfully, before returning to 13th division…

Matsumoto's Bedroom

…"Who knows? I don't know any sweet shops big enough to sell him that much" Matsumoto said thoughtfully, as she and Toshiro lay in bed together.

"Aren't we getting a little sidetracked" Hitsugaya said, sliding up to her.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot" she said, slightly sarcastically, whilst smiling at him.

"Well, I guess I'll be the one waking you up" he said, removing his shinigami robes.

"Its so much less restricting when you aren't in a gigai" Toshiro said thoughtfully.

Matsumoto burst out laughing, "So you're saying you can do it better in Soul Society" she giggled.

"We'll just have to find out" he said, laughing himself now. Between Ichigo, Rukia, Hinamori and Ukitake, I don't think my troubles will ever go away. But whenever I'm with Matsumoto, I feel like I don't have any troubles at all…

Finally, the gardens of 10th Division had been returned to their original, candy-free state. It was as Hitsugaya walked through them, on a cool day in autumn, that he met Hinamori. He had not seen or spoken to her since her and Rukia's plot to ruin his relationship with Matsumoto.

"Captain Hitsugaya?" she said nervously as she approached him, but he just walked on past her, averting his eyes, a frown on his face. She reached out and grabbed his arm to hold him back.

"Captain Hitsugaya, please listen" she said anxiously, slightly afraid of what his reaction would be.

He had noticed that she was referring to him as Captain, for the first time in his memory. "WHAT! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THE LIKES OF YOU!" he said angrily, wrenching his arm out of her grip.

"Toshiro, I'm sorry! Please listen, I overreacted, I didn't mean to hurt you"

"Well, it's lucky that we got back together after it, or you would have been the one that was hurt." He said forcefully. The gardens had already begun to be coated in a light layer of ice.

"Please, I'm so sorry" she said, beginning to cry, "Can't we just be friends again? We've known each other so long" she whimpered.

"Yeah, and even after all that time, you still did it. Anyway, it's not just me you need to apologize to!" he growled. Even after everything that's happened, I do still care for her a little, but not as much as I did. I just can't trust her anymore, but…love does crazy things to people.

Tears ran slowly down her face, "I am really, really sorry! I will never do something so stupid again, I don't want our friendship to end! I'll apologise to…to Matsumoto as well…" she said frantically.

One of the things Hitsugaya hated most in the world, was seeing someone crying, he couldn't bear it, it always made him want to protect them, to comfort them. Even though he was angry at Hinamori, he still wanted to cheer her up as he looked into her sad face.

"I just don't know if I can trust you again, but…we'll see how things go"

"You'll forgive me?" she asked hopefully.

"…I…suppose so, yes" he said calmly, almost instantly he saw the look of delight spread across her face.

"Thank you…Shiro-chan", she smiled

"Don't call me that!" he said, but he smiled a little too.

"Well, just as long as you don't do anything like that again, then you're forgiven" said Matsumoto.

"Thank you" Hinamori said, looking at the floor, before leaving.

"Well that didn't go too bad, I'm glad that me and Hinamori are friends again" Hitsugaya said calmly.

"Mmm" Matsumoto said lightly.


"How can you be sure she won't try anything, you do know that she loves you"

"I trust her, a bit. Anyway if she did ever try anything, I would never forgive her, and nothing can break us up anyway" he said playfully, walking over to hold Matsumoto.

"Nope, they couldn't break us up, no matter how much they tried" Matsumoto said softly.

"Owww" Matsumoto groaned.

"WHAT THE HELLS WRONG, YOU'VE BEEN GROANING FOR AGES" said a frustrated Hitsugaya as he was once again distracted from his paperwork by her groaning.

"My teeth are killing me" she whimpered, "I think it was all them stupid sweets"

Hitsugaya shifted guiltily, and went over to comfort her. "I'm sorry for making you eat all that candy, but at least we have a garden again" he said jokily. "Maybe you should go and see Unohana" he said.

"Ok" Matsumoto whispered, "But I don't want to go alone"

"Why, there's nothing to be scared of " Hitsugaya replied.

"Please, I hate going to see Unohana…"

"What, why…apart from her creepy glare, she's not that bad" he said.

"It's not that, it's that…every time I see her she always goes on about how I, we should make sure we use protection" Matsumoto said in a rush, trying to say it as quick as possible so she would be less embarrassed.

"Wha…WHAT!" Hitsugaya shouted, his face flushed.

They both looked at the floor, embarrassed. Hitsugaya finally broke the awkward silence. "Well, I'll, er, go with you" he muttered.

4th Division

"Ah, Matsumoto, Captain Hitsugaya, what brings you two here" Unohana said calmly, as they walked into her office.

Matsumoto is pregnant whispered Hyorinmaru.

"Matsumoto is pr…I mean, her teeth are sore" he spluttered.

What the hell, you stupid perverted idiot, look what you nearly made me say he thought angrily, as Hyorinmaru laughed.

"Ok, well Matsumoto, if you'd just come over here"

Toshiro squeezed Matsumoto's hand to reassure her as she followed Unohana into the next room…

"…and I wouldn't advise you to eat anymore candy" Unohana said sweetly as they walked out of the room a few minutes later.

Matsumoto walked over to sit beside Hitsugaya, she rubbed her hand against her jaw as Unohana sat down on the other side of the desk.

"Well, it was just a bad case of toothache, but it'll be fine"

They both stood up to leave, "Captain Hitsugaya" she said in a motherly voice.

Hitsugaya slowly turned round, fearing the worst. "Since you're here, you might as well have a check-up as well" she said, smiling.

"But I was…I…just…" Hitsugaya said, his voice trailing off as she glared at him whilst still smiling. It was that look that would make anyone obey her, even Kenpachi.

"Yes…I…suppose" he whispered.

"Excellent" Unohana said.

That glare mixed with a smile is just so creepy, I wish I had stayed at the office Hitsugaya thought miserably as she led him into the examination room.

"Toshiro? What are you so happy about" Matsumoto asked uncertainly, snow swirled past the windows, as they both did their paperwork.

"Winter's here" he said, looking out at the blizzard outside. My favourite time of the year, away from the sweltering heat of the sun, nice cool days, well, at least I find them cool, other people find them freezing. The best thing is that I can control the ice and snow, so I can fight better. Everyone always wants me to be on their team if we have a snowball fight, I do try not to cheat but, it is quite easy to…cover them in snow if I want to. He suddenly had a fleeting memory of Hinamori hitting him with a snowball when he was young, he couldn't control his powers at that point, and he had accidentally caused the snow to lift off the ground and then surround her, so she resembled a snowman.

"You should be happy too" he said

"What? Why?" she asked, slightly confused.

"Today's the last day of paperwork before we get our winter break" he said cheerfully.

"Wh…YAY! I completely forgot" she screamed enthusiastically, and at that, she worked harder than ever to finish the remaining paperwork.

It was early in the afternoon when they had both finished their last paperwork before the holiday. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto crunched their way through a thick layer of snow, towards the 10th division barracks.

"Hey Toshiro" said Matsumoto, suddenly stopping, "Wanna build a snowman?"

"What, that's a bit childish" he said.

She smiled sweetly at him, "Come on please…" she said, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Fine" he said, giving in to her pleading.

"Let's see who can make the best one"

Heh, this'll be easy he thought slyly.

"Finished" he said, before Matsumoto had so much as touched the snow, she turned around.

"WHAT, YOU CHEATER!!" she said, looking at the perfectly formed snowman he had created, while Hitsugaya laughed playfully.

"You haven't finished, cause it doesn't have a face or anything yet, it's just two lumps of sn…" Matsumoto's face was suddenly covered in snow. "Wh…bu…ga" she spluttered, shaking the snow out of her hair, she looked over at Hitsugaya, who was bent double with laughter. She had never seen him so cheerful

"TOSHIRO!!" she roared, reaching down and grabbing a massive pile of snow and throwing it at him with all her might. Somehow, it veered off, and the snowball turned around and flew back at her.

"WHAT, NO FAIR", but she had a new tactic, she scooped up a pile of snow and charged at him. Before he could even stop laughing, she had unceremoniously dumped the whole lot on his head, before wrestling him to the ground. She pinned him down, but he just giggled up at her, his face coated in powdery snow. She then grabbed as much snow around her as she could, while still keeping him trapped, and shoved it into his face.

"How do you like that" she said triumphantly. She smirked down at him, some of the snow, had caught in his long silvery hair, and she brushed it away, while he did the same to her.

"You gonna keep me trapped beneath you for the rest of the night?" he asked light-heartedly.

"Maybe I will" she teased.

Suddenly Hitsugaya made a massive wave of snow crash on top of her, she shrieked loudly and he took his opportunity to escape. Shivering, soaking and covered in snow, she gave chase.

He ran, still laughing, into the office, before realising it was a dead end, he turned around to find Matsumoto, standing at the door. She was out of breath but her prey had been cornered.

"You're gonna regret that" she said dangerously. She pounced at him, but he dodged out of the way and sped off down the corridor, Matsumoto quickly restarted the pursuit.

"COME BACK HERE!" She roared. She wasn't really angry with him, she thought the situation was quite funny, but she didn't want to let him know that. Damn him and his ability to control ice and snow. I'll get him back.

She lost sight of him as he ran into his bedroom and closed the door. Matsumoto charged up and pounded on it. "LET ME IN! YOU OWE ME FOR WHAT YOU DID" With a huge effort she managed to open the door.

"Ok then, I'm sorry" he giggled, the one time I annoy her and she gets all riled up, she basically is that annoying to me every day.

She slowly walked up to him when she had a miraculous plan to get revenge on him.

"…Ok, you're forgiven" she said calmly, "You look so adorable when your laughing, it makes me want to…"

"Makes you want to what?" Hitsugaya asked nervously, backing away slowly, fearing the worst

"HUG YOU" she screamed as she grabbed him and pulled him into the tightest hug he could ever remember, his face shoved deep in her…"valley".

He hadn't even had time to catch his breath, he knew that this was his punishment, being suffocated.

She could feel him struggling against her, wiggling his head in between her breasts to try to breath. She found the sensation to be quite enjoyable, she giggled a little and finally released him.

He collapsed in a heap onto his bed, his face tinged blue slightly from the lack of oxygen. He then began to cough loudly, he took a deep breath, refilling his lungs with air.

"You…could have…killed me" he spluttered, chocking slightly.

"Of course I couldn't, I would never hug you for that long, and if I felt you go limp than I'd know that you need to be released." She explained cheerfully.

"Well what happens if you aren't quick enough" he exclaimed, hoping never to be hugged that way again.

"Then I guess I'd just have to…resuscitate you, you know…mouth to mouth" she said seductively, sidling up to him.

"Well, I think you got me back, but it was only a bit of snow compared to…suffocation" he said quickly, he had been about to say 'attempted murder' but he knew she wouldn't take it well.

"It may be only a bit of snow to you, but now I'm soaked, freezing and my hair is all messed up" she said, eyeing her soaking wet hair that was hanging down in a tangled clutter.

After having finally got his breath back, he stood up and ran his fingers through her sweet smelling hair, he used his power over water to dry her sopping wet hair.

Matsumoto was quite taken aback when he had started running his hands through her hair, as it was normally what she did to him to calm him down, she found it to be a very relaxing sensation, and she now knew why he liked it so much when she did it to him. As he stopped and stepped back, she suddenly realised that her hair was dry again.

"What the…?" she said confusedly, running her own fingers through her now dry hair.

"I have power over water in all its forms, not just ice and snow" he said, smiling slightly at her shocked expression.

"I never knew that! You have all sorts of hidden talents. So…do you want to finish our snowman building competition?" she said happily.

"Yeah, ok" he replied.

"And NO cheating this time…or else" she added threateningly, pointing at her chest.

"Oh no" Hitsugaya groaned as he walked into the office and instantly spotted a large package on his desk. As he suspected, the package was filled with candy, most of which where lollipops.

"Ukitake got you some more sweets" Matsumoto asked uninterestedly as she walked in.

"Yes" Hitsugaya moaned.

"Still, not as bad as last time eh?" she said cheerfully.

"Oh really…look outside" he said miserably.

It was only now, that Matsumoto realized she couldn't see out the windows, due to the amount of candy that was outside.

"Why don't you just tell him you don't like candy!" she said unsympathetically.

"And I sure hope you don't expect me to eat it all this time" she added, noticing his pleading face.

"You won't help…not even a little?" he whined, using the new technique Ichigo had taught him.

Matsumoto nearly fainted as she looked at Toshiro giving her the puppy dog eyes look. He just looked too adorable to be allowed, the puppy dog eyes actually gave him an unbearable cuteness and Matsumoto had to shield her eyes from such a gorgeous sight.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME! YOU ALREADY LOOK UNBEARABLY SEXY, BUT NOW…" she gave a slight peek through her closed eyes and realized he was still looking at her with large wide eyes and a fake sad face. "DAMN YOU, FINE I'LL DO IT"

"Thanks" he said slyly. I'll have to thank Ichigo for teaching me that.

The way you look, you could have made her do anything…

What, Hyorinmaru, I thought I told you not to interfere with…stuff like that.

I have to say, you've been "doing" fine on your own Hyorinmaru said slyly.

What's that supposed to mean.

Well, I honestly believe you've being doing fine on your own with "stuff like that". Anyway He said quickly before Hitsugaya could angrily cut in, by anything, you could make her do the paperwork by using your big, lovable puppy dog look.

Er…thanks, that's a great idea.

To be honest, that look is just soooooo delightful, I think you could make anyone do anything, like…make Ukitake stop giving you sweets.

I don't think it would work on anyone Hitsugaya thought embarrassedly.

You really underestimate your power to woo people, you could walk up to anyone and they'd want to do you. You're so sexy, even I think you're good looking, if I wasn't a sword I would…

HYORINMARU Toshiro thought angrily, his face flushed with embarrassment.

"You know, you should at least eat some of these sweets" said Matsumoto, breaking his thoughts. "Why do you look so embarrassed?" she asked, seeing the deep crimson blush on his face.

"It's nothing… forget about it" he said, looking away from her and staring at his sword as though it would burst in to flames at any second.

Matsumoto guessed that it had something to do with Hyorinmaru, so she decided not to pursue the subject, "As I was saying, you really should have some of these sweets too. Here, have a watermelon flavoured lollipop" she said, almost ramming it into his mouth.

"I…don't…want" he spluttered as she forced the lolly into his mouth. It wasn't too bad he thought, after sucking on it for a while. The watermelon flavour was sweeter and tasted better than a real watermelon. "That's actually quite…nice" he said, but suddenly regretted it, as he realised that Ukitake was standing at the door, watching as he ate the lollipop.

He had a large grin on his face as he looked at Hitsugaya, "I knew you'd like it, most of them are watermelon flavour because Matsumoto told me it was your favourite flavour. I'm so glad you like them. Well, ENJOY" Ukitake said very cheerfully as he walked away.

"MATSUMOTO!! Did…you…tell him… this? Is it…true?" Hitsugaya asked, his voice shaking with rage.

"Well…yes" she said nervously, "But you really should just tell him not to give you them" she said quickly.

"Well thanks to you, I've got a whole bunch of watermelon flavoured candy! You better eat all of it, because I'm not gonna eat any of them" he said angrily.

"The thing is…I don't like watermelon flavour…but anyway, you said you liked them, just a moment ago, you could eat them." She said, now starting to sense that familiar chill in the air.

"Fine, I'll just give them all to Yachiru" he said, becoming very frustrated with both Ukitake and Matsumoto.

"Just go to Squad 13 and tell him you don't want any sweets" Matsumoto said before swiftly leaving.

"Ok I'll try, but he'll probably just think he didn't give me enough if I go and see him" he called back.

13th Division

Hitsugaya knocked nervously on the door of Squad 13s office, fearing the worst.

"Come in" called Ukitake. "Ahh, Shir…Captain Hitsugaya!" he said cheerfully as soon as Toshiro walked through the door.

"Emm…well I was just wondering if you could…" he paused nervously, looking at Ukitakes pale, but at the moment, happy face.

Stop giving me stupid candy, Stop giving me stupid candy! Chanted Hyorinmaru in his head.

"Do you want some more sweets?" Ukitake asked happily.

"Stop giving me stupid candy!" Hitsugaya shouted without thinking.

Well done, you've finally did it, cheered Hyorinmaru.

"Wh…wha?" said Ukitake, a crestfallen look on his face, his usual smile fading away. "But…I thought…you liked them…?"

Hitsugaya suddenly realised that Hyorinmaru had made him shout it out, he felt terrible looking at Ukitake's unusually sad face.

"Well…if that's…the way you feel, then I wont give you anymore", Ukitake said calmly. Unfortunately, Hitsugaya couldn't help but smile a little at the news that he would no longer have to swim through a mountain of candy to reach the office. This however made Ukitake more upset, "So you never liked it, you probably just gave it away. All this time I thought I was making you happy, fine…go." He said looking away from Hitsugaya.

"Look…I'm…sorry" he said half-heartedly.

"Just GO!" said Ukitake, with his back to Hitsugaya.

Toshiro swiftly left the office, and when he was a safe enough distance away, he let out a small cheer. YES, I never have to get his stupid sweets ever again. I wish I hadn't hurt his feelings so much. That was all your fault Hyorinmaru.

NO IT WASN'T. You're such a wuss, you would have never told him anyway, I just had to help you along again.

It felt like the image of Ukitake's sad face was glued over his eyes and he could think of almost nothing else, as he returned to the office.

10th Division Office

"Hi Matsumoto" Hitsugaya sighed as he walked in, before slumping onto his chair.

"Toshiro, what's wrong?" Matsumoto asked cautiously.

"Thanks to stupid Hyorinmaru, Ukitakes gonna hate me forever cause he made me shout out that I didn't want his stupid candy" he relied dully.

Matsumoto had to stop herself from laughing a little, and then she walked over to comfort him. "It's alright, he'll forget about it in a while…and then he'll probably find someone else to give candy to" she said, attempting to cheer him up.

"I…suppose" he said softly…

"PLEASE…stop doing that, fine I'll do the paperwork" Matsumoto cried with her hands over her eyes as she pleaded with Toshiro.

Hitsugaya smirked a little and he stopped using his puppy dog eyes, this is great, I have a weapon to use against her now when she annoys me.

Matsumoto gave him a glare as she watched him smirk slightly at his own skill.

I wish he didn't have to look so damn adorable Matsumoto thought irritably as she sat down and started the paperwork, while Hitsugaya disappeared into the kitchen. But I suppose, that sexiness is all mine…

As Hitsugaya made himself some tea, he thought about the most recent 'hug' Matsumoto had gave him, It isn't comfortable when she smothers me but still, she loves me… I don't think she can ever try to suffocate me again…or else I'll use my puppy dog eyes. I suppose this is finally an end to my troubles. Rukia and Hinamori have stopped fighting over me and me and Hinamori are friends again, me and Ichigo are friends, Ukitake has stopped giving me candy, I can make Matsumoto do the paperwork and I've finally got Hyorinmaru to shut up.

I don't think so master Hyorinmaru cut in slyly

FINE, well apart from that everything's perfect…Toshiro thought cheerfully.

Well at least I've got Matsumoto to cheer me up if I ever do have any problems, but finally, my troubles have gone away…