I'm back. La di da, insert things here. (My sarcasm gland started producing exponentially over the summer. Not my fault, blame the Theater people. I love you, Theater people.)

23 Truths About Sakura with sprinkles of Kaka/Saku. Because I like sprinkles and was deprived of them for eight weeks while stuck in the wilds of Conneticut. Reviews are sprinkles, didja know?

1. Sakura thinks knows exactly how strong she is, how long it might take before she breaks. She once calculated how long it could take, under which circumstances.

She's always discovering hidden strengths.

2. When Sasuke comes back/is dragged kicking and screaming except for that small inner part of him that is happy to see his teammates again and to return to Konoha, he thinks that Sakura's fallen in love with Naruto. Naruto believes that since Sasuke's back, Sakura will immediately be all over him as soon as he's settled in, sworn oaths of allegiance, etcetera.

Only Kakashi knows who Sakura really loves, and that's because Sakura told him so.

3. Naruto and Sasuke don't realize Sakura is married until she's heavily, visibly pregnant.

4. Sakura may not be smarter than Shikamaru, but she's definitely smarter than Sasuke. It isn't that her teammates are unintelligent, it is just that Sasuke looks everywhere and sees nothing and Naruto has selective vision, especially when he hits puberty. Sakura looks everywhere and sees everything.

5. Sakura knew that Sasuke was going to leave. She just didn't want to believe it.

6. She always tried her hardest when it concerned him.

7. Only Kakashi knows that she killed her first man when she was seven, punching through his nose and pushing the cartilage up into his brain. Tsunade thinks her first kill was when she was thirteen. Naruto and Sasuke aren't sure, and they don't want the answer. It will scare them.

8. Under her mask, Inner is Outer, and all bets are off.

9. Once, under her ANBU mask, she fights both Naruto and Sasuke. She beats them both, weaving a complex genjutsu then knocking them out. She doesn't use any of her signature moves- then they would know.

10. The identity of the ANBU Lynx is loudly puzzled over for weeks after that fight.

11. Anko tells Sakura that she is proud. Kakashi is proud also. He just shows it other ways.

12. Sasuke is a total lightweight. Sakura often uses this against him.

13. Sakura can out-drink anyone in the village. It's Tsunade's fault.

14. Naruto and Sasuke attempt to beat the shit out of Kakashi when Sakura's daughter is born with blue-green eyes and fluffy white hair, but when a woman in a Lynx mask steps in front of them, emanating protection and danger, they quickly make excuses and run.

15. If they had stayed they would have seen that all masks were off.

16. Tsunade watched over three-day-old Kinari. She didn't touch any sake for the entire time her god-(grand)daughter was in her office.

17. Sakura returns to active duty on the ANBU roster two and a half weeks after giving birth.

18. She is a fierce fighter, made fiercer by the fact that she has a small someone to return home for.

19. Kakashi needs her but does not depend on her, but her daughter needs her and that is what makes her avalanche those rocks.

20. Ino is her best friend. Naruto and Sasuke are her brothers.

21. Kakashi is everything, but her daughter is everything and more.

22. Sakura knows something about masks, and she knows something about strength, so it doesn't surprise her when she realizes that she's attracted to Kakashi.

23. She kissed him first.