"So let's kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell." The older of the two waggled his eyebrows and the younger huffed, annoyed that his brother was so cheerful, but grateful that he was still…

"Shit!" Dean Winchester exclaimed as he looked down at the clock on the bottom of his computer screen. He had promised his mom and dad that he would make it over tonight for dinner, Sam was there with his girlfriend, apparently a girl that was just perfect for his brother, and his mother would accept no excuse for his absence.

Pushing himself up from his chair, he eased his weight back onto his two feet, careful to not to put as much weight on his left side as he did on his left. He hissed as his leg protested its share of the weight. He took a deep breath to steady himself and forced himself to turn from the computer towards the other end of the house that housed his bedroom and therefore his clothes.

"One step at a time, that's what the doctor says." Dean reminded himself and forced himself to take that that initial step, the hardest step, and winced and almost fell. He steadied himself on the table next to the door, eyes shut so tightly that they were beginning to tear, and took another deep calming breath. He opened his eyes again, pulled the glasses up onto the top of his head and wiped the tears from them. Only a couple of more weeks with the stupid glasses then his eye would be healed enough and he could wear contacts at least that would be some form of normalcy. He took one more fortifying breath and began the arduous journey to the bedroom, step, drag, step, drag. He tried to do what the physical therapist said and use his knee, pick up his foot and try to step, but today that was just too hard. Tonight he would do extra exercises to make up for his laziness. But right now, he simply wanted to get to his room, change clothes, shave, and get to his mother's house on time. He had to prove to them that he really was different. So he began, an hour early, and prayed that he would make it six houses down on time.

Sam arrived at his mother's house on time and noted that Dean's car wasn't anywhere in the area.

"Figures he would be late." He mumbled and went to the other side of the car and escorted Anastasia out of her side of the car.

Just as he took her hand and led her towards the front door he heard Dean's car grumble to a stop on the other side of the street. It took Dean a few minutes to get himself out of the car. Sam refused to help him. Dean had gotten himself messed up all on his own, he could fix it all on his own. No way in the world was he helping that son of a bitch picking up a spoon, much less helping him get out of his own car and across the street.

"Come on Sam." Anastasia said as she watched Dean struggle to stand, and pulled Sam's arm. He turned away from a brother, a man that he had had the misfortune of growing up with, almost collapse under his own weight and went into the house and closed the door.

Dean watched the two of them enter the house, and his mind suddenly dazed and went back to his story of two brothers fighting evil and caring for each other. He tried to imagine Sam being right beside him fighting to keep him alive, and realized that even when he had been fighting for his life in the hospital Sam hadn't come immediately to see how he was, and only came to the hospital once and that was to berate him for being an ass and doing this to himself. In reality, he just simply hoped that Sam hadn't shut the heavy wooden door. It was hard pushing it open now and he didn't want to knock. It was embarrassing enough that it was going to take him forever to get across the street, he didn't want his parents to answer the door and find him in a heap on the floor, now that was an almost impossible position for him to get back up from. He fortified himself, and began his step, drag across the deserted street and to the house in which he had grown up.

"Mom?" Sam called from the door way. Mary Winchester trotted down the stairs fastening an earring to her left ear and smiled at her son and his girlfriend.

"Sam!" she said and went to her youngest son and hugged him tightly. "Anna!" she said and hugged her as well.

"Hey mom. You look beautiful." He said and smiled. She looked down at the simple skirt and blouse she was wearing and blushed.

"Your father likes this. I thought since it was our anniversary I should wear it. When your brother gets here, he's running late, we'll get ready to go."

"He's across the street." John Winchester said as he entered the entry to his home.


"He's standing in the middle of the street trying to catch his breath."

"Sam. Why didn't you help him?" Mary asked her eyebrows creased.

"Mom." Sam said like the answer was obvious and he couldn't believe that his mother even asked. John moved past his younger son and headed outside to help his eldest up the drive.

"Sam. Just because you two had differences when you were little—"

"Mom. You can't tell me that you are proud of him."


"You can't. He's never amounted to anything. And if it hadn't been for the accident he'd still be hanging with those guys and would be-"

"Sam." Mary tried again.

"You told me so yourself mom, after the accident. You know it as well I do. I'm just the only one with the guts to let him struggle by himself. If he thinks he's so tough, he can walk across that street by himself. Dad helping him only lets him think that he can keep screwing up and we'll keep helping him out of his messes."

Mary's response was interrupted by John holding open the door for their eldest son who looked thoroughly humbled and embarrassed. He looked at his mother and smiled. "I'm sorry I was late. I…" he looked at his brother and his beautiful girlfriend and decided against saying that he fell while putting his shirt on. "had a hard time getting ready today. I promise it won't happen again." He turned to Sam and Anastasia and repeated the apology to the two of them. Sam didn't acknowledge disgusted with his supposed big brother.

A/N: I know I have a couple going. I'm working on all of them. This idea just bugged me for three days and I had to get it out. Also, Sam is not dating Jessica because I could not bring myself to destroy her character. I hope you enjoy this!