Disclaimer: I do not own Life with Derek

Disclaimer: I do not own Life with Derek.

Love and Memories

Chapter One – A Prolegomenon To Our Story

Every great story that has ever been told has always started at the beginning, as does this story but before we get into that, we must give you, our dear readers a small background and glimpse into our lives.

Two years ago, my life was changed forever. My mother had met and fallen in love with a man by the name of George Venturi. Of course, I thought nothing of it at the time. To me, he was just another man my mother was dating and it would last a month and she'd be on to the next guy who had enough gumption to call her pretty or flash her a smile. However, this little stray puppy, unlike the rest who ran off with their tails between their legs at the mention of two children, stayed. As it turns out, he had kids of his own – two boys and a little girl. Of course, this detail gave my mother liscense to suggest a dinner in which the "kids" could finally meet. Let's just say I was all but thrilled.

After much incorporation, we were off on our way to Pappa's Pepperoni. Not exactly my first choice as a meeting place but it was not my decision. It was, according to my mother, George's eldest son's idea. Terrific, I remember thinking. Not only would I be forced to intermingle with a family I could care less of, but I had to sit in a red plastic booth and eat pizza with cheese almost compiled of the same polymers as the booths!

When we got to the restaurant, we found we were the first to arrive. We were fifteen minutes late thanks to my complaining. Within ten minutes, the man I presumed was George Venturi walked in with his harem of kids and took a seat at our table. I remember being introduced to Edwin – the second child. He was polite enough thought he did pull out a piece of notebook paper and labeled it "his card." In pencil, there was his name and number on it. The regular little entrepreneur! Next was Marti. She was about four and was dressed of entirely purple. Thank goodness I had chosen my purple dress. It gave us girls something to bond over. Oh yes, I knew I was forgetting someone. This someone might even be the most important part of our story so I can't possibly leave him out, no matter how much I'd like to.

Anyways, next was Derek Venturi – George's eldest and a year my senior. He was dressed in a brown t-shirt and black leather jacket. His hands were shoved deep within the pockets of his jacket. He had a scowl on his face and I could tell he about loved being there as much as I did. Maybe more.

"Hi," I recall saying, "I'm Casey!" My hand jutted out just as it had towards the others; however he stepped back as if I had been plagued with leprosy!

"And I care because…?"

"Derek!" George had reprimanded, "Where are your manners?"

"Probably lost along with her dog collar. Seriously, I thought you people knew that Canada has leash laws!"

Pleasant, huh? That was my first encounter with Derek Venturi. At the time I had thought it would be my last. Oh how wrong I was! See, mom had a thing for George. She said he made her happier than she had been with Dad and that he had asked her to marry him. Imagine that! Proposing after just half a year of knowing each other! Well, to make a long story short, my mom married George and we moved in with him and his family.

It was far from easy. I mean, Derek had every intention of driving me out of his house doing whatever he saw fit. I've had my toothbrush used to clean the toilet, peanut butter in my phone, pudding in my shoes, honey in my shampoo, oh yes – and he stole all my clothes one morning. And that isn't even the half of it!

Derek lived to make my life miserable. He reveled in my annoyance and in my anger. Anger. We had a lot of that. My room still has the hole in the wall from when I threw my hair brush at him. See, Derek and I weren't exactly two peas in a pod like Lizzie and Ed. We despised each other and every moment we had together was spent making each other miserable. However, as much as he gets on my nerves, he does play a rather large part in our story. One of the biggest next to mine of course. See, Derek and I have a secret. A secret that this story revolves around, a secret bigger than any plot or scandal.

See, Derek and I…we're…sort of…well…

You'll just have to see for yourself.