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Sakura woke to the phone ringing. She groaned and picked it up "Hello?" she grumbled

"Hey Sakura…um can I…make appointment with you?" Ino asked

"Huh?" Sakura wasn't getting it.

"Please its important" Ino pleaded. Sakura sighed

"Sure, meet me at the hospital…" she looked at the clock. It read eight. "Around nine"

"Thanks you're the best," Sakura sighed hung up the phone and started getting ready for work. She walked down to the kitchen for breakfast when she noticed a note on the counter. It read "Training". Sakura shook her head. She knew once the rain stopped Sasuke would be out training. She knew he would never admit it but he had just as much energy as Naruto and when he was stuck in the house for a week because of the rain they had been having he was practically pacing the house like a caged tiger. She smirked at how he figured out real fast how to diffuse his energy. Sakura was heading out the door when the phone rang again. It was Hinata.

"Hi, Sakura"

"Hey what's up?"

"I uhmm was wonder uhm if I could uhm make an appointment?"

"Sure meet me at the hospital around nine thirty ok"

"Ok thank you" Sakura hung up and shook her head. On her way to work she ran into TenTen.

"Oh Hey Sakura,"

"Hey TenTen, how ya dong?" TenTen had a slight blush

"Fine I was just thinking of you"

"Me?" Sakura raised an eyebrow

"Yeah, look can I make an appointment with you?"

"What's going on around here?" 'first Ino, then Hinata and now TenTen what was going on?' TenTen raised an eyebrow "Sorry it's just this morning Ino and Hinata have made appointments before I even reached the hospital," TenTen smiled

"Maybe I won't be alone after all,"

"Huh?" Sakura was confused

"It's nothing," TenTen waved it off "So is it ok to make an appointment?" "Yeah sure, you'll know where I'll be just meet me when you're ready,"

Sakura made it to the hospital. The nurse behind the desk handed her, her chart of rounds. First on the list was Ino, then Hinata and then TenTen. She walked into the first examination room where Ino was

"Hey forehead" Ino chirped

"So what's the matter pig?" Sakura shot back. Ino shrugged

"I've been really tired lately and Kurenai-sensei told me I should get a checkup. I told her being married to Shikamaru who wouldn't turn lazy," Ino grinned. Sakura smiled, Shika was lazy but at least he got his job done.

"Ok then just let me cheek you out," Sakura's hands turned green with her chakra and started with Ino's head working her way down to her stomach "Hmm…left your shirt please," Ino lifted her shirt, Sakura continued until she found what she was looking for then she stopped.

"So?" Ino asked.

"Let me do some tests and I'll get back to you," Ino sighed

"Fine" Sakura grinned

"Wait here," Sakura made her way to the next room where Hinata was.

"Hello Sakura," Hinata smiled

"Hey, so what's the matter with you?" Sakura grinned.

"Well Naruto wanted me to get a check up because I haven't been keeping my ramen down," Sakura chuckled

"Ok then left your shirt and I'll see what's going on," Hinata did as she was told. Sakura found what she was looking for. "Ok Hinata just let me run a few test and I'll get back to you," Sakura smiled. "Why don't you sit with Ino in the other room in the mean time," Hinata nodded and went to sit with Ino. Sakura was about to leave the room when TenTen showed up.

"Hey I'm not late am I?"

"Nope, what can I do for you?" Sakura asked.

"I just need confirmation," TenTen said happily. When Sakura was done she told her the same thing she told the others.

Not long after that test results came back and just what she thought too. Sakura walked into the room where the girls were.

"So?" TenTen asked hopefully.

"Yeah forehead what's going on?" Ino piped in. TenTen had a knowing smile, Hinata waited patiently.

"Well it's kinda funny…" Sakura chuckled to herself.

"What's so funny?" Ino raised an eyebrow.

"All of you are pregnant," Sakura smiled, Ino fainted, Hinata blushed bright red and TenTen jumped up and hugged Sakura

"I was right!" TenTen cheered. Ino groaned

"You're joking right?" Hinata was helping Ino up.

"Nope," Sakura smiled.

"H-How am I-I going to N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata stuttered. The other two looked at her and blanched.

"That's right, how are we going to tell our husbands? I know Neji hasn't been thinking of a family just yet," TenTen said.

"I have an idea, why don't we go out for lunch and make a plan there because right now I'm hungry," Ino placed a hand on her stomach. Everyone smiled.

"You're welcome to join us Sakura," TenTen offered.

"Yeah you can help us figure a way to to tell our hard headed husbands, it'll be practice when you finally tell the king hard head Sasuke," Everyone chuckled at Ino's remark.

"Ok but let me check to see if there's anything I have to do right now and then I'll meet up with you," Sakura said. Luckily there wasn't much for Sakura to do considering lately there weren't any major injuries, just the ordinarily flues and wounds. Sakura was about to go meet up with the girls when she bumped into Shizune.

"Hey Sakura I was just looking for you," Shizune grinned

"Yeah Shizune you need me?" Sakura asked.

"Tsunade is looking for you, Ino, Hinata, and TenTen,"

"I was just going to meet up with them, uhmm Shizune if she's going to send them on a mission then she'd have to find some others," Shizune raised an eyebrow

"Why?" Sakura smiled

"Because they're pregnant," Shizune's mouth dropped

"All of them?" Sakura nodded Shizune shook her head and then she thought of something "But how? When? I know how but when?" "Well think about it; nothing much has been happening and no missions for a couple of weeks and it's been raining for a week and a half," Sakura giggled. Shizune smirked

"I guess you're right, especially the energetic ones, I'm surprise you're not one of them," Sakura paled. She didn't think about it before.

"Well I got to go just tell the others to show anyways" Shizune walked away. Before Sakura went to meet the girls she decided to take a test.

The girls were almost done with their lunch when Sakura showed up.

"Hey finally you show up forehead" Ino grinned

"S-sorry we didn't wait for you," Hinata said

"It's ok I can't keep anything down anyways," Sakura blushed.

"So you too?" Ino asked; Sakura nodded.

"W-we still haven't come up with a way to tell them" Hinata softly said.

"Don't worry I think I have something but we need to go to Tsunade" Sakura grinned

Ok this is my first chapter. I hope you liked it :) I know it's not totally original but I came up with it in class one day and then forgot about it. I should be posting the next chapter sometime this week.