Hi, people of the FanFiction world! It's Aly, coming at you with my first second person fanfiction! The fandom is Samurai Girl, the pairing is Heaven/Jake (more Heaven-centric), and it's a long-ish drabble. Hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Samurai Girl. That belongs to ABC Family.

Hot tears start to pour down your face. You don't want to do this. Why did they make it so hard? You don't want to cut any of them down. Severin needed to get up to build the case against your father, but Jake…

You couldn't—no, wouldn't— cut him off. There was still so much unsaid between you. You might even… love him. You know that this isn't the same as the crush you've had on him before; this was different. You definitely felt a connection between you. But you didn't know if he felt the same way. You wished he did.

"Heaven! Cut my rope, save Jake!" Severin yelled.

"Look at me, Heaven, you look at me," Jake said. You tear your eyes away from the rocky mountain wall and meet his brown-eyed gaze. "Cut my rope."

The tears fall even harder as you look toward the mountain wall. How could you choose? You can't choose.

Severin and Jake yell again, which makes it even harder for you to choose. You have to choose; the rope is slipping. It can't hold your combined weight for much longer.

Finally, you choose. Jake. You really don't want to do this, but it is the right thing to do.

You start sobbing even harder. "I'm so sorry," you manage to choke out.

His voice was calm even throughout the terror of it all. You take one last sad look at him. Then you pull out your blade and cut his carabiner.

He falls as fast as fast can go. All you can focus on is Jake, falling through the clouds. After a few more seconds, you look at the wall again, sobbing.

"Heaven," Severin tries to calm you down. "Heaven, you have to keep going. If you don't, Jake's death would have been in vain."

You nod numbly. 'For Jake,' you think. 'Do it for Jake.'

Determined to avenge him, you continue up the mountain. No, his death will not have been in vain. You will make sure of it.

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