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Bella POV:

It had been two days since my hellish doctor's visit. It had turned out to be a completely unnecessary thing as Carlisle ended up coming back from his seminar early. He diagnosed me in a heartbeat - and he didn't even touch me, let alone take my shirt off and throw it carelessly across the room. It was bronchitis, just as everyone else had predicted. He prescribed me with some huge white pill that I needed to take three times a day after every meal. I would swallow that gigantic pill instead of going back to that doctor's office any day.

"Feeling better?" Edward asked me as I greeted everyone downstairs after a long and refreshing nap.

"A lot better," I replied with a grin. My voice had returned to it's normal pitch - no more Wicked Witch of the West. That was something I enjoyed the most about getting better. Example one: Emmett couldn't laugh at me anymore because I sounded like a chipmunk. For some reason, it looked like he missed me having the high-pitched voice; it gave him something else to tease me about.

I sat down in between Edward and Alice, who was smirking about something I didn't even want to know about. Jasper was looking at her with the strangest expression; he didn't understand what was going on in her little head either. Edward, who usually knew everything when it came to his family, was also completely clueless. He was looking at her with one eyebrow raised, like she was absolutely insane or something.

"I'm going to go and get the mail." Everyone stared after her in shock and surprise. The Cullens never recieved mail; only monthly bills and an occasional advertisement to a modeling agency or for life insurance. But those times were very rare.

Alice stepped outside into the soft drizzle and shut the front door behind her. As soon as the door came in contact with it's frame, I asked, "What was that all about?"

Edward shrugged. "I don't have a clue. She's just thinking about the mailbox." He frowned. "I can always tell when she is hiding something. I should be used to it by now, but this is particularly infuriating."

"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing," Esme said as she came in from the kitchen. "Just Alice being Alice." She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Bella, are you hungry? There's a bacon and cheese omelet ready for you if you are in the mood."

I smiled. "I'd love an omelet. Thank you." I got up and hurried into the kitchen, suddenly feeling starved. I grabbed the fork off of the plate and immediately dug in. The cheese was at the perfect temperature, and the bacon melted in my mouth; just the right amount of crisp to it. "This is wonderful, Esme," I called into the living room.

"Thank you, Bella," she replied. I could hear the smile in her voice.

Edward came up behind me and made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat as he eyed my plate. I rolled my eyes. "It's no mountain lion, but I think my breakfast is just delicious." He threw me a disapproving look. I smiled angelically at him; he couldn't hold the unhappy expression on his face.

He tilted his head towards the front door as a laugh - like wind chimes - came from outside. I heard the front door open, and Alice was still laughing when she stepped back inside. "Bella!" she called in a sing-song voice. "I think this is for you."

Why am I getting mail? "Is it from Renee?" I mused.


"Well are you sure that they have the right Bella Swan?"

"Just come and get your mail, Bella!" Alice whined. I sighed, unhappy to put my breakfast down. I reached for the small packet of mail in Alice's hand. And it was, of course, addressed to me. There were two small cylinder shapes inside of the manila envelope. My curiosity grew as I got ready to open it.

Edward put his hand over mine to stop me. "Allow me." He took the envelope, handing me the fork. "You just eat your breakfast." I shrugged and went back to my omelet.

Alice stood behind Edward to get a better look at whatever was in the envelope. She knew what was inside of it; I could tell by the extremely amused expression on her pixie face. There was a loud ripping noise as the top of the envelope was torn off.

"I don't believe it!" Edward shouted. "The nerve of that woman . . ."

"What is it?" I asked around a bite of my omelet.

"It's a bill for your check-up. We supposedly owe her 3,000 dollars." His eyes skimmed over the piece of pink paper. "She is charging us extra for the blood test that you didn't even take, the little meaningless quiz for the asthma that you don't have, and for these." He held up his hand, holding to pill bottles with my name on them.

"What are those for?"

"One is for your non-existent anemia." He looked at the other one. "And these are anti-depressants." He shook his head in disbelief.

I rolled my eyes and held my hand out for the pill bottles. "May I?" Edward stared at me, completely dumbfounded. Hesitantly, he dropped the little orange bottles into my palm. I aimed carefully, and then hurled them into the trashcan across the room. With a muffled thunk, they both made it in. A perfect shot.

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1. Did that really happen to you?
~Oh, yes. This was based purely on my experience. All the way down to that woman taking my shirt off and throwing it across the room.

2. Did you get the pills in the envelope? And was your bill that high?
~I did not get the pills themselves. I ended up getting the little paper, prescribing certain medications to me. Then, the bill: it was not that high, but it was higher than it normally would have been for a casual doctor's visit.

3. Did you report that doctor?
~Sadly, I didn't. I didn't feel the need to frame her because she is only a beginner. Plus, I would never end up seeing her again because she was not a qualified doctor. She was a resident; they travel from office to office, trying out different techniques in different places.

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