A/N: I wanted to do a story with someone in a mask and a cape, but not like this…but the identity shall still be the same. Unless I fuse the two together…

"Is there something wrong with me?" he asked himself as he gazed in the mirror.

He always thought of himself as good looking. He could usually bed a different girl each night, regardless of his fame. So how come Melina wouldn't give him the time of day?

Fascinated with superheroes, villains, and mysterious figures, an idea popped into his head.

It was time for a visit to the local costume store, a place he only thought he would find himself around Halloween.

Satisfied with what he had purchased, he quickly returned to the hotel.

He dressed in all black to start off with. He draped the black cape with a hood over his back, tying it around his neck. He paced around the room quickly; the makeshift wind made the cloak flutter and the green underside was revealed. He placed the green mask over his head and then put the hood over his head for extra measure to hide his identity.

He thought about it for a moment. Should he use his own voice? Well, since Melina paid him no mind, he thought it didn't matter. She wouldn't recognize his voice for the life of her.

He quickly took off the precarious disguise and stuffed it into his duffel bag. He picked up what he needed and headed out to the arena for the night's show. On the way, he picked up a bouquet of roses.

He rushed to the locker room. Luckily, he had arrived early enough that no one else was there. He put on his disguise and gripped the flowers, prepared to search for Melina.

Oh, he found her, alright. She was in deep conversation with Beth Phoenix.

It wasn't like she'd recognize him, so why not go for it?

He cleared his throat. "Uh, Melina?"