It was his last chance to do this. To make amends. And to save an innocent girl's life.

He stood in the shadows watching them pull the shaking girl towards the gallows, towards the underworld and made his final decision.

He deserved to die anyway.

Stepping out of the shadows the creature stood in Justine's path. Guarding her from the death he laid upon her.

He kept his voice steady, battling his own fear of death.

"This girl's hands are clean of blood. I am the one with the blood of William Frankenstein on my hands."

The guards stepped back, merely by the size of him. They couldn't even see his face yet.

One of them spoke,

"What proof do you have of that?"

The creature pulled out the scarf he pulled from the dead boy's neck after he killed him. He held it out in front of him while Justine stuttered out, her voice full of shock.

"That's the scarf he wore…before he…"

The guards looked at each other then grudgingly turned around and walked towards the judge's office. They had been as excited about the hanging as the festering crowed outside.

The creature stood there for a moment before following.

Only once they reached the judge's office where another guard stood did they put the manacles on him. He didn't struggle. Why bother?

As they waited for the arrival of the judge he felt Justine's eyes on him, confused as she looked at him- her savior, and condemner.

Only minutes passed before the judge walked in with Victor, his father, and the woman…Elizabeth.

"Where is it?!" commanded Victor turning looking at Justine.

"Here," spoke the monster looking to the ground, not daring to look at his father.

"This is the creature you spoke of?" asked the judge as confused as anyone else.

"Take off the hood," commanded the Judge.

The creature felt the hood slip off and reveal his gray skin, the stitches…the monstrosity that he was.

He heard a collective gasp from those in the room. Even the guards stepped back.

Whispers of "monster" could be heard.

Finally the judge spoke again,

"You Killed William Frankenstein?"

"Yes…I never meant too," the creature looked to Victor, speaking to him.

"And you placed the locket on Miss Justine's person?"

"A stupid mistake…yes…knowing she could never look at me, anger filled my being and I left the locket in her pocket"

"And you regret the decision. That is why you turn yourself in?"

The creature nodded. His mind screamed at him to run. To run away from his father's piercing eyes, and fear coming from the woman's eyes.

He looked back at the ground wishing he could go back to the shadows.

Victor glared victoriously at the judge.

"I'm sorry for doubting you Mr. Frankenstein. You have my sincerest apologies."

Alfonse was practically purple with rage.

"You condemned an innocent girl when there was a chance she was not guilty! And all you say is Sorry! I will see you are removed from this place! You will never see a courtroom again!"

As Alfonse continued to scream at the judge Victor told the guards to take the creature to a cell.

He then ran over to Justine who was shaking and embraced her.

But the last thing the creature saw before he left was Elizabeth staring at him.

Her beauty was astounding.

He left hearing Victor talking,

"Are you okay love?"

"Who was that?"

"I'll explain later."


A few days later Victor and Elizabeth stood outside the jail. Victor had just spoken to the creature about his final decision.

She looked worried.

"You spoke with it?" she asked delicately.

He simple nodded getting into the waiting carriage.

"It will be bound in the basement of our estate, with the proper precautions of course. I shall take responsibility for my actions, as promised."

Elizabeth smiled glad she had convinced her husband to tell her of his creation.

At first, she had been shocked of course but after seeing his docile, unconscious form and learning that he could not die she suggested to her husband to take action.

And thankfully at least they would know where the creature was and if he tried anything they had sedatives and small group of guards to keep him in check.

She felt such pity every time she looked in on him, especially when he spoke with her a few nights ago


He was strapped down tightly and the guards were by the door.

He looked even more pitiful the before, his leg bent in an odd direction and blood was sprouting from several fresh wounds on his face.

The creature only looked at her, a gaze of amazement that drew her closer. Though at first glance his deadened skin and apparent scarring seeming frightening, his eyes showed intelligence and curiosity.

She found herself next to it, her hand moving towards its face. She was curious as to what his skin felt like- what the skin of the reawakened dead felt like.

But as soon as she got close he turned his head away closing his watery blue eyes tightly as if he was expecting another bout of pain.

Perhaps she should have slapped him and spit in his face for what he did to William.

She looked to his hands- hands which had the blood of the innocent on them. According to Victor it had all been an accident. The creature was searching for her husband and thought William would lead it to him.

She shakily moved her hand to his and touched it gently.

The skin felt odd.

She slid her hand farther into his so she was grasping it.

Suddenly it gripped her back with the lightest pressure.

This hand had murdered?

It felt so gentle.

What was she doing?

The woman pulled her hand away looking to his face in time to hear,

"What are you doing here?"

A soft, horse whisper.

She said nothing as she rushed out of the room not looking back.

Now as she sat staring at the passing landscape she found herself wanting to speak with it, learn more of its character, and perhaps question why it condemned William and how it could not have known its own strength.

For now she simply asked if she would be left at the estate when the creature was to be transported or would she go with Victor.

Her husband laughed nervously and said,

"Someone has to get the house in order and I think you should be the one to do it. That way we can just relax when I return."

"Then why escort me there now?"

"Because I love you and I should at least be able to carry my newlywed through the front door of her new home with pride," he said smiling as he kissed her cheek.

She smiled kissing him back on the lips.

"Thank you, my love."