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'I need your…uh…' a pause as he tried to find the right words I guessed. It was strange to see the Uchiha standing awkwardly in the doorway of my cell. It was more of a small room rather than a cell actually - there was a futon, a small dresser as well. No bars and no locks either but that didn't mean it didn't feel like a cell, and that didn't mean I wasn't a prisoner.

Three months ago, or maybe four – you lose time like that here, I was a Konoha kunoichi, jounin rank, returning from a solo mission and unlucky enough to hap too closely to Orochimaru's hide out. It was stupid of me to cut across Sound Country but I thought, if ANBU, who had been secretly infiltrating the Sound in order to find Orchimaru for months hadn't found it yet, a passerby, wouldn't either. I forgot luck deserts me like that. Ambushed by 4 sound nins I was obviously outnumbered but I put up a fight anyway. When they dragged me back to Orochimaru, on the verge of death, I was pleased to know I had killed one of them and permanently blinded another. They had used genjutsu on me in my weak state to try and extract information but I don't know how useful that was – recently promoted, I had yet to get my rank recognized thus was usually left out in meetings.

I expected them to kill me, I wanted them to kill me. But when I woke up I found myself completely healed minus a searing headache and terrible starvation. Dressed in a plain black robe (for my own funeral perhaps I had thought cynically then), all weapons removed, I curled up in a ball hoping it would trick my stomach into being full and blacked out again. When I next woke up there was food waiting for me. Without a thought, I pounced on it, wolfing it down, ignoring the bland taste. Once a little of my strength was replenished I examined the door and was shocked to find it unlocked. Cautiously, I slipped out into the hallway, silently moving towards the faint orange glow coming from upstairs.

I thought the place was empty until I came across Kabuto. On instinct I took my taijutsu stance. He sadistically chuckled and beckoned me to follow him. Entering a large dirty room filled with lounges and tables, illuminated by several lamps hanging on the walls, he took a seat and motioned for me to take one too. I did, narrowing my eyes as he studied me. 'I suppose you're wondering why we kept you alive?" he began casually. I nodded in response, not wanting to become too friendly. 'This, complex,' he motioned his hand around, 'houses 39, minus the one you killed and the blind one I finished off so 37, of Orochimaru's men. As you can imagine, it gets pretty filthy here and well, it's not like help in that area is easy to come by. Basically, we want you as a maid, or dorm mother, or whatever you want to call it.' I raised an eyebrow, a silent question – and if I refuse? He pushed up his glasses and starred at me cockily was it? 'Your chakra's gone'. My breathing hitched in realization. The usual tingling feeling was indeed gone, I suppose I was too weak before to notice.


'The food had a chakra dispelling medicine in it.' I held back a gasp, trying to appear emotionless. 'Point is, you can't escape. And don't bother killing yourself, we're not all that bad you know. It's merely conflicting interests,' he rose and began walking to the door. 'Find me when you want to start'. The following days I stayed in my allocated room, refusing to eat any food, hoping to get my chakra back. It was useless, after 2 days without food I managed to feel the tiniest spark of power but I was too weak to use it. I wolfed down the next meal. Using a robe I tried to strangle myself only to find myself awaken in the clinic with Kabuto starring disinterestedly at me. Two days later of helplessness I had enough. 'I'll do it.'

The silence drew out between us and I began fidgeting, it seemed to snap him out of his thoughts. 'Never mind,' he murmured and shuffled away. I didn't waste any time contemplating his unusual actions. To me, the Uchiha was just like the rest of them. It wasn't like I saw him much in Konoha before anyway. Re-adjusting my robe, I walked out into the hallway and climbed up the stairs entering the kitchen. A large group was expected back from a mission today and a celebratory party was to be held. As usual there would be a lot of drinking and a lot of female hosts were coming, two for each man I heard. My job was to prepare the food and alcohol, waiting upon a hundred people was no easy feat.

'Ten-chan! Another bottle of sake, quick!' True to Kabuto's word, these men weren't as bad as I had imagined. They treated me with mutual respect and sometimes I forgot they were ruthless killers - except for the fact that I had to wash their blood stained clothes. 'Hai' I called out and swiftly made my way towards the kitchen, balancing a tray of dirty dishes and sake bottles. I had become good at this, so much so that I thought perhaps my movements were more fluid now than when I was jounin. Picking up a new tray I piled more sake bottles and pre-pared platters on it before making my way out. It seemed the rumor was true, the women easily outnumbered the men, some dressed in traditional kimonos with white powder on the faces and swinging ornaments from their waxed hair, where as others dressed in fishnet stockings, short, tight dresses, fake eyelashes and dangerous heels. It must've been around 11 I deduced from their soberness though I knew this wouldn't last long.

I placed the sake on the table, the girls would pour it, and moved on. Although there was supposed to be two women for each man it seemed at least ten were clustered around one man, Uchiha, easily the favorite among the women who forgot their job of keeping all the men happy in the room. Besides his appearance I suppose they enjoyed his young age of only seventeen, wanting to be the one to corrupt his 'innocence' perhaps. The others would often feign annoyance at the Uchiha for stealing their girls. I was unsurprised to find him indifferent to the company (playing with his hair, rubbing their thighs against his, hands roaming underneath his robe) downing another sake, blank faced as always. I placed a platter of fruit on his table and another bottle of sake. I saw him glance up at me but ignored it as another table had cheers all round. They would need some more alcohol soon.

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