This began as a 100 word drabble (prompt: 'Mistke') for Twilight100 on Live Journal--but once I started, I couldn't stop writing! Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

AU--Bella has been living in Forks and Edward is the new kid.

He catches her scent his first day of school. Hints of freesia and strawberries here and there...

On his second day of school, he strolls into the biology classroom and takes a breath. He is suddenly accosted by the powerful smell emanating from the small girl in the corner. His throat is searing and he isn't really thinking anymore.... he leaps over the desk and sinks his teeth into her neck. The warm blood leaking into his throat is like nothing he's ever tasted. Sweet and warm and so incredibly satisfying. She's empty before he notices the shocked looks of his classmates.

Reason begins to retake control of his mind and he realizes what comes next. He swiftly makes his way through the room, snapping necks as softly as he can. No one even has a chance to scream.

Alice comes bolting into the classroom, anxious to stop him if she's indeed seen the future. But she hasn't; this was a spontaneous decision. Edward takes one look at her face, then jumps out the window to the ground, three stories beneath the classroom. He takes off running.

He reaches the house and runs through the door, almost crashing into Esme. She stops potting flowers to see what's wrong and regrets that she did. He speeds through a slurred explanation and is out the door with a suitcase before she can even set down the trowel.

He's in Alaska before nightfall. Instead of stopping in to say hello to Tanya, he lies outside under the stars, letting himself slowly be buried by the falling snow. He finally lets his mind open up as he stares at the night sky.

The empty silence surrounds him and makes the day's events seem so much worse. He had ruthlessly murdered an innocent child. He had slaughtered another twenty so he wouldn't leave witnesses. He had committed a massacre to taste that girl's blood.

How will he live with himself, with the guilt? Italy crosses his mind and he jumps up, ready to run to the airport in Juneau. He'd be in the air in two hours and in Europe in fifteen. Then it would be at least another hour to Volterra...and ten minutes after that he would be gone forever...

He relishes the idea before he remembers the others. Could he really be so selfish and cause his family more pain?

Standing there, he thinks again about what he has done. Mistake, mistake, mistake. Mistake after mistake.

Moving back to Forks, taking AP Biology, running away, drinking her blood--all one giant, messy mistake.

Italy it is then.