Yes, I know, I promised everyone a sequel to "When All Is Missing" and I'm not going to back out just yet. But this idea's been bugging me for a bit (lol, one or two days xD I have never given into a plot bunny this easily!) so this is sort of going to take up space until I can finally get the sequel started.

This is going to be pretty short, probably, but it will hopefully stretch into a few chapters at least. The idea came around from the song "Coin Operated Boy" by Dresen Dolls and there was a YT video with Allen and Road in it, and... well, you know the rest. Try to find it on YT, it's pretty good. The song will probably come into play somewhere in this fic.

And this is a SEMI-AU, so that means that the exorcists and Noah all exist here, and Allen is simply excluded from this all... but the Mana incident did happen, and that might come into play later. It's after Lala's mission apparently, and right before Miranda's. The timeline is a little skewered, so please don't hate me for that -.-

Oh, and this is total Obsessive!AllenxRoad, so be warned. It's not like sis-con (Komui) but please, please PLEASE notice that this is under TRAGEDY !! It will probably not have the best ending, so be careful. It's total RodAl, I repeaet. TOTAL TRAGEDY RodAl!!

Disclaimer: If I owned DGM or the song "Coin Operated Boy", I'd already have my own Coin!Allen...

The night was frigid, ice nipping at anything akin to exposed flesh, forcing her to pull the loosely woven, white wool shawl tighter around her. It was certainly not her favorite piece of clothing, but the night was too much, and so she could hardly go out on her usual lolita. As much as she loved the skirt and the current fashion, frilly shirts in their soon-to-be trademark eighteen-hundreds fashion, it was simply not enough to protect her from the night air.

The streets were still very damp from the recent rainstorm, puddles forming in the streets and droplets trickling in ominous rhythms off buildings with slanted copper roofs. The eerie double-glow from street lamps and starlight lit the silent street and led the effect of the buildings seeming to lean crookedly, looming in over her onto the street like seeing through a carnival mirror. Bluish light seemed to envelope everything as her silent figure strode down the abandoned street like a ghost.

She turned sharply into an alleyway at the corner, slipping into the glass elevator that was stowed behind the dumpster, hidden away from all of the waking world. It's walls transparent without the oddly positioned light hitting it at the perfect angle. As it was slowly pulled up from a thick steel-woven chord, it seemed as though her feet were being lifted away, up off of the ground.

The sound was that of a horrible groan, long and deep. The chord needed replacing. The wind did not enter as she was toed higher and higher, but her breath still appeared on the fogging glass and she pulled her shawl around again, even tighter. Golden eyes cast around the scape as the ground slowly pulled farther away. It was not an unusual sight for her, but the strange way it was done was slightly unnerving.

Nevertheless, she wasn't going to back up just yet if after months of begging the Earl had finally given her permission, especially not if she had to go home and tell everyone that the way getting there scared her and that was why she didn't go all the way. It would have been so much simpler if she could just make a door appear, but she didn't know the exact location, so she couldn't. Stupid power limitations.

The elevator jolted angrily as it finally came to its slow stop. The doors slid open with a liquid motion worthy of a place of such technological advantages, unlike the elevator. The walls, in all their steel-grayish sternness, were oddly attractive in such a place, with no pictures or plaques on it. The floors were polished redwood in between spaces and gaps of the more common milk-white carpets. Nothing fancy or flashy, as expected. The place had not been build for family comfort, but business.

The moment she entered and felt the warmth of indoors, she allowed the shawl to loosen around her shoulders. A man bustled up to her, hunchbacked and black hair greased and pulled into a low ponytail that hung limply on his back. Thick rimmed glasses enlarged his dull green eyes. His frame was oddly skeletal, and he had the certain look that of a man who was in love with his machines might have.

"Hello, hello," He asked, his voice sounding halfway stale from disuse. She supposed the customers had either declined, which was unlikely as this place was quite popular. More likely, he had some sort of strep, but as long as he didn't pass it to her, she was fine, if not a bit unnerved, with the increased effect the bad voice gave him. "I am Justin Rodrickle,what is your name, my dear customer, and what may I do for you?"

She coughed to clear her throat, hoping her voice would not come out so horribly scratched as his. "Road," She said, slowly gaining the confidence she had lost slightly on the trip over. "Road Camelot. I want a coin-boy."

Rodrickle's eyebrows went up "A coin boy?" He asked, "What would you like him to have?" Road smiled evilly.

"Everything!" She declared happily. Rodrickle's eyes widened even more.

"Miss Camelot, are you completely aware of how much a single, nothing-special coin-boy costs?" He asked. "I hardly think you have enough money for one with everything," He insisted. Most businesses would be fine with having her take it on credit, but he was one of the few who remained who wanted real money. This charging business was much too complicated.

"No sir!" She chanted, "I want a doll with everything, and I have all the money I need with me right now!" Let no one misunderstand, there were plenty of features for coin boys. Or rather, people whom were not real people. Coin boys were life-sized dolls, and they felt like flesh and blood. The features you asked for determined the personality and their abilities.

The features were far ranged from house-workers and entertainers to whores and then the final step to murderers. It really didn't matter to Rodrickle if his creations were executed for something their new owners had done, because after they had been sold, he was no longer connected to them in any way shape or form.

However, that was nothing to say he would ever let one of his customers be dissatisfied with their coin operated boy.

"Actually, I want the best one you have!" She shrieked joyously. Rodrickle chuckled in a soft maniac sort of way. This girl was really in for something if she wanted his prized coin operated boy.

"There is a slight defect with his weapon, Miss," He said, "But if you would like, you may have a trial with my best yet..." His voice was low and almost hissed, but it was filled with such pride and cockiness that it seemed to dare Road to insult this doll of his.

And so, three minutes later, she was in a small room, steel-lined and prepared for whatever she might want to do with this coin-boy that Rodrickle sent in. Sets of weaponry were in one corner and storybooks in the other. Miscellaneous objects from toys to instruments and objects of the unspeakable in the last. It was truly prepared for whatever Road might want to have him do. Anything she might want him to do.

She was slightly ecstatic when he finally came through the other door. According to Rodrickle, what she would see him do today would be nothing compared to when she actually bought him. Coin-operated boys were not given their names for nothing. It took a special token to turn them on completely, and as of now, the boy didn't yet have a coin. Rather, he was on auto-pilot and only a fraction of what he should be.

His white hair was absolutely gorgeous, short and cropped, never growing nor getting cut as his bangs were perfectly parted over his currently-void silver eyes. According to Rodrickle, that would also change when he was complete, but for now, she would have to deal with the unrealistic, emotionless eyes.

There was hardly anything special about his clothes, but on him, they looked absolutely fabulous. His long black pants were tight, pressing into his legs and etching them out perfectly, his shirt a plain white, long-sleeved button-down, but it was folded and twisted slightly in the perfect spots to make him look oddly handsome, and it certainly was alluring that certain spots on the shirt seemed almost as though she could see through them to the handsomely carved chest. Or maybe that was a trick of the wrinkles.

It was all completed with knee-high boots and a blood red ribbon tied in a bow around his neck.

His only so-far seen flaw was the scar on the side of his face, but Rodrickle had explained that away too. The body he had used to create this coin-boy, apparently a boy whom had been about fifteen, had been in an accident, and the process of becoming a coin-boy had simply warped the scar to that particular-looking shape. Road was not complaining in the slightest, in fact she was wondering exactly how she could play with that scar some.

It was so bright a red color she got the feeling she could reach out and touch it, even at this distance, trace it out with her thin fingers, and once he was awake, watch at how his face changed while she did it. Scared and confused, awed and flustered, or perhaps he was more the sluttish type and he would moan at the feeling? Whichever, she was sure she would like it.

He was already near her, his face carved into the same soft smile he had been wearing ever since he had first entered through the other door. He bowed low and sweetly, never taking his eyes off her. The gentlemanly type, apparently. "Good evening, what would you like me to do?"

Road smirked before trotting off to the corner with the weapons piled in them. "Just don't try to be quiet," She said as she picked out a bear-claw and several small daggers. The coin-boy smiled.

"As you wish it."

The screams were like honey.


"So?" Rodrickle asked.

"I want him!" Road cheered gleefully, stepping out of the room covered in blood. The doll's blood, of course. Not only did the screaming sound like honey, his blood tasted sweeter than any sort of candy she had ever tasted. He was still in the other room, his robotic body crippled against the wall, still bleeding the honey-like blood.

Rodrickle smiled in a slightly crooked sort of way. "You get the money ready while I fix him up."

It took nearly ten minutes before the coin operated boy was back to his former glory. Once he was completely awakened, he would heal on his own as long as he didn't have any limbs severed, so Rodrickle advised against that unless she wanted to make a trip back to his store.

His eyes were closed as he was lain against the steel wall, newly fixed and fitted with clothes that weren't torn to shreds. He looked peaceful, as though he were sleeping calmly, and for some reason, Road loved this face just as much as the face twisted in absolute, unearthly pain. Such a beautiful doll, she would love to have him. And it was only fated that she would have him.

Rodrickle handed her a single bronze coin and lifted the doll's head up to show her a slit on the back of his neck. Grinning, she bent down into a position in front of him that he would see her the first thing when he woke up. Carefully, lifting his head, she felt around his neck and located the slit before dropping the coin inside him. There were some soft clunks as he started to work before they all fell silent and his chest rose and fell as though truly taking in breaths.

Road stood and backed up slightly, watching as his eyes opened from an angle, first small slits of silver growing into full eyes. Not the eyes she had seen before but eyes that looked as though they truly came from a person whom had so much soul in him, he had to hold it in his eyes. His head lifted up and he locked his silver eyes with Road's golden ones. Perfect contrast and fit.

"Allen, this is Road. Road is your master now."

The newly named Allen opened his mouth and formed some sort of word. He carefully lifted himself onto his feet and stood up straight, but when Road expected him to bow again, she instead met with a gentle hug and a soft voice whispering in her ear.