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I sighed, frustrated. This was the third time I had entered my locker combo and NOTHING was working.

"Bella!" I heard someone sqeal. I jumped and looked around. There standing outside the biology room was Jessica.

Me and Jessica both go to West View. A huge school for music in southern Calafornia. However, we did have to take mandatory classes, just to have those to put on our applications for college of course.

"What Jess?" I sighed, trying to convey I didnt want to gossip.

She didnt catch it.

"Three words, Bells." Jessica said, using her 'I know something you don't' voice. "New. Hot. Biology. Teacher."

I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it.

I stepped towards her slowly as if to not scare her. I placed my hand gently on her shoudler and looked deep into her eyes.

"Jess," I consoled her softly, "That's three words."

She took a fiery look in her eye. Oh, it was definitley a PMS day.

"I HATE YOU!" She turned to stomp off, but stopped abrubtly.

There, watching us with utter amusement, was the new greek-god of teacher.

How did I know he was a teacher? The name-tag of course.

He had disheveled, messy bronze locks that fell into his gourgous green eyes. He wore a simple button-down shirt and slacks.

"Good Morning Mr..." I hesitated, waiting for him to introduce himself.

"Edward." He said in a velvety smooth voice, I had to stop myself from sighing dreamily. Then I finally comprehended what he said. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm as old as you are, please spare me the formalities." he told me in that same dreamy voice.

Oh Bella, get a hold of yourself I scolded in my mind.

That's when my phone rang.

"Me, I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen, I'm the Best ­-- thing that your eyes have ever seen!" My voice sang from the speaker.

That's what I was here for, my voice. I loved to sing. It was my passion, my life, I pretty much lived for it. I had been singing kareoke at the age of three and by the age of 10 had pretty much mastered the skill perfectly. I sang in a semi-deep, rich voice. I had a band of my own, my two best friends, Rose and Alice, were the other members. I played guitair (acoustic and electric), while Rose sang back up vocals and could pretty much play any instrument you handed her. Alice came up in the back with the drums. Sometimes we teased her about having to sit on phone books to reach the drum set.

I flipped open my phone, realizing I had been lost in my thoughts.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Bella, Have you seen my cousin?"

Oh crap.

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