Just this once

Just this once

Yuki x Shuichi

The living room was filled with the constant clicking of the laptop's keyboard being pressed repeatedly.

The lighting was dim and a dark aroma of coffee smothered the room Yuki sighed as he took yet another break from his typing and litted his third cigarette that day.

He blew a stream of smoke into the air.

He sighed once again, and walked over to the fridge to grab a beer. Yuki placed the cold, metallic can against his forehead, trying to make his headache disappear.

A click of a lock emanated from the front door. He rolled his eyes, knowing who it was.


The door burst open and nearly tore off the hinges as an excited singer waltzed in dramatically. "I'm home!" Shuichi called out enthusiastically.

Yuki immediately sat back down at his desk, not paying any attention to his boyfriend. "Y-U-K-I!" Shuichi sang as he skipped over to Yuki.

"Quiet, I'm working." He warned.

Shuichi didn't pay any attention to Yuki's statement and continued to squeeze his lover. "Take a break. I feel like snuggling." Shuichi said in a cutesy voice.

Yuki snorted. "I don't care, I'm busy. Move." He said.

Shuichi sighed and walked over to the couch and deflated. Yuki glanced over to the depressed blob and sighed. Guilt was already taking it's toll.

But he had to beat his deadline, so he continued working.

He was working now, completely lost in his work that is before he heard the noise.


"Shit." He thought. Okay, he knew he hadn't been giving Shuichi any attention for the past couple of days, and that he had been yelling at him more.

He hadn't slept in two says so his temper had worsened considerably.


Damn brat. He saved his work on his computer and closed his laptop as he turned off.

Shuichi was still laying on the couch with a dark and depressing aura resonating from him. Yuki walked over to the angsting teen, and wrapped his arms around said singer's waist.

"Shu-i-chi." He whispered in the teen's ear, pronouncing each syllable. Shuichi yelped, and jumped a little. "Yu-Yuki!" He shrieked.

Yuki removed his bundle of love and settled him on his broad chest.

"Oh Yuki!" The pop god squealed. "Shut up." He placed a gentle kiss on Shuichi's pink lips and hugged him closer to his body.

He continued sending butterfly kisses down his lovers collar bone.

Shuichi moaned wantonly. "Damn brat."

Yuki growled. Just this once, he'd be nice to Shuichi.

Just this once.