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vroom vroom.


This place was a boner waiting to happen. Girls in short, tight, barely-there clothing. Bright eyeshadow, bright lips, teased hair. They danced and smiled, kissed and flirted. And best of all, they brought you food.

When Cartman dragged Stan, Kenny, and "the jew rat fag", Kyle, to Raisens to straighten him out, well, Stan didn't have to try and imagine the level of uncomfort he felt, because his own level was pretty high. Why? Well, that was a good question.

"Hi! Welcome to Raisens, i'm Ferari! How can I like, help you?"

"Why hello," Cartman began, all business-like he was about to make a proposal. "This guy needs a ton of chicks all over him. Not only is he a jew rat--"

Beside him, a 'fatass' was hissed viciously.

"but he is also gay."

Suddenly, a swarm of girls crowded around, saying things like, "Aww, that's terrible," and, "You poor thing." and Kyle was dragged off, his captives leaving behind a mist of hairspray and hot wings.

Over in the corner, a girl reached down, ass visible and pert and Stan wondered why his fireman wasn't sounding the alarm.


"We're doing a good thing here Stan, ridding the world of evil!"

Stan nodded slowly and side-stepped away from the mad-talking boy.

"Uh, no more." Kyle would insist.

"Aww, just one more." The girls would beg and stuff another fiery chicken wing in between his lips.

"By giving him gas?" Stan turned to the heavier boy.

"Well, of course, after that passes."

Kyle looked ready to puke and Stan did too, when that 'Porsche' girl, rested her hand on Kyle's thigh.


Cartman and Kenny had went home with their girls and so Stan and Kyle walked home.

"You straigtened out now?" Stan asked, fingners fidgety in his pockets.

"Not. Even. Close."

"Good." Stan leaned over and kissed Kyle square on the mouth, hands in his pockets, akward angle.

Sound the alarm, there's a fire outside of the bar, 'Raisins.'


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