Disclaimer: I do not own Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl).

it's sad that this anime isn't more popular... For my poetry workshop class, we had to write an In-The-Moment poem. I wrote this, inspired by Jigoku Shoujo. It does not, however, have to directly pull from the anime. It was merely inspired by it :)

償い (Tsunugai)

By: Chi Yagami

The dirt dries down and the dust blows

Ruffled flowers moan the color of april,

Your piercing eyes gaze with no thought

Bright and red and they stare straight into my soul

You speak the words I dare not to hear

A gentle thrust, flick of the wrist

Your bracelet jingles in the dying wind

The flowers sweep the air with thick colors

Has death ever looked so sweet? So innocent…

Perhaps it is time to die.

The sky has darkened, the dirt has fallen

I stare into your eyes, protuberant cherries

But you continue to gaze ahead as if nothing changed

Nothing changed, nothing matters to you…

Yet you brought me here, to this dark world

Your hands move the oar back and forth

We slowly sail into the darkness, my ragged breath scrapes the silence

So this is what remorse feels like…

You continue to row the boat toward the gate

I grasp the edge, looking into the water for the first time

And I see faces, many faces… I'm sorry.

I'm sorry! Please, take me back!

I beg and plead to you, pounding my fist on the wood

You look at me with unchanging eyes

And your bracelet jingles still

But you say nothing. You feel nothing.

Tiny, fragile, you're exquisite.

How many others have been here?

How many before me? How many have stared into the eyes of the angel of hell

such as I am?

You will be the last thing I see, as you ferry me across the water

How many souls are you burned into? How many more will you spark?

We've reached the gate, sweat runs down my brow

We're parting now, never to meet again.

The jingle of your bells will forever ring in my head

You turn with a flick of your wrist, your flowers, your bells…

No! Don't leave me here! I cry, reaching for the boat

You see nothing, hear nothing, continue to row away

My arms are caught in a fiery grip, the flesh burning…

You and your boat and your flowers and bells

I cling to them and burn the memories with my body

The fires of hell consume me and your bracelet rings still…

This is vengeance.