Chapter 1

Gregor was sitting on an airplane thinking about how much he was going to miss New York. He was headed to Virginia this year. He would miss his friends, mostly Luxa, Vikus, and Ripred, from the Underland. He had drifted apart from his Overland friends, he was too preoccupied with saving an entire world that existed underneath New York. Luxa especially, the fourteen year old Gregor had developed a bit of a crush on her… Oh who was he kidding, he liked her a LOT. However his parents and his younger sister Lizzie were absolutely terrified of the Underland, they hated the giant cockroaches, bats, rats, and ants that populated the exceedingly brutal terrain of the Underland outside of the city Regalia, where the humans dwelled.

Gregor had been integral in several prophesies made by the man who had founded the underground colony, Bartholomew of Sandwich. But now 'The Warrior' was dead, Gregor couldn't say that he would miss having to fight all the time, but he would certainly miss the company. He wished he had a photograph of Ares. His bond had died protecting Gregor from the snowy white Bane, giving Gregor the very chance he needed to strike him down. He would always feel an ache in his heart for his lost companion. He was glad he had a picture of Luxa though, he knew that the likelihood of his ever seeing her again were very slim.

"Would you like something to drink?" a chirpy stewardess's voice interrupted his musings. "Yeah, sure, a root beer," she poured it for him and handed it to him with a smile. "Thanks" he said. His family had gotten last minute flight tickets, after UPSing their stuff ahead of him. His parents were terrified that another summons like the ones that the rats had given would arrive before they could depart. Gregor was sitting apart from the rest of his family. His mom was only next to Boots because a nice lady had switched seats with her. It was odd, he couldn't even drink a root beer without being plagued by thoughts of the Underland, he had brought one with him in the Prophecy of the Grey quest.

"Prepare for landing, we will be reaching Roanoke Regional Airport in ten minutes," blared the loudspeakers as the voice of the pilot announced their arrival.

After landing Gregor grabbed his bag and headed to the front of the plane. He reached the gate, number M5 to find his family of five, plus his Grandmother waiting for him to arrive. Everyone looked exhausted. His mother's hair was wild, as if she had just woken up, Boots was asleep in her arms. Lizzie was leaning against a wall, her head tipped back and her eyes closed. His dad's clothing was rumpled and his eyes were bloodshot as he attempted a smile. Grandma was sitting on Lizzie's rolling suitcase, her favorite quilt wrapped around her frail shoulders. Gregor took Boots, and they set out towards baggage claim.

They arrived at Aunt Lillian's house at about nine o' clock. They weren't hungry; they had stopped at McDonalds and gotten everyone something to eat. Aunt Lillian, Uncle Jason, and Matt, their son, welcomed them. Well maybe Matt was a little too preoccupied with his X-Box to be very welcoming, but Aunt Lillian showed everyone where they would be sleeping, while Uncle Jason pulled out the hide-a-bed for Gregor's parents. Gregor was borrowing Matt's sleeping bag and would be sleeping on the floor of his room until the family could find another apartment. Lizzie and Grandma would be sharing the guest room, which had a bunk bed, and Boots would sleep on Lizzie's bunk with her.

It was lucky that neither Boots nor Lizzy were afraid of heights because it was the top bunk that they would be sharing. Grandma had to get the bottom bunk because she might need to use the facilities during the night.

At ten o clock everyone was in bed. It was the first day of school the next day and even Matt wanted to be well rested so he could look his best in front of girls he hadn't seen all summer. Gregor's family was just tired. As Gregor drifted off to dreamland he had a vague thought, what would happen the next day, his cousin lived in a fairly small town, it would be interesting trying to make friends, especially since he couldn't tell anyone about one of the biggest parts of his life, the Underland. Gregor slept.