Update (6th February, 2014):

Dear readers, I would like to preface this story by warning you that some content may be upsetting or disturbing in regards to topics such as abuse, rape, and non-consensual sex. There is no suicide or self-harm in this story. Though it is intended as a drama/comedy and ultimately a love story, I did write the majority of it when I was quite young, and I did not have much of an understanding of what I was really writing about and how it might affect other people. I just wanted to share this story. It's not realistic, it's not always well-written, and it's certainly not logical. But if you read it I hope you enjoy it. Only love.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

For the first time in her life Hermione Granger was speechless.

'I…um…well -' Ron squeezed her hand reassuringly and smiled encouragingly.

'It's okay,' he told her, 'I'd never make you do anything you weren't comfortable with.'

Hermione smiled gratefully and breathed a sigh of relief, but she knew deep down that Ron didn't completely mean that. Of course he would never force her into anything, but they had been dating for over six months now. Like any boy, Ron was growing impatient.

'It's not that I don't want to. It's just…well...' Ron shushed her gently.

'You're a virgin, I know.' Hermione couldn't help blushing a little at his words. How did everyone seem to know about her current state of…well…purity?

'I'll make it special for you,' Ron leaned in to kiss her and she returned the kiss happily. He really was a wonderful boyfriend. He was still Ron, of course, clumsy and insensitive at times. But he treated her with a tenderness she'd never felt before.

Things became more heated as they fell back onto Hermione's bed where they had been sitting and their kissing became fiercer, as if they both had something to prove to each other. Ron's hands roamed over the curves of her body, stroking her hip slowly, and Hermione let out a little shudder of delight. She pulled his face closer and kissed along his neck, nibbling at his ear in a way that she knew he couldn't resist. And sure enough, Ron let out a low moan and Hermione felt his full weight as he pressed himself on top of her, wanting to be closer.

It was times like this that she wanted to just let go of all of her reservations and give herself to him. But she wanted their first time to be memorable and precious and not some cold, miserable winter night in a creaky little room at the Leaky Cauldron over Christmas break. With that in mind, Hermione forced herself to pull away.

'Ron, it's getting late.' he groaned against her neck in reply and continued kissing his way slowly down to the opening of her shirt. 'Tom will be up to check on us soon .'

At the mention of this Ron groaned again and with great effort pulled his face away from Hermione's chest, rolling back on her bed in disappointment.

'I forgot about him.' he muttered darkly. Hermione rolled over and rested her head on his shoulder.

'He's just doing his job.'

'He's being bloody nosey, that's what he's doing! I swear, ever since Mum found out we were staying here he's been on our case non-stop!'

'She's just looking out for us.' Hermione felt she should stand up for Mrs Weasley, although she also found it irritating the way that she couldn't let them have some peace without butting in.

'I swear, once we've finished school we'll get a little place somewhere that she can't find us for once! We're both of age, she can't stop us.' Hermione made soothing noises to try and quieten him as his rant continued, getting louder and louder.

'Shh, Ron. I think I hear Tom coming.' they both lay in silence as the unmistakeable sound of footsteps ascending the stairs met their ears. Ron quickly jumped off the bed and ran for the door, raising his eyebrows to Hermione to say good night as he clicked it shut behind him. She could hear him tiptoeing down the hall to his own room, which he had reluctantly accepted on Tom's (in other words, Mrs Weasley's) insistence.

As Tom's footsteps faded away, Hermione lay on her back and sighed deeply. Her heart was still beating fast from Ron's touch and she hadn't wanted it to stop despite the threat of Mrs Weasley hovering over them. It had felt so good to kiss him, to feel his body against hers. He made her feel so feminine, the way his body was so much bigger than hers - his rippling muscles and broad shoulders. She couldn't get them out of her head. She wanted to feel them again, stroke his back, touch his stomach.

Hermione sat up. Why shouldn't she? Suddenly, her idea of waiting for the perfect moment just seemed ridiculous. Getting up, she stripped off her dorky tracksuit pants and slipped on a skirt, despite the freezing cold. Before she had time to hesitate Hermione crossed her bedroom and reached the door, listening for anyone outside. After a moment, she pulled it open and made her way down the corridor in the dark, feeling her way. Ron's room was just a few down from hers, she knew exactly where it was. The wall was cool against her fingers, which felt as though they were on fire along with the rest of her body.

She found a doorknob. Taking a deep breath to chase away any of her remaining doubts, Hermione pushed the door open and shut it quickly behind her. The room was almost pitch black but Hermione could just make out the shape of Ron's torso as he sat up quickly in bed.

'What the-' his voice sounded low and hoarse as he reached for the light switch. Hermione hurried forward and took his reaching hand in hers before he blinded them both with the light.

'Shh…it's just me,' she whispered.

'What the hell are you d-' Hermione pressed a finger against his lips to shush him.


'Shh,' Hermione cut him off again. 'I want to do this.'

Ron seemed to relax only slightly, but before she could contemplate this Hermione pushed him gently back down onto the bed and straddled him, pulling the sheets over them both. His chest was bare and Hermione marvelled at the smoothness of his skin as she ran her hands over his hard stomach. Ron let out the smallest moan and Hermione only then realised how stiff he had been as she felt him relax.

Leaning down, she planted a sweet kiss onto his lips and he responded slowly as if he hadn't been expecting it. Slowly, she lowered her mouth again and kissed him deeper, trying to put all of her desires into this one kiss. Ron got the message, because he cupped her face and pulled her closer so that she was lying on top of him. Suddenly, he pulled away again.

'Wait, what are you doing?'

'You know…' Hermione kissed him again, and this time Ron didn't protest.

Their kissing became more urgent, more passionate, and Hermione couldn't remember Ron ever kissing her this well before. It was like he had taken on a whole new personality. Gone was the clumsy, unsure Ron that usually kissed her timidly, as if he had to ask for permission. This was a Ron that went after what he wanted and made no move to hide it. His kisses were pleasurably rough and made Hermione feel as if he couldn't live another second without having her. The way he softly bit her lip made Hermione shiver all over. Her lips moved against his more forcefully and his tongue gently massaged her own.

Hermione wanted more. She moved her hips in a circular motion, grinding against him to communicate what she wanted. Ron let out a deep, deep moan and Hermione felt something hard pressing against her thigh. Ron reached down to pull off her shirt, not bothering with the buttons. His large hands roamed over her tiny stomach, moving slowly up to her breasts. He ran his thumbs over her nipples, feeling them easily through the flimsy fabric of her bra. They became hard at his touch and Hermione's breath quickened. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, letting the straps drop off her shoulders. She threw it away from her and Ron's hands quickly found her full, soft breasts, his warm hands cupping them gently.

Hermione couldn't take much more teasing. Again she grinded against him, harder this time, and with one hand she reached behind her and gently stroked his erection through his boxers. Ron let out a gasp and grabbed Hermione by the waist, trying to force her skirt off. Hermione slid it up her torso slowly, making him wait for it, and pulled it over her head where she discarded it on the floor. Ron's hands immediately gripped her panties, pushing them down urgently. He reached down to kick off his boxers while Hermione lifted herself off of him momentarily to pull her panties off, and once they had joined her skirt and bra she was completely exposed and vulnerable.

For a moment they both waited in silence. Hermione didn't know what to do next; she expected him to take the lead now. But Ron did nothing. Then in the darkness he spoke.

'You're beautiful,' he breathed in that same low voice. Hermione couldn't help but blush. She felt so exposed and small before him. Ron didn't waste another second. This time grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her towards him and at the same time that their naked bodies met so did their lips. Hermione moaned into his mouth, not believing that this was the same man she had been kissing not long ago in her own room. His lips seemed rougher, but she liked it, and in comparison her own were soft and bruised by his strong kisses.

Ron's hand snaked its way down her side and slid through a gap between their bodies, seeking out her moist opening. With one finger he stroked her gently, and Hermione gasped loudly at the sudden wetness she felt rushing between her legs. Ron's finger slowly worked its way along her slit and Hermione moved against him, trying to push him inside. Finally, he slid his fingers inside of her and Hermione groaned, her nails digging into him so hard he let out a grunt of pain.

Ron's fingers moved in and out, Hermione rocking gently against him as she was overcome by these feelings she'd never felt before. When this was no longer enough, Hermione reached down and grabbed his erection with more force this time. Ron was impossibly hard, and he was making a low moaning sound in his throat as he gripped her by the hips and gently guided her over his manhood. For a second, he hesitated.

'Are you sure?' he asked her.

Hermione wanted to scream, she couldn't bear another moment's wait.

'Yes,' she gasped, surprised at the low, rasping sound of her own voice, 'Make love to me!'

Slowly, Ron lowered Hermione onto his manhood. Hermione was gripping his arms tightly, suddenly afraid of the pain that was to come. She bit her lip as Ron pushed himself skywards, letting him fill her completely, and a yell escaped her as a sharp pain shot through her body. But as soon as it had come it was gone, and she felt only pleasure having Ron inside of her, taking her finally. Belonging to him.

'Are you ok?' Ron whispered. His breath was ragged and he was holding her tightly, moving her against him.

'Ye…' Hermione could barely get the words out in her ecstasy, 'Ye- oh!'

She let out another moan as Ron thrust deeper into her, hitting a spot inside her that sent waves of pleasure through her body.

She lay herself down across his chest and Ron, holding her tightly, rolled her over so that he was on top. He pushed her legs further apart and then slowly pushed himself in and out of her tight, wet opening, making her gasp at every movement. Hermione's nails raked across his back and Ron moaned into her ear. Overcome with passion, Hermione caught his mouth with her own and they kissed deeply, sensually, as they made love to one another slowly.

It was more amazing than Hermione had ever imagined it would be. Ron's body felt better than usual, his every muscle taught and popping with exertion. The feel of his skin against hers made Hermione feel feverish, and the way he moved in and out of her, holding her close, made her feel so delicate and vulnerable. She loved it. She loved him.

Ron's pace began to quicken as he whispered into her ear, 'I'm coming!'

Hermione didn't know what this would feel like. As his seed began to fill her she gasped in surprise and delight at its warmth. His urgency grew again as his strokes became harder, hitting that spot inside her that made her want to scream in pleasure. Her whole body began to shake and she didn't understand what was happening except it was the best feeling in the world. Ron couldn't contain a yell as her nails dug into his hips, leaving tiny cuts behind them. Hermione never wanted it to stop, though as Ron began to slow down she realised how incredibly spent and satisfied she was.

Letting out a satisfied sigh, Ron rolled off Hermione and lay next to her, panting heavily. Hermione cuddled up to him and smiled dazedly. She couldn't believe they'd finally done it - and it had been incredible. She wanted to do it again and again. These were the last thoughts that Hermione remembered as she drifted off to sleep in his arms…