Memoirs of Rain

Memoirs of Rain

Alone, I strolled down the empty streets in Neo Domino as the rain poured down. Streetlights flickered as I passed by them one by one. Some of the lights died out. The buildings were dreary as there were no shadows or life roaming inside.

Icy cold drops showering upon me; dripping from my raven bangs. Streams of water trailed down my cheeks to my neck. My clothes soaked to my skin; fingers and toes were numb…. but I kept walking.

How long have I been walking in this rain?

I stopped as I spotted five children playing a few distance away; splashing into the puddles. It reminded me of my childhood. I thought back when we played in the rain in my hometown: splashing into the puddles and mud fights. It was just Nerve, Blitz, Taka, Jack, and I.

I snapped out of my thoughts when a girl cried after tripping and spraying her ankle. Is she okay? A boy and another girl helped her up and took her home. I watched them with a smile of relief. That girl reminded me of my clumsy self. I slipped on the slippery road, spraying my ankle in the process. My friends were there as I cried in pain; they comforted me as they took me home.

"Yusei, there you are."

I turned around to meet….. "Izayoi…"

"We've been looking for you for hours, worrying over you sick!" she chided.


"Mou…. and you didn't even bring an umbrella." She frowned. "Anyway, let's get you out of this rain before you catch…."


"…. a cold….see you should have brought an umbrella with you."

I huddled myself and my teeth chattered in response to the cold.

"Yusei, you're shivering and you look so pale."

Aki walked up to me and offered shelter under her maroon umbrella. She linked her arm with mine, then we head towards Rua and Ruka's mansion.


I borrowed a gray sweatshirt and navy blue sweat pants. I once again huddled myself, curled into fetal position as I sat on the couch. I was wrapped in a cotton sky blue blanket, still cold even after a hot bath. I still felt the numbness in my toes. The raindrops hitting hard on the windowpane didn't help much.


"Here, have some hot tea." Aki handed me the cup and I took it in gratitude. I took a sip. She sat next to me.


"A little…" My heart skipped a beat when I felt her wet, but soft lips pressed against my cheek.



I felt her warmth seep into me as she snuggled against my chest with no hesitation. I heard a slight chuckle from her.

"You're heart is beating fast," she said teasingly as she wrapped her arms around my waist. "In a good way." She used to hate me because of my dragon birthmark. As time passed ever since the Fortune Cup, I suddenly had this feeling towards her that I can't explain; it's something new.

Unconsciously, I rubbed my hand against her soft fuchsia hair, trailing my fingers against single strings. Then I trailed down her fragile bare neck as she moaned a little. I wrapped my arm around her soft and smooth bare shoulders. She looked comfortable. She wore a cotton/polyester yellow green sweater that slightly hung over her shoulders. The sweater showed some of her curves. Her capris jeans also showed the shape of her legs.

"The rain brings many memories; but watching the rain with someone special makes the moment more memorable," she said softly.

We stayed in our position as we watched the rain pouring until we fell asleep in each other's arms by the rain's lullaby.


"I hope this was okay…my first Yugioh 5d's fic; but not the first that was planned. Did that make sense?"

Rua- "Yusei and Aki sitting in a tree….K-I-S-S-I-N-G….first comes love, second comes marriage, third is the one….OW!"

Ruka- "Okay…Rua, that's enough…." (pulling his ear)

Rua- "Owowowowowowowoww!! Ruka!"

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Rua- (rubbing his ear) "Itai……Read…..and Review……"