17. Home again, home again, lickety-split.


It was very weird feeling like I'd only slept for a few hours, when I'd been in a life-threatening state for months! Actually, it wasn't weird, it was disorientating. Dad told me about everything. He even explained to me what he'd done. I could see that as he spoke about his relapse, he wasn't proud at all. Some of the things he spoke of made me flinch, but I honoured my father's honesty. We started chatting about the weather, mum, Mikey's pregnancy scare – which turned out to be false – and pretty much anything. Turns out that dad had written a song about this entire incident! The conversation had made me feel so cheerful, especially when dad told me I'd be able to leave in two days! Then he dropped a bombshell on me.

"Jadis, darling," he held my hand, but avoided my eyes, "after this incident, even if your mother agreed to let you stay with me, I wouldn't let you. It's not that I don't trust you, or anything! I do. I don't trust myself enough. I know, 'I shouldn't blame myself,' but I do, and I don't want you to get hurt again."

"No." I whispered. I didn't want to leave my dad! Sure, I'd been in Jersey for months, but I hadn't really been here. Not consciously.

"I need to do what's right for you. I'm sure it'll also save your mother a lot of worry," he finally looked into my eyes, and placed a hand on my cheek. "Jay, I swear she'll go grey if you're away from her any longer."

"She already is grey!"

"That's not very nice!" But we both laughed all the same.

Two days later, I finally left the hospital. I drove home with dad in silence. He only said one thing, and that was that Matt had confessed to beating me, and was currently receiving his sentence. I felt relieved that my attacker had been found. It had been a nightmare not being able to remember anything from that day. We arrived home in a solemn style. I went to the room I'd shared with Bob, packed my things, returned to the entry hall.

"Look, Jay, I don't exactly love this idea either, but I'm doing this for you! You could at least try to not be so…well, like you're at a funeral!" My father blurted, finally reaching boiling point at my mood. What did he expect? I loved him! I loved his music. I loved that he was my father. I loved the feeling of finally having a complete family again (even if it was technically not together). The fact was: I enjoyed having a mother and a father.

"How do you want me to act?" I snapped, "Like the perfect daughter? News flash, daddy, I'm not! I'm the girl who grew up teased, bullied, thrown in the corner, and with a broken family! I've been through a fucking lot of shit, and I'm not even sixteen!" I took a deep breath, then continued in a more patronizing tone, "You abandoned me once, why did I think you wouldn't do it again? How stupid of me." I smiled seductively, but the grin was full of venom.


"Relax! She's leaving, you don't want to her to remember you as an asshole." Mikey told Gerard, putting a hand on his shoulder to restrain him.

"Too late," I whispered to myself. "Listen to your brother, dad." I said loudly, for everyone to hear.

"Watch your sass, miss," mum scolded, entering the room.

"Well it doesn't help that you're making me leave the other part of me again!" I yelled at her.

"That's quite enough out of you!" Mum grabbed my arm and dragged me outside. The entire time my body shrieking in pain. "Sit in the car until I return. You better think about what you've done!" Mum slammed the door, and locked me inside. She then returned to the house.

"You better think about what you've done!" I mimicked, making stupid faces and rude signs at her back. After about twenty minutes, mum finally came back, and got in the car. She shoved a packet of painkillers into my lap, and sped out of the street, before I could even wave goodbye. I took my dose of drugs – not that it really helped – and stared out my window. I only realized something wasn't right, when we bordered a plane heading to Los Angeles.

"Um, mum?" I mumbled, awkwardly breaking the silence, "this plane isn't going to Australia." I pointed out.

"Who said we were going to Australia?" Mum asked me in a smart-ass tone – no doubt due to me earlier behaviour. I didn't say anything, "For your information, Ms. Know-it-all, we aren't flying back to Australia. I understand how hard it is for you to live without your father, so I've bought an apartment in Los Angeles. Gerard will be moving back to his house there soon enough. We'll be living merely five blocks away." I stared at my mum, dumbfounded. She pulled out a book to end the conversation. I listened to my iPod for a while, accepting that mum wouldn't talk anymore. I think a couple of people recognized me, but nothing to cause uproar. I couldn't believe mum had done something like this for me! It was amazing, and so incredibly sweet. Now I would never have to miss my dad. I wouldn't have to hide my love for My Chemical Romance. I wouldn't have to secretly practice guitar. All this for me, after I'd been such a bitch prior!

When we landed in LA, mum helped me off the plane; we retrieved the few bags we had, then jumped in a taxi. My body was constantly crying out in pain, but I ignored it. The taxi pulled up at an apartment building after about twenty minutes. We lagged ourselves up to our new home. It was almost midnight by now, and I was utterly exhausted. Mum flicked a light on, and I gasped when I saw my room: all my belongings where there. Every one of my posters, shirts...everything!

"Welcome home, Jadis." Mum said, smiling.

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