What the hell did her brother think of himself

Summary: Ginny Weasley was furious. Seamus Finninagin was the third boy her brother had rushed away from her since the year started. She was 15 for Merlin's sake and they treated her like a two year old! So what does our Gryffindor princess do? She comes up with a revenge plan... A plan to blow the daylights out of her brother... A plan which meant Draco Malfoy to be her pretend boyfriend...D/G

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What the hell did her brother think of himself! How dare he act like she was a child!! She was 15 years for Merlin's sake! But no, Ronald fucking Weasley could not get that single fact cleared in his head!! She could not believe that he actually did a leg locker curse on Seamus Finninagin for asking her about Hogsmede weekend. He had not even asked her out for heaven's sake!!

"I am going to kill Ronald Weasley and that bitch Hermione he roams around with... It was as if they had nothing to do except boss her around and "protect her". Surprisingly Harry did not do it. Maybe because he was to busy trying to save the world." Ginvera Weasley thought angrily as she made her way to the girl's washroom. Maybe she could talk to Myrtle about it. But even that was no use and she knew it. Myrtle, although was a ghost, was a huge fan of Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter, just like her so-called best friends Luna, Colin and Laura. Luna worshipped the ground Ron walked on while Colin worshipped Harry. Yes she would admit that even she used to do the same until the Yule Ball in her third year when she finally sodded off her goody-goody image, dumped Neville at the Ball and went out with a Dumstrang student instead. And over the last year she had changed dramatically. She was no longer the shy, can't-manage-to-speak-a-word-in-Harry-Potter's-presence Ginny. She spoke her mind, went on dates, and would have probably even lost her virginity by now if it weren't for her overprotective brother. She had also grown up and developed a body. She was 5'5, not thin as a stick like other girls, had curves in the right places and her red hair was now nice and curly as opposed to the straight as a board hair she had before. But she still could not fucking go out with a guy without her brother blowing his head off. And he was going to pay for it.

Lost in her thoughts she did not notice the other very angry, pissed off hormonal teenage boy coming from the other direction and WHAM!!

They both collapsed into each other with Ginny landing on top of the boy. As she tried to get up, she slipped once more, fell again, and found herself looking into the gray eyes of none other Draco Malfoy. As their eyes met Ginny could see a burning rage in his eyes, very similar to her own. His eyes moved over her going from her chest up and she could practically feel herself burning under his gaze, which now moved from her curves to her private parts. Suddenly he came back to his senses, pushed her off him roughly and stood up.

"Weasel, watch where you are going. Do you realize that you spoiled robes worth 10 galleons? Obviously you don't because that is more then what your father can earn in a lifetime."

"Malfoy, its time you get something more original. It's always the same old insults everyday! Poor weasel, Muggle-lover Weasel, Mudblood-lover Weasel, Potter-worshipping Weasel. Don't you get bored of them? I know I do." Ginny replied back, standing up and look directly into his eyes. She was not scared of him and she was going to show him that.

"Has the little weasel finally gotten guts?" He smirked.

"The little weasel has had guts since she was born Malfoy. I didn't know you could be so blind and dimwitted."

"Well unfortunately for you weasel, I have better things to do then notice you." He said, shocked at her confidence. He never knew that the little weasel was so fiery and quick-witted, unlike her brother who could never say anything intelligent. At times her brother could be more clueless then Crabbe and Goyle, which in itself is an achievement.

"Well considering the way you were looking at me, I have to disagree with that." She replied back.

"You are wrong Weasel. A Malfoy would never look at a Weasel in any way that wasn't disgust." Malfoy smirked, enjoying the fight.

"Malfoy... Weasel..." Suddenly an idea clicked into her mind. An idea of revenge that would piss of her brother, Harry and Hermione more than they had ever been pissed off before.

"Malfoy what is your favorite pastime?" Ginny asked him, already knowing his reply and formulating a plan in her brain. 'Oh he just had to agree to this! Please Malfoy Please!' She begged secretly in her mind.

"Well picking on the first years and pissing off the Gryffindors as much as I can." He replied, curious as to why she was asking him this.

"Well do you want to help me piss off the Golden Trio?" She asked quickly.

"Golden Trio? As in Potter, Granger and your brother right?" He asked, his curiosity rising.

"Yeah. So will you help me?" She asked, excitement growing in her body. If there was one guy who wasn't scared of Ron and Harry, it was Malfoy. And if there was one guy who wanted to piss them off as much as she did, it was Malfoy.

"What do you have in mind Weasel? And why would you do something to piss off the Golden Trio? Aren't you supposed to be worship the ground Potter walks on?" He asked.

"Malfoy I thought we already discussed this, I am extremely bored with your same old insults. They're completely uncreative! And for your information I hate all three of them more then you ever could, especially my brother. They always act like I can't take care of myself, and my brother still acts like I'm four years old! Not to mention I hate that mudblood for acting like my mother!" Ginny spat the word Mudblood like Draco usually did surprising both Draco and herself. She never knew that she had so much hatred inside her.

"So what's the plan?" He asked surprised by the little girl's. Of course she was no longer a little girl, something the whole school clearly hadn't realized before this year, including Draco.

"You have to pretend to be my boyfriend. That would blow the daylights out of my brother's head and the others." She said, folding her arms. She was trying to appear confident but it was clearly evident that she was very nervous.

He seemed to be shocked by what she said but he quickly recovered and replied, "And why do you think I would agree to that Weasel?"

"Umm, because you want to piss off my brother and Harry, and it would shock the whole school." Ginny said biting her lower lip, not trying to appear confident any longer. She was nervous as hell.

Draco considered the idea for a few minutes. "Well weasel the idea is good but what would I get out of the bargain? It seems to me that this situation would be more beneficial for you than me."

"And why would you think that Malfoy?" Ginny asked.

"Because you would get to be Malfoy's pretend girlfriend. You would be the envy of every girl in Hogwarts and you would be on the arms of the best guy in Britain. What else could a girl want?" He boasted as she started pretending to puke.

"Umm, maybe for you to shut the hell up and tell me whether you agree to the plan or not?" Ginny asked, praying that he would say yes.

Draco seemed to think for a second. It would definitely be worth it to see Weasley's and Potter's reaction, not to mention his father's rage. And he would get to explore the little weasel more something he would immensely enjoy.

"Well weasel, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, I agree to your plan." Draco said smirking as Ginny released her breath and smiled.

"Don't be so happy Weasley, I'm not your real boyfriend and never will be." Draco said, his famous smirk plastered on his face.

"Good thing, cause I don't want you to be my real boyfriend, Malfoy. So, when do we put the plan into action?" She asked as the smile stayed on her face, making her look more beautiful then she already was.

"Tomorrow I guess. But if you get killed, don't expect me to rescue you."

"Ok, so we will meet outside the great hall tomorrow, ok?" Ginny said, too excited to reply to his taunts. She couldn't wait to see her brother's, Granger's and Potter's reactions to this.

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