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Ron spent the entire way back to the common room muttering under his breath. As soon as they walked through the portrait hole, he screamed into the empty room.


"Ron, don't worry, I am sure something is wrong with Ginny. She would never willingly date Malfoy. She's probably under imperious curse or something." Harry said, extremely shocked by what was happening.

"Yeah, that has to be right. I think you should owl your mother, and Harry and I will go to Dumbledore and speak to him about this." Hermione stated.

"Yes. Yes, that's what we'll do. Good idea Mione. I'll write to mum right now. Can I borrow your quill?" He asked her.

"Yeah, sure," she said, pointing to it on the table across the room.

Harry and Hermione headed out the portrait hole, and made their way to Dumbledore's office. They had to get to the bottom of this. They had to save Ginny.

"Malfoy can't we figure this out later? I am going to be late for potions and just because Snape will let you get away with almost anything, doesn't mean he'll grant the same kind of mercy to me," Ginny replied. Draco was irritating her to no end, yet was apparently too busy on mapping up their plan to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Weasel, if you want to blow the daylights out of your brother then you did better pay attention." Draco said, not looking up.

"Malfoy, I'm gonna get a detention, and I fail to see how that would help us piss off our families."

"Just tell Snape you were with me." He replied, his eyes still on the map in front of him. This stupid weasel wasn't letting him concentrate on his plan. He had never intended on becoming so involved in this whole relationship, but after he realized how much fun it was going to be, he just couldn't wait to do it again.

"What? Oh yeah, like that'll work."

Of course the stupid Weasel wouldn't let him concentrate on anything. Why wouldn't she stop bothering him? This was partly her plan too anyway. She should be helping!

'Ok Draco, chill. Just ignore her.' He thought, trying to calm himself down. He gritted his teeth and ignored her. But she was definitely not used to being ignored and had no intentions of getting used to it either. So she asked him again and again and finally he looked up at her.

"Weasel shut up! You still have bloody 5 minutes left before the bloody class even begins. This will only take a couple minutes to plan out, so instead of bothering me, do you think you could help?"

"So you admit that Malfoy's need help sometimes?" She smirked at him.

"Why do you even care, Weasel? Now let's go through this one more time. The password of the Gryffindor common room is Dumbledore's Army?" He asked for the millionth time.

"No Malfoy, the password is The Boy Who Lived." She replied sarcastically.

"Weasel you bloody..." He wanted to strangle her. Why couldn't she just give him a simple yes or no?

"Asshole?" She offered with his smirk plastered on her face.

Yes, his smirk. She was wearing his bloody smirk. That was the last straw. He would show her what the price was for annoying the bloody hell out of him and then using his smirk against him. Using a quick hex he had learned earlier that year he caused the water from the table to levitate above her head before splashing down, soaking her all the way through.

"AHHHHH!" She screamed loudly, the water making her curly hair straight. "MALFOY ARE YOU MAD?"

The water had soaked her thoroughly, getting her cloths, hair, and almost every inch of her skin drenched. Satisfied, he returned to his plans once more, stupidly thinking that Ginny wouldn't respond to his actions.

She cast a charm, not as quietly as the one Draco had cast, and suddenly a hive of honeybees flew from the tip of her wand and towards Draco.

"UGHHH! WHAT THE FUCK?" He shouted as the honeybees flew into his face, and his hair. He tried to push them away but this only resulted in them stinging his hands. Without a thought of what he looked like, he cast a banishing spell and they all disappeared in seconds. Once he had composed himself and looked around the room at the mess they had made, the Weasel was long gone. She had probably left for her potions class, he thought as he folded up his plans and made his way to the Prefect's bathroom to clean himself up.

No matter what Ginny did, it seemed that she was destined to be late to Potions today. Pity really, as she had missed seeing Malfoy's reaction to the bees just so she could get there on time. She chuckled a bit when she thought about it, but quieted down when she stepped into the Snape's room, wistfully hoping that she could make it to her seat without him noticing.

"Ms. Weasley, so nice of you to finally make it to the class. Care to tell us the reason for your delay?" Snape asked, never turning from the board, where he was writing the instructions for today.

"I was busy with Draco and forgot to keep a track of the time." She said, silently begging for Malfoy to be right. She really didn't want a detention.

Hearing this, Snape turned around and raised an eyebrow at her. Finally he told her to sit down and start making her Pepperup potion. She gave a sigh of relief and sat down next to Laura before realized that the whole class was staring at her, including Snape.

"Why was everyone staring at me?" She whispered to Laura as Snape turned away and went back to writing on the board.

"Ginny, in case you didn't notice, you just announced that you were busy with the biggest git of the world, who just happens to call himself Draco Malfoy." Laura said bitterly, still shocked by Ginny's announcement.

Ginny did not feel like defending Malfoy at that moment, and she really didn't want to fight with Laura. So she started reading the instructions for making the pepperup potion. The reactions she was getting from everyone were extremely exhilarating, but she was not too happy with Luna, Laura and Colin's behavior. Her so-called best friends were nothing but bitter towards her. Yes, she understood that it would take them a while to understand, after all if Laura or Luna had suddenly told her that they are snogging Draco Malfoy, her reaction would not have been too positive, but at least as a friend she would still support them and stand by them.

"Mother, Father, what a pleasant surprise." Draco said formally, although he really wasn't surprised at all. He went and kissed his mother on the cheek and nodded to his father. He had been called out of Transfiguration to Snape's classroom to see them, and although he wasn't showing it he was a little nervous for this confrontation.

Although he wasn't completely surprised to see them there he had expected them to send a howler or something, instead of coming in person. Hell, he had not even expected the news to reach them so fast, but then again, Pansy was bound to make sure they knew about it as soon as possible.

"Draco we have heard some…disturbing…rumors about you declaring the blood traitor female Weasley your girlfriend. We are here to assure ourselves that these rumors are just that, rumors." His father stated stiffly. His tone was even however Draco could sense the rising anger in it.

"Her name is Ginny father." He replied, keeping his own tone even as well.

"We have no interest in knowing her name, Draco and nor should you." Luscious Malfoy replied, appalled at his son.

"Draco dear, your father is right. We do not wish for you to associate yourself with this blood traitor girl. We brought you up to know better then that!"

"Ginny is a pureblood! She is not a blood traitor and she's never done anything to earn herself that title. It's like people calling me a Death Eater, just because father is one." Draco defended Ginny, though he didn't really wish to. However, for the plan to work perfectly this was important. His father and mother were not as thick as Potter and his cronies, and would notice a scheme when they saw one. Therefore, he had to defend Weasley or his father would get suspicious.

"Watch your tongue boy." His father snarled at him angrily as his mother tried to cool the man father down.

"Draco, we usually do not interfere in your personal relationships, however this time we are forced to. If you associate yourself with girls like her, you will bring shame, not only upon yourself, but also on the Malfoy name. I hope you understand that." Narcissa said and got up to leave, signaling the end of the conversation.

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