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"No Boy don't speak now you just drive" (Bic Runga)

Jack was dragged out of his slumber by the sounds of Ianto's painful hitching breaths and gut heaving sobs. His stomach turned to ice at the look of bewilderment on the young man's face. Even in the faint light Jack could see the tears glistening on his pale cheeks. Jack leaned out of his chair and carefully pulled Ianto's clenched fists away from his mouth. It took enormous effort as the muscles in Ianto's arms had contracted so tightly it was a job to move them. Ianto didn't appear to notice, his vision blinded by his own tears.

"Ianto? Ianto?" Jack was gripping Ianto's wet hands as tightly as he could trying to find some connection, to give Ianto something to cling on to to allay his grief. Jack wasn't sure how long it was before Ianto registered his presence, but the moment he locked eyes with Jack's he let out an excruciating wail of distress and completely broke down. Jack pulled him upright and held him as tightly as he could.

"Sshhh. Ianto what ever it is it can't be that bad. It's ok, everything's gonna be OK."

But Jack knew it most definitely wasn't. The last time he had witnessed Ianto's tears like this, Lisa was lying dead on the floor beside him. What felt like hours passed and eventually Ianto cried himself into a stupor and sagged against Jack's chest, breathing unevenly and sniffling. Finally Jack ventured to speak.

"You want some water or something?"

He felt Ianto shake his head.

"Talk to me Yan, what's hurting you so much?"

Ianto didn't answer; he just tried to burrow further into Jack's chest seeking refuge. Jack kissed his sweat damp hair and traced comforting circles over his back. After a while Ianto sank into a fitful sleep.

The following morning Ianto rose from the bed in silence. He showered, mindful of the stitched cuts across his chest, he dried and dressed with out uttering a single word to Jack. Most disconcertingly, with out making any eye contact with him either. Jack watched him worriedly knowing full well that any attempt to communicate with the younger man would only push him further away. Ianto climbed the ladder up to Jack's office without so much as a backward glance.

When Jack arrived in his office some 30 minutes later, there was a note on his desk written in Ianto's elegant script.


Am taking a sick day.


Jack gaped at the note then stepped out of his office; sure enough Ianto was nowhere to be seen. He pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and speed dialled Ianto's number. He got the voice mail. Jack swore, but decided he'd let the matter drop quietly confident that Ianto would call him later when he was ready to. Well at least he hoped he would anyway.


Ianto sucked in a steadying breath as he entered the police station. He went straight to the front desk. The duty desk sergeant gave him a pleasant smile.

"I'd like to speak to DI Swanson, my name is Ianto Jones from Torchwood, tell her its urgent please."

The WPC picked up her phone straight away. She had heard rumours about Torchwood, they all had and it never went well with any one who got on the wrong side of them. The young man in front of her had a solemn look about him and an air of authority not to be messed with. Let the CID guys deal with him and get him out of her hair, no matter how immaculately turned out he was.

Ten minutes later and Swanson was waving him in through the security door. She greeted him with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes and gave him an appraising look. This was one of the illusive team that she had never met before. Swanson was startled by how young he looked. She took in the expensively tailored suit, dark red silk shirt and highly polished shoes, not a single strand of hair out of place. The young man's face an unreadable mask, his body so tensely rigid it looked almost painful. She showed him into an interview room and gestured to a seat. She watched as he took it, sitting ramrod straight without relaxing a muscle, hands resting clasped on his lap.

"Would you like some tea or coffee?"

"No thank you ma'am."

Ma'am? No one ever said that these days did they?

She closed the door and took the seat opposite, a table between them.

"So, Mr Jones, what can I do for the mighty Torchwood?"

Did he just flinch? Swanson immediately paid closer attention, as the man appeared to gather himself up physically to speak.

"I'm Ianto Jones. I've been working at Torchwood Cardiff for just under two years as a secretary and archivist. This week we had an incident and there are 48 hours of my life that I cannot properly account for. I believe that during this time I murdered three women. I also believe that my boss and my colleagues found out about it and covered it up and then erased our memories of the events."

Swanson gaped at the young man, opened her mouth to speak, closed it, and then tried again.

"Are you telling me you have come here to confess to these murders?"

Ianto nodded. "Yes ma'am." There was a slight waver in his voice and a single tear rolled down his pale cheek. "I believe that I am a threat and I need to be locked away so I can't hurt any one else." The unreadable expression turned into the terrified, his bottom lip trembling and his hands wringing the hem of his suit jacket. "Please…."

"Have you discussed this with Captain Harkness?"

"No ma'am. I came straight here. I think Ja…Captain Harkness is the one responsible for covering up my actions."

"And why do you think that he would do such a thing?"

Ianto hesitated and faltered as more tears slid down his face. "He and I are involved in a relationship. I think he's trying to protect me."

Swanson rose to her feet. "All right. I'm going to need to take a detailed statement from you, can you manage that?"

Ianto Jones nodded. And wiped the water from his face with a tissue he pulled out of his pocket.


Six times Jack had tried calling Ianto on his mobile. He rang Ianto's flat and got no answer so at lunchtime he dragged Owen out in the SUV to visit Ianto's apartment. When they arrived they discovered it was empty, Ianto's cat, Moses, demanding to be fed. Jack fed the hungry feline and left a handwritten note on Ianto's kitchen bench instructing him to call as soon as possible. On the way back to the Hub Owen stole a couple of glances at Jack, who was driving.

"Look mate, I know you're worried, but he's probably just gone to visit a relative or something."

"Ianto doesn't have any relatives." Came the short response.

"Well maybe he's got some girlfriend he's seeing, you know what he's like, probably just felt like day off so they could have a good shag or something. He does work pretty bloody long hours Jack." Owen said this knowing full well that Ianto and Jack were seeing each other; he just wanted to gauge how serious it was between them.

Jack sighed. "He isn't seeing any one Owen because he's with me, as you well know and before you enquire further, yes it is serious between us."

Owen nodded grateful for the confirmation.

"So what do you think has happened?"

"I don't know, he had a really bad night last night, a night mare or something, but he wouldn't talk about it. This morning he just left without a word."

"Have you two had a domestic?"

"No Owen, something freaked him out. I'm sure it's all tied in with this missing time thing, he's been worrying himself senseless over it." Jack swung the SUV back into the Torchwood garage.

"Do you think he's remembered what happened?"

"Yeah, what ever it was, if he has it must have been bad for him to behave like he did last night. It was like the whole Lisa thing all over again."

"You think he's gone and done something stupid do you?" They both got out of the SUV.

"Well, where ever he's gone he didn't take his car." Jack gestured to the black mini cooper across the parking bay. "I'll check the CCTV. Can you do a call round the local hospitals?"

"Jack he's only been gone four hours, aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

Jack gave Owen a withering look.

"Ok I'll check, but it's a long shot if he has gone and topped himself likelihood is and knowing Ianto no one would've found him yet. He's a master at hiding himself Jack."

"Don't remind me. He's gonna get such a bollocking when we find him."

"Can't wait to see that."

As they stepped into the Hub Gwen was waving to get Jack's attention.

"Jack I've got DI Swanson on the phone for you, regarding Ianto?"

Gwen was rather shocked to see the colour run out of his face.

"I'll take it in my office."

"Detective Inspector, how may I help?" Jack attempted and failed to maintain a flirtatious tone in his voice.

"Captain Harkness, I've got one of your boys down here, a Ianto Jones. I think you need to come and see."

"Is he hurt?"

"Not physically. Look just come to the station, it'll be easier than trying to explain on the phone, assuming you have time to look after one of your minions that is."

That stung. "I will be there in fifteen minutes. I'll be bringing Dr Harper with me as well."

"Oh, not that arrogant little cockney bloke?"

"Yes…that one."

"God help us. See you shortly."


Swanson guided Owen and Jack into her office. She gave them a rather disdainful look as they sat down and she took her place behind her desk. Harkness was looking downright impatient, though she had to admit the coat did look good on him. Ianto didn't seem like the type that the enigmatic Captain would go for though. She opened the file on her desk.

"Well? Where's Ianto?"

"He asked to be locked in one of the cells. PC Davidson is with him now."

"What's he done?" The Cockney accent was a real grind on her ears.

Swanson clasped her hands and rested them on top of the paperwork.

"He came in this morning at 8:30 and confessed to having murdered three women."

"What?!" Jack and Owen said in unison.

Swanson knew that today was not going to go well when she first got up that morning. She hated dealing with Torchwood.

"What exactly has he told you?" Harkness demanded angrily.

"Calm down Captain. Let me explain before you go off on one please."

She waited for a moment before continuing. "He made a statement claiming that he had committed these crimes and that you had given him an amnesia pill to cover them up along with wiping all the records in order to protect him." She watched as Harkness expression dropped from one of anger to one bordering on despair, but he covered it quickly with a concerned frown regaining his composure. The doctor just looked annoyed and muttered something that sounded like.

"Stupid Tea Boy."

"What exactly has he told you?"

"Ok. He described three victims, three locations. Truth is, it's very vague, and he can't remember times, dates or the names of the locations. It's like he's describing something he only half remembers. He said it was because of the Retcon you gave him, which I presume is the drug he was telling me about. The point is, I have to investigate no matter how fantastical the story is. Now we've been looking into this already and I have no reports of missing persons at all over the last week, let alone anyone who matches his descriptions."

"But he's convinced himself he's done it right?"

Swanson nodded. "Totally. As I've said. I will have to have this investigated so in the short term, I'll hold him here. I just need to know if you have Torchwood legal representative and of course I'm sure you'd like to talk to him and check him over."

Swanson was waiting for a protest that didn't come.

"Do you think he did those things?"

The question from the Captain took her a little by surprise.

"With you lot? Anything's possible. But no. Personally I think the boy is having a nervous breakdown."

Captain Harkness leant forward over the desk. "Then do me a favour, prove him wrong because I don't think he'll believe anything I tell him right now. Do what ever it takes, we'll co-operate with you as much as we can. You can liase with Gwen Cooper, she knows the drill."

"He wasn't joking about the memory loss thing was he?"

"I'll be honest with you. We were all affected, there is a 48 period that none of us can account for. However I do know Ianto and he's no murderer and I need you to convince him of that."

Swanson finally smiled. "He means a lot to you."

"All of my team mean a lot to me."

"He told me you were trying to protect because of your relationship with him, would you do that?"

"If he was murdering innocent people, then I'd put a bullet in him, no matter how much it hurt. Ianto can't even tread on a spider without getting upset about it. I cannot believe for a moment that he would actually kill anyone with out a very good reason. We'd like to see him now, if you don't mind. Owen needs to check him over, Ianto was injured yesterday."

"Of course. Come with me."