Author: Sparta

Title: Now we are us - The Freak & The Ranger

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric

Rating: R

Crossovers: Some past Rangers mentioned

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 6/?

Completed: No

Summery: Sequel to When we were us: Two years later Bridge, Sky & Syd are B-Squad but thing have changed between them, as they become Ranger's and old enemy's become new friends will they reform the friendships they lost or will they fall apart? Plus Sky has an old score to Settle with A-Squad.

Chapter Summery: As Bridge recovers finally Sky see what he's missed

Authors Note:

Epp used - none


Sky was sat up in bed watching his lover Bridge sleep as he mentally kicked himself, since becoming a Ranger Sky had become distracted ignoring the one thing in his life he fought hard to keep


It was only now in the light of his accident that Sky could see the damage he'd done, Bridge was exhausted to the point of illness leaving his mind dangerously open to the point that only Sky's shield could keep others out.

Sky had taken to sleeping a few hour during the day, so that he could allowing Bridge 8 hours sleep if he pushed himself? This was leaving him drained and unable to focus, in the end Cruger had to step in and ordered them both confined to a Phonically dampened room. This was so they could not only sleep, but so Bridge could rebuild his connection with Sky so that he could anchor Bridge's powers.

And that was were Sky found himself now, after a rather harsh but deserved dressing down from Cruger, Kat, Boom, Dr Felix and Eric about Bridge's current health thinking about just what truly mattered to him?

His aspirations to become Red Ranger or his love for Bridge? Sky sighed as he gently moved Bridge and got dressed, he headed down to his bike with had been returned undamaged from the thieves a few hour later and took off.

Sky pulled into his family home in Sliver Hill's about an hour later, he figured his Da would be home by know and he wanted to see him. He smiled when he found his Da and Merrick kissing on the couch. Clearing his throat he almost laughed as they both jumped up and Eric ended up on the floor in a huff.

"I can come back later?" said Sky with a laugh as Eric scowled at him.

"Very funny kid" laughed Eric as he got up and hugged Sky.

"So what can I do for you Kid?" asked Eric as he smiled at Merrick who handed them both coffees.

"Bridge has injured his shoulder and I thought I'd bring him back home to make him feel better, but since Merrick's here we'll do I another time" said Sky as he finished his coffee and got up to leave Merick pulled him down to make him sit.

"I learnt along time ago Sky never to come between you and your Da" said Merrick with a smiled as he got up to go into the kitchen but was pulled down onto Eric's lap.

"I agree it would be nice to see Bridge again especially with the way his health has declined lately?" said Eric as he looked at Sky who shivered.

"What's wrong Schuyler? Did we forget that Cruger calls me to keep me informed of anything serous that happens to you two?" asked Eric as Sky sighed and nodded.

"Schuyler Tate do not make be beat you ass? It took us both three years to get him out of his shell and proud of who he is, do not let me see you've knocked him back Sky?" said Eric as Sky nodded, Eric got up and hugged his son and smiled.

"Now get you ass home and we'll see you tomorrow" said Eric as Sky hugged Merrick.

"So your staying?" asked Sky as Merrick nodded

"Eric was going to tell you next time he was at SPD but I've excepted a job training D-Squad Cadets" said Merick as Sky smiled and hugged him again.

"Great Bridge will be made up he will see you around the Academy" laughed Sky

"And you?" asked Merrick

"Merrick you know I think you're a great guy all I can say is that I'm glad my Da's happy, having you round the SPD will be fun" said Sky as he said his goodbyes and grabbing his helmet he took off back to the SPD.


Bridge woke up alone in the bed as normal but something was different, opening his eyes he was surprised to see Sky say at the end of the bed dressed and armed with a plate of toast.

"Morning Babe eat up, wash and put of your leathers we're going away for a couple of days" said Sky as Bridge looked at him but ate his toast.

While Bridge disappeared into the shower Sky pulled out their overnight bags, he packed the basic's since they both had clothes back at his Da's. Bridge emerged from the shower and Sky hissed at how pale he was, hugged Bridge Sky hated himself for doing this to him.

"Come on baby we've got a break to enjoy" said Sky as he led Bridge down to the garage before they hit the road on Sky's bike.


As Bridge had been quite for most of the ride until they passed the 'Welcome to Silver Hills' sign, he started to bounce on the bike.

/Hey baby stop bouncing/

/Sorry Sky but we're going to your Da's aren't we?/

/Yeah he and Merrick are waiting on us/

/Merrick there?/

/Yeah he's got some new but I'll leave him to tell you/

The radios fell dead as Bridge pricked up watched the roads go by until they pulled into Eric's street, Bridge leapt off the bike as they pulled in and ran straight up to Eric and Merrick who were stood waiting.

Sky laughed as he heard Bridge squeal figuring that Merrick had told him the good news? He wasn't sure if Bridge had noticed the gold band on Merrick's finger, that Sky hadn't asked about the night before.

Sky watched as Eric babied Bridge, Sky love the fact that Eric was the only person other then him that truly saw Bridge for who he was. Eric came over and put his arm round his son.

"Don't worry kid we'll put it right" said Eric as he hugged Sky and headed inside.


Later that evening as they all gathered in the living room to watch The Puppet Master Movie Marathon Bridge bust out laughing, Sky and Eric were sat side by side with a large bowl of Popcorn between them fighting over it.

"I always wondered were his addiction to that stuff came from?" laughed Bridge as Sky looked up with a smile.

"One word Bridge Buttery!" said Sky as the room burst out laughing as Bridge settled down on Sky lap and Merick on Eric as the movie's started.

Later that night during a break in the movie Bridge sat outside the in the garden watching the stars, Bridge jumped as he felt something nudge his leg. Looking down he saw Merrick's wolf Zord in it's smaller form, it gave out a happy whine as Bridge stroked him.

"Do you have a name boy? You are a boy aren't you?" Bridge asked the Wolf Zord

"His name is Kovu" said Merrick

"Fan of the Lion King much?" laughed Bridge as Merrick stood next to him

"It was Cole's idea not mine that's why Red Lion became Simba" laughed Merrick as he saw Sky and took his leave.

"Hey Sky" said Bridge as Sky joined him as Bridge kissed him.

"How are you feeling?" asked Sky as he pulled Bridge closer.

"Better not we're away from the Rangers, the arguing is hurting me Sky. You and Jack, Syd and Z it all hurts not to mention I don't think Jack likes me much?" said Bridge with a sigh.

"Jack's to much like Dru was, he can't and wont see pass the eccentric mad scientist act you put out to protect yourself. I'm sorry Bridge I know that I don't help but I'll try and make things better, even if that means that I have to swallow my pride and talk to Jack?" said Sky as Bridge smiled and kissed him.

They sat there in silence until Eric called them back in, taking Bridge's hand Sky and Bridge headed inside.