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"I like being around you because." He said as they both looked at him. "I guess I can't wait till I become a chunin now.""Because I think that I'm falling in love with you two, I was going wait till becoming a chunin but I guess I can't now" He said as both of them were shocked that he really does feel that strong for both of them.

They're truly touched by how he told them but they look into his deep blue eyes before looking at each other giving each other a nod showing that it's time to tell him as well. To tell him how they feel before they lose this chance and maybe hurt him if they don't.

"We were going wait to before telling you that we like you." Naruto couldn't be happier as he heard them say that. For the fact that they love him back was something he is glad that he could hear them say that to him.

"Do you really feel that way about me?" Kurenai's lips smiled at him because he couldn't believe that this was happening to him. Naruto is not thinking that it is a bad thing, he loves that they love him because to him it's hard to believe.

"Yes we do feel that way for you Naruto." Naruto smiled a true happy smile but also hint of a kitsune in it at them which they smiled back at him.

"I'm happy that you feel that way for me." Naruto truly is happy that they do feel that way. His first loves are here with him and they love him back, Naruto had heard most first loves don't work out but he hopes this does work out.

"What are we going to eat?" Anko ask the two of them in a happy tone of voice, for the first time in a long time Anko is happy. Her life has been hell for as long as she can remember but Naruto is helping her become happy again. She hopes that he makes her happier as they spend time together.

"I'm going to order ramen." Both of them looked at him as he rubs the back of his head sheepishly because he realizes that they had had a feeling he was going order that.

"I'm going to have dango." Now it's Naruto's and Kurenai's turn to look at her; it is his turn to look at her now for her doing it to him just few seconds ago. Anko just looks away with a blush creeping on her face.

"Am I the only normal one here?" Kurenai looked at them as the three of them order; Kurenai had order soup and rice. Both of them look at her funny because both of them hated soup.

"What's with the faces?" Naruto looks at Kurenai then at the soup. "We both hate soup." Which Kurenai just giggles at Anko and Naruto, sometimes she wonders how she put up with Anko all these years.

Even if some of the time she could be a real pain in the ass she was her friend and closest one at that. Kurenai thinks of Anko has her sister and no matter what she's not going change how she thinks about her little crazy, silly sister.

Once they finish their dinner and Naruto paid for them, the three of them walked out of the place. Both of them were looking at him as Anko is on his left side and Kurenai on his right causing him to look at both of them. He notices both of them were smirking and wonders what he was getting himself into.

"I guess we should take you home now so your kaa-san doesn't get mad and ban you from going out with us." He nods his head but he stops and kisses both of them on the lips before walking again but both Kurenai and Anko were just staring at him as they walked back to his home.

"Wait how about we keep talking more at your place? I'll just send a clone to tell tou-san that I'll be late or see him tomorrow morning." Kurenai looks at him funny when he says tomorrow morning causing Naruto to blush. "I wasn't thinking that Kurenai-hime." She just smirks and pouts causing Anko to let out a laugh.

"But I want my plushy with me tonight." Kurenai just pulls Naruto into a hug causing him to blush and Anko to pout as she grabs him and pulls him to her causing a tug of war or in Naruto case, tug of Naruto.

"Ok, please stop before you split me in two." Both women stop with blushes on their beautiful faces because they don't know what came over them just now. They slowly walked over to Anko's and Kurenai's place after Naruto makes a shadow clone to tell his dad what was going on.

When the three of them get there Kurenai opens the door and they walk in but Naruto looks around as he sees a lot of photos all the walls. Anko smirks to him as he looks at her but he closes his eyes because today as been a long day.

"Tell me how did you two meet each other?" He sits down on the couch which Kurenai and Anko took their seats on each side of him. Kurenai looks over at Anko because it has been a long time since they met each other.

"We met when Anko was found by the ANBU after she got her curse mark and lost her memory, she was put on my genin team because we had lost one of our teammates on a mission that went to hell." She looks over at Anko again to show her that it was her turn to go on with the story.

"At first we weren't friends that much because she didn't really want someone to replace their dead teammate but soon we became best friends, I guess I'm just that good to be around. The first few missions were hell because we didn't work together and didn't want to even try to." Naruto smirks then looks at the two of them; he can't see how they could ever not get along from what he has seen so far.

"I can't image you two not being close friends that is something that's too hard to do, you two seem to be so close it's not possible for you two not being friends. You two really are the best friends there could be for each other.' Anko and Kurenai smile because that was so nice of him to say to them. Even they find it hard to believe at one point of their lives that they hated each other.

'Maybe you should tell him why you are called the Ice Queen of Konoha?" Anko looks at her as Naruto was wondering why she was called that because he had heard people saying that.

Kurenai just blushes then looks away but she looks back at Naruto who was staring into her eyes causing her to blush even more.

"The reason I'm called the ice queen is because I turn down every single man that has asked me out on a date, I turn them down because I know they just want my body and not me. I'm not someone to let anyone have their way with me like that." He nods his head as he smiles to her causing her to just smile back at him.

"So the ice queen is my ice queen now?" He asked her as a blush comes back to her face tenfold and Anko just laughs at her friend because this was too funny to her. She now has even more things that she can tease her friend about.

"Yes the ice queen of Konoha is all yours but what will you do with her?" Anko asked with a perverted smirk causing Kurenai to blush and just shake her head at Anko.

"Maybe tie her up and kiss her all over." Kurenai blushes and Anko lets out a long laugh because that was priceless seeing her best friend turn all red at that.

"It's not funny Anko-chan." Naruto just smirks before giving Kurenai a kiss on the lips causing her to kiss back but with a blush on her face.

"I thought it was funny, maybe I should just kiss you all over now." Kurenai smiles before looking at him but she does have a blush on her face causing him to smirk back to her.

"What are we going to do tomorrow Kurenai-sensei?" Naruto playfully asks causing her to slap him lightly on the arm.

"I'm going help your team build up teamwork by making you spend a month together in the forest of death, don't worry me and Anko-chan are going to keep big things away from your team."

"Why keep them away?" He just smirks before looking at Anko who's staring at him strangely. "I have already been in the forest of death to training thanks to Itachi-sensei, it's not so bad once you get used to it." Both women just gawk at him after hearing that.

"You truly are one person that's hard to figure out, I go to that place a lot and it's hard to believe someone your age isn't scared of the place." He just shrugs his shoulders before looking at them again, he just stares at their eyes but he notices they start to smirk to him.

"You truly do like staring at us a lot don't you?" Anko teased him by bending forward but he just tries his best not to stare at her chest, she kisses him on the lips. "Thanks for trying not to look at my chest; you truly are a good boy aren't you?" She kept teasing him causing him to blush.

"Kurenai-hime how do you think this team will work out?" She just moves her finger to her lips before turning her eyes back to him, personally she doesn't know. This is her first team after all but also the fact that she doesn't really know their skills.

"To tell you the truth Naru-kun I don't really know, this is my first team but hopefully you three can work together." Naruto just shrugs his shoulders before he starts realizing something.

"I going be in that place for a month with a person that followed me everywhere like a 2nd shadow?"

"Yeah, I was hoping you would have forgotten about her stalking you in the past." Naruto just looks at her. "She still does it." Both of them just stare at each other before staring at him but Anko pats his back.

"I feel sorry for you gaki." He just pulls Anko on his lap causing her to blush and look at Kurenai, she sees her friend with a grin but Naruto moves his hands around her belly.

"I guess you just have to make me feel better about it." He teased her causing an even darker blush to come on her face.

"You really do have some guts gaki, do you know that?" He just nods his head before breathing lightly on her ear causing her to feel a shiver go down her back, Kurenai just looks at them before looking at the time.

"It's starting to get late, so in a little bit we have to go to sleep." She looks around.

"I just don't know where you will be sleeping Naru-kun." Naruto just looks at her then at Anko before kissing her neck.

"He can sleep with me tonight but he better not try anything or else." She looks at him with a grin that promised one thing and that is pain, tons of pain if he does try anything with her. Naruto just looks at Kurenai with a pale face causing her to laugh.

"Looks like your scaring him, you two better get ready to sleep." She gets up and heads to her room but Naruto just looks at Anko. Anko moves her lips to his before giving him a kiss filled with passion and love before getting off his lap.

She leads him to her room before stripping off her clothes causing him to blush a full red face, she smirks but moves next to him on the bed. "Remember don't try anything." He just kisses her neck before moving both of them under the covers.

"How can I not try anything when you're like this?" He rolls over on top of her with his lips to her chest. "So beautiful, that's what you are Anko-hime." She smiles at him causing him to place kisses on her chest then lower to her belly making her giggle when she feels his lips.

"How do you know how to do all of these things to a woman?" She stares hard at him but he just kisses her belly and goes up to her lips. "I read the book that my tou-san's sensei writes even through its all perverted shit."

"You better hold off on trying anything more to me, I'm not someone to sleep with someone I just met like that." Naruto just smirks before giving her another kiss on the lips. "If you were then it's not fun."

"Goodnight Naruto-kun." She closes her eyes but feels him move around but stops once she's on top of him.

"Goodnight Anko-chan." He closes his eyes now letting sleep take him followed by Anko doing the same.

When he wakes up the only thing he can see is a peacefully sleeping Anko still on him causing him to smile. He rubs a finger around her breast resulting in her slowly moving in her sleep; he moves his finger to her belly making her giggle.

She slowly opens her eyes and stares at him making her just want to slap him but to sleepy to do that to him. She moves against his chest with her rubbing it but she can feel him grabbing her ass and slapping it making her eyes reopen.

"It's time to get up sleepy head." She just pouts but kisses his lips while feeling his hands go up her back making her just rub against his body. He just shakes his head and begins to kiss her neck and slowly run down her back.

"Why are you waking me up now?" She looks at him with sleepy eyes while letting out a long cute yawn. He just pulls her against him then kisses her forehead making her smile and look up at him.

"Because it's time for me to get up and go to my team or do you not want to come with me?" She just kisses his neck and whispers five more minutes causing him to laugh and nod his head to her.

The door to the room opens and a fully dressed Kurenai stares at the two of them. "No wonder you two aren't up after having a long night of sexy fun?" Anko jumps up and starts staring at her friend like she's crazy.

"We didn't have sex you crazy woman! You know I don't do that kind of thing to anyone no matter how much I like them!" Both of them laugh causing her to pout and turn her eyes to Naruto with the pout still on her face making him kiss her lips.

"At least it got you up didn't it?" Naruto gets off of the bed and turns to look at them. "I have to go back home to get clothes and things ready for today." They both nod their heads and watch him leave the room.

He leaves the house and heads for his home but his is hoping that his family doesn't kill him for he did. "Hopefully kaa-chan doesn't kill me and I know Tou-kun wouldn't mind me staying over here all night."

When he walks inside the house he sees that no one is around so he quiet tries to get inside his room but once he's inside he see both his father and mother sitting there waiting for him. 'You got to be kidding me."

"Tell me why we shouldn't be mad at you right now?" He just shrugs his shoulders at them causing his mother to raise an eyebrow. "Can't you stay away from them for one single night or is it too hard to do that?

"We only talked about things and I do like to get to know them better is that a crime?" Minato just shakes his head no earning himself a slap on the head from his wife that's staring at him hardly and not letting up.

"He shouldn't be staying over there at night like that. He's still a kid for kami's sake." Naruto just grabs a change of clothes and heads to the shower leaving his family talking to each other about what he should or shouldn't do.

When he gets out of the shower and gets his gear he sees both of them are waiting at the door for him. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun it's just that I don't want to see you get hurt with how you're doing things now."

"You don't need to worry Kurenai-hime and Anko-hime will never hurt me." He walks past them and turns around to face them. "You will just have to get to know them to see that they are great people."

Naruto heads for the training grounds and just keeps imaging his two himes inside his head but once he gets to the training ground he sees he is the last one to get there. He takes a seat on the ground and looks at his team members.

"Today you three will be staying a month inside the forest of death in order to get used to being a solid team. The only way you will make it is by living off what is around you and what you have on your bodies right now." Kurenai then points to the three sleeping bags and a few other things for them to use inside the forest.

"You will have three days of food and once it's gone you will have to gather food from what you can find inside there." Anko stares hard at the three of them because if they can't live through this and they don't have the right to be shinobi of this village.

"Get ready now." The genin do what they are told and give the supplies to each other. Once ready they enter the forest but Naruto starts heading to the northeast to which his team just starts to follow him.

When Naruto stops moving it's when he gets to a lake and next to the lake seems to be a tree that he jumps on. Once he's on it he just sits down and starts to remember the past and when he used to come here for training.

When Kiba and Hinata finally catch up to him they just walk over to the tree but Naruto doesn't seem to do anything. "I hope you know this is a test to see how well we work together. So don't do anything dumb when you're here."

Kiba just stares at him but he knows it's the truth; he looks over to see Hinata just staring at Naruto making him feel sorry for him. He doesn't know why she keeps doing things like that to him because spying on someone is just creepy.

Naruto jumps down and starts to water walks on top of the lake but once he gets a good ways in he sits down on the water. "You two should start to train as well." He closes his eyes and focuses on the area around him and to the life underneath him.

He moves chakra to his ears in order to listen to the heartbeats of the fish and he tries to see if anything else is in the water but finds nothing but fish. He stands up and unsheathes his blade and gets into his fighting pose.

When he opens his eyes he can see that his two teammates are training in their own way so he just watches. He knows Kiba is a brash hot head when it comes to battle but he knows Hinata focuses in her clan's bloodline and is shy as hell.

He goes back to closing his eyes once he's seen enough of their training for his taste. He slowly begins to work on his swordsmanship slow at first but slowly picks up the pace without even needing to open his eyes.

Hours pass by which only seem to be minutes for him but once his gut starts to get hungry he starts to focuses on the sounds of splashing. He rapidly stabs his blade catching three fish on it and walks over to the team.

He grabs a few pieces of wood before getting to them and begins making a fire with the flint and steel that is in his bag. Once the fire starts going he begins to cook the fish but he looks at the two of them. "You two go get some more wood so I can cook these fish better." They nod their heads and do as they are told.

When they get back with the wood and they finally get the food cooked. Naruto hands one to each of them and begins to eat his fish. They just keep looking at him for little bit before beginning to eat their own food.

Once they go to bed Naruto wakes up a few hours later and walks back on the lake while the moonlight hits the water. He takes his katana in his hands and begins to train but this training isn't the same from before.

He speaks a few words while he does hand signs in one hand and his katana in the other. "It's time to start training now Enkou ken." Once he gets done he grabs the katana with his other hand and the blade lights on fire.

The flames don't seem to hurt him but he slowly begins to do his swordsmen attacks on the lake once again. The two people watching him are now trying to figure out how he is doing that but next thing shocks them more.

"Enkou shuuha." Naruto yells out then sends a wave of fire crashing over the other side of the lake but the flame on his sword still seems to be as strong as it was before he did that attack. Naruto begins to train with that attack a few more times before going back to his sleeping area.

He can feel someone jumping down next to him but when he looks to see who it is he realizes it's only Anko. "Get up gaki and follow me." He does what she tells him and follows after her only to land on the ground next to Kurenai.

"How did you do that with your katana?" She is right to the point this time because she had never seen anyone do that. She had seen her friend use wind channeling into her blade but nothing like what Naruto had done just now.

"Ever since I could remember I could always channel chakra through things like that. That why I call myself a genjutsu swordsman because I can channel any kind of jutsu in it." She is now shocked because no one would think of being hit by a genjutsu from a sword.

"You really are one surprising shinobi, do you know that?" He nods and kisses both of their lips before heading back to his resting area. Once he falls asleep they just go to their resting place for the night.

The next day went by just the same as the first but Naruto just trained that night with his wind attacks instead of his fire ones. The next day he wakes up first and gets the fish for their breakfast but he just stares at the water while they cook.

He looks at his sleeping teammates and doesn't know if this team will hold together or break because of how they act to each other. Hinata always passes out if he gets too close to her and Kiba seems to be one that rushes in without thinking.

He just closes his eyes and tries to think about how life was in his easy days of training to be a shinobi. These days were the best of my life and I truly wish I could have them back."


Naruto whom is standing outside of the Uchiha clan grounds waiting for his sensei to come out and train him. When he sees Mikoto walking over he waves to her bringing a smile to her breathtaking face.

"You're waiting for Itachi-kun, Naruto-kun?" He nods his head to her making her sit down next to him but he just stares at her black eyes making her stick out her tongue causing him to laugh and stop staring at her eyes.

"Can you tell me Mikoto-chan what kind of shinobi you are?" She moves her finger to her lips before pointing to the katana that is lying on the table outside of the house. She then looks down at the eight year old kid.

"My area of fighting is the same as your kaa-san. I train in my bloodline and my katana." He just stares at her more causing her to just smile but when she hears her oldest son finally coming out of the house she points to him.

"Looks like he's finally ready now and you better behave yourself now." She just rubs his head before walking inside the house but once she gets to her son she smiles to him then walks inside. Itachi just walks up to him but Mikoto could hear a few things that would shock her but make her smile at the same time.

"It's about time Itachi-onii!" Itachi let out a laugh, a true laugh making Mikoto shocked but happy inside because she knows that maybe he can be saved. Saved from the loneliness and pain her husband is making for him by forcing him to keep being in Anbu at his age.

The two of them went to the training grounds to train but Naruto slowly wakes up before he could see more.

Flashback end

"You almost let the fish burn dude! Didn't you get enough sleep last night?" he stares at Kiba before rubbing the back of his head. He had forgotten that he was in the middle of cooking food for everyone when he started to remember the past.

Once they got done eating Kiba went with his partner to find more wood but a few hours later they can hear a yell of pain making Naruto rush to him but tells Hinata to stay and wait for Kurenai to show up.

He tries to find out where the yell came from but at first he has no luck at all of finding him making him become pissed that he can't find his own teammate like this. He begins to make a fist and hit the nearby tree.

He hears sound of something falling over making him go to the source of the sound hoping it is the foolish Inuzuka that is causing it. When he gets there he can see Kiba on the ground looking up at what seem to be one giant white tiger.

"I though they keep things away from us, this isn't good because this isn't a normal tiger by the size and color of it."No matter how many times he has been here he has never seen anything like the tiger in front of him.

He draws his katana and slowly goes in front of the Inuzuka and his dog partner making the tiger stare down at the new comer into this area. "I take it that human is you friend?" Naruto is shocked that it's talking but nods his head anyways.

"I was right about you. You aren't a normal one that lives in this forest." Tiger just slams his claw down making Naruto dodge just barely. The tiger just seems to watch Naruto closely now trying to see what he will do.

"I know you can speak so that means you can think, can you please tell me why you are trying to kill us?" Tiger growls angrily before sending another claw at him but this time Naruto only dodges the claw by a second making him worried just how he is going pull this one off.

"Why should I tell a human like you? You humans will leave everyone to die if it gets you what you want or keeps yourself alive." Naruto notices the claw isn't going to him this time at Kiba making him jump in front of Kiba to save his life.

His katana slams against the massive tiger claw but the tips of the nails cut his arm making him just stare at the tiger but it didn't know what to think now as it backs up a little bit. Never in his life has he seen someone take an attack for another person.

"No matter what I will not let you attack my teammate and that means fighting you so be it! I will not let anyone that close to me die no matter what!" Naruto blade becomes on flames burning the tiger's paw and making him withdraw it.

The tiger stares into Naruto's blue eyes only see the fire of life he thought had been dead for so long in the human race. The eyes of a person who truly means what he says and will stay by it no matter what happens.

People that are asking me why I made Itachi a good person that's because he bloody well is a good person. He could have taken Naruto back to Pain so many times but he didn't. He let Jiraiya save Naruto all these times but also he could have beat Kakashi, Asuma, Gai and Kurenai with help of his partner but he didn't.

Itachi was forced to kill his clan and Sasuke is a fool for killing him.