This was written for a challenge on the JC boards, and it's unbeta'd. Please let me know if there's any mistakes.

Avoiding the Draigon

He creeped through the Archives, overdue holonovels in hand. Hopefully the draigon would be out hunting and not waiting in her den. There was absolute silence in this place; not a soul wanted to attract the attention of the draigon.

Moving through the shelves, he reached out with the Force hoping not to sense her near by. Oh no! There she was, just two rows from his current position. He ran up the rest of the row he was in, and across the intersecting aisle. Moving quickly up the row, he reached the end and turned left into another aisle, then left again two rows later.

He reached out through the Force again; she was headed back to her den. There was no way he'd be able to get there and return the holos. He decided to wait her out. If he remembered correctly, she'd go for another prowl in about fifteen minutes, then he'd get his chance. In the mean time, he needed something to do. Glancing around at the holos on the shelves, he decided to look for one on avoiding draigons, while using the Force to keep tabs on her position.

He froze. She had moved and was, once again, on the prowl. She was headed away from his position. Thank the Force!

He moved quickly to her den and placed the holos on her desk. He was just metres from freedom, when, "Master Kenobi. Did you need assistance?"

He swallowed his fear and turned to come face to face with the draigon. "Uh. No, thank-you, Master Nu. I was just... uh, just returning some of... uh, Anakin's overdue holos." At the predatorial look that came over her face, he added, quickly, "But don't worry! I've spoken to him and it won't happen again."

"See that it does not, Master Kenobi."

Recognising the dismissal, he made good his escape. Saved by his own Padawan's bad habits. But Anakin didn't need to know that.