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Ch. 1 Goodbye Konoha

Many things happen in the Hidden Leaf Village; from the sound invasion to the Akatsuki threat and to the final battle with Madara and Sasuke. One would think that Naruto would finally be see as a hero, but fate decided to screw him over big time. Sasuke was able to kill those who had his clans men killed, and because of that, he was elected to be the new Hokage.

-Sitting on the fourth Hokage's head-

"What the hell is wrong with this Village? I give and give and what do I get in return, Nothing but more hate!" Thought Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki, our real hero, was so depressed that he failed to noticed that a elderly woman walk up to him until she was right behind him..

"….Hokage-sama, why are you here." He asked in an emotionless voice.

Tsunade was taking back by the formality he addressed her by. She looked at him carefully. Head drooped down and his shoulders slumped in an almost resigned way. She sigh sadly "Naruto please, there was no other way; the council want's Sasuke so that the truth about the Uchiha Massacre stay's locked up. All they want for you is to bring back the Namikaze Clan so-"

"-That's all this fucking village care's about is Clan's and Bloodline's! It's no wonder the mist village laugh's at us! I can care less about the Namikaze clan!" He interrupted angrily. His expression looked furious. Tsunade could of sworn his eye's flash red for a split second.

Thunder started to roar and raindrops slowly came sprinkling down..

"Naruto don't do this, please I'm begging you, don't walk down this path" Tsunade begged, who now had tears in her eye's as Naruto threw down the first Hokage's necklace at her feet.

The light rain slowly started to pick up, raindrops splattering on the ground, the beginning of puddles starting to form.

"My dream is dead…nothing is left but pain and hatred! Naruto Uzumaki is gone, all that remains is Naruto Namikaze." He yelled with Venom in his voice. His eye's flashed red again, giving his watered down appearance a frightening look.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck a tree not far from where they are standing, causing Tsunade to jump in surprise. She turned and watched as the tree split and fell to the ground, the fire the lightening left behind slowly being dowsed by the rain. She glanced back to where Naruto was standing, only to see nothing.

Pain and regret burned in her heart, knowing the young man who was like a son to her was gone and may never return. It was like he was never there in the first place really. How he walked the happy streets of Konoha, his existence only reminding everyone the loved one's they lost in the Kyuubi attack. She broke down crying as she dropped to her knees, splashing water and soaking her robes.

She let out a mighty cry, her anguish echoing all throughout the village.