Well I want to start off with this, no it is not an update with fox of Xternal, however, I am working on a new update with fox of Xternal. I won't type it until I find a beta reader for that story and Fox of the dead. Now I'm pretty sure some of you guys notice those title names; that both stories have the word fox in its titles. The reason for that is because they are both crossover stories with each other; I won't go into detail but both Naruto will meet (not in a good way), the reason for that to happen is because the Naruto from Fox of the dead will go to that reality on a quest to gather info on one person he need to fight, but also to test out the other Naruto. Here one spoiler for everybody, the Naruto from Fox of the Xternal has a connection with a female X-man. However, that connection is that Kushina was an X-man in what you can say a former life. The reality he's currently in, wasn't the reality he was suppose to be in the first place; meaning his true mother is in Fox of the dead. While the Naruto from Fox of the dead mother is connected with Fox of the Xternal, he might meet her and he might not. For those who read both stories there a huge different between both of them, Naruto from Xternal is lighter than Naruto from Fox of the dead in a good or dark way. Now here is a special poll for Fox of the Xternal that I will put up after this A.N. Shall Naruto be trained as a thief? I ask this because Gambit will be mentoring him just like Jiraiya did for Naruto, and in fact Gambit will be see as a younger Jiraiya in Naruto's eyes. People ask me that I should put X-23 or Surge with Naruto, I have not forgot about that and I'm thinking of making that stories a small harem but in a realistic kind of way(I make it happen and people know I have a style to make the impossible happen), I also am thinking about Pixie joining that little group of Gambit and Naruto. Now a small minor for both stories, first off in Fox of the Xternal he will not go back to Konoha anytime soon and his allies from his world will not appear on Marvel Earth (that what I call it for now) except much later on. Now Fox of the dead goes by the events that happen in the Marvel Zombie's series except with a huge twist that way different from the original series. For example Magneto is alive in the story, but he was killed in the actual story of Marvel Zombies 2 by the Zombies heroes. Naruto is a cross breed of two mutants, you see in this story which will be explain two chapter later, Naruto's mother is somebody familiar to whatever X-men that still alive, his father is still Minato however, on the Naruto's universe; his people DNA is stable with the X-factor but not all are born with amazing power like Cyclops or Magneto. Only some have special abilities that can be passed down to their children, which is why such class as the Aburame or the Hyuuga's clan exist while normal people with no Kekkei Genkai are just stronger and faster than the humans from the Marvel's universe. I guess I can reveal this one thing about fox of the dead, Naruto will meet the watcher who still alive and the Watcher will be the one to reveal a lot to Naruto including his mother's origin, but he will also reveal to him on many other Narutos in different realities; for example he will tell Naruto in one realities he running a group of shadow users against his former land, while in another he's on the run for vengeance against Konoha for making him a weapon( that story in my profile), and in another two realities he have Kekkei Genkai that can ruin the world… one through fear and madness and the other through fire. ^_^ I hope that reveal on what I was talking about. Now on to two other things, I will do a story where he was raised as a weapon but escape and is out for revenge because he doesn't know who he is(his pasts) except for the name that was giving to him. That story will be a harem story with your choices (viewers) on who should be in it and that include filter girls or girls that hardly get anytime on the series, but also Hanabi will be a twin sister to Hinata, so in other words she won't be a lolicon bait doll for guys. The story will take place when Naruto is 19 year old, some women like Anko, Kurenai, Shizune, and Ayame will not be that old in fact I make them younger around the age 27 or 28. Now the final part…I will do the next update on Fox of the dead, and after that I will do two update for Unforgiving because I been pushing that back and plus I won't to get to when he in the shippuden arc and finally Hatred born from fire. Once that taken care of I'll work on the new story and I would not mind if people like KingKakashi want to help push the story on where it's going and other plot ideas, I won't mind throwing them in along with my ideas. The story will be much violence just Hatred born from fire and Unforgiving, in other word another Dark Naruto story. I want to try this story different than I have with the other dark story of mines. Now with all that said, I leave you guys with a keep watching for my update or new stories, and also I need a beta reader for both Fox of the dead and Fox of the Xternal. This A.N will stand up as chapters until next week, and have a nice day.

PS: I hate on how the manga is doing things, all I want now is for the creator to reveal what Itachi gave Naruto. I get this bad feeling that something bad will happen to Naruto or somehow Sasuke will go back to Konoha, and if that happen I loss a lot of respect for the creator of Naruto. The way I see it, Sasuke committed too many sins to even come back to Konoha as a shinobi and be forgiven. He messed up on what his brother really wanted him to do for the Uchiha's clan, and so why should he get a good ending, but then again Naruto have elements of Dragon Ball Z in it; even Vegeta was forgiven later on.