Chapter 1: Cream

Author's Note: I started reading Swat Kat fanfics & watching tribute vids
recently, including some slash fics. Since their pasts weren't in the show
except the Enforcer mishap, I let my imagination roam. This is tame, will be
worse later. All characters belong to whoever created them, not me. Warning:
Mentions of bad things in Jake's past. Thanks to my Beta Reader: Ulyferal

Chance hauled himself from underneath the car he was working on. He shook hishead at what he saw outside the open garage door. It was dark outside, but hecould still the outline of the thunderheads that had built without his knowledge.

"It's gonna be bad out there tonight, Chance. News says it might last until morning." Jake Clawson, his dark red furred friend commented.

He was leaning against the side of the car behind him. His tail swished slowly from side to side before it curled itself around his thigh. Despite the fact his ears were pricked up at attention, there was a look in his eyes that said he was far away from the garage.

Chance got off the crawler he was laying on and walked to the door. He raised a paw to press the button to shut the garage door then wiped his paws off and put his tools away.

The sound of metal on metal drew the other tom from his thoughts. His ears twitched, his tail uncurled and wriggled like it did when he first woke from sleep then his eyes cleared.

"Ya alright buddy?" Chance asked lightly, hiding his worry well.

"Yeah, just thinking." Jake said offhandedly then changed the subject. "Somebody brought us a treat pal." He said, telling a little fib.

"Really? What is it?" Chance asked, very curious.

"Cream. Six bottles of it." Jake said with a smile.

The tabby tom meowed in wonder. Cream really was a treat, no matter if you were a kit or a full-grown Kat. It was a lot better than milk, but very expensive. He'd only had it once or twice in his whole life. He didn't know about Jake.

Jake could see by his buddy's expression that this was a real surprise and a pleasure. He himself had it several times. "But those times it had been spiked and then.."' He started to think then shoved the thought away violently, his tail lashing once then going still.

"Come on. I'll show you." He told the tiger tom, leading the way upstairs to their apartment. Going into the kitchen, Jake went to their fridge and opened the door.

Chance's eyes went wide when Jake pulled two bottles of cream from the fridge. He shot a glance past him and saw the other four. "Who'd bring us cream?" He asked in amazement.

"Got me." Jake lied then asked, "Ever had it?"

"Twice. I found a bottle that my parents had been drinking from on the table as a kit and sneaked a couple of drops. I barely remember it though. Then one time somekat got Pops, the old Kat who runs the comic stand, a bottle for his birthday and he gave me a little. I was maybe thirteen." Chance said, taking his bottle to the living room and drinking it there while he sat on the couch.

Jake did the same. He opened the bottle and took a big swallow then licked drops of the cream from his whiskers with his rough tongue. The taste was better than he remembered, but this was pure cream, not warm and spiked like when he was younger.

"What about you?" Chance asked as he finished his bottle, eyes glazed from drinking so much of the rich stuff.

"A few times." His friend admitted, feeling drowsy as he finished his drink.

Cream tended to make Kats sleepy no matter what the age. Kittens usually fell asleep within minutes while adults just got drowsy unless they had a tolerance for it. Only the very rich were fortunate enough to have that.

Chance yawned, sliding over to his side on the couch and falling asleep quickly. Jake stared down at his slumbering friend, instinct making him look around for any risks that might arise while he slept. The tabby's ears were half pricked up but he was out like a light.

'Chance wouldn't do anything like that... I hope.' He whispered, remembering bad things, before slumping against his side of the couch and
falling asleep himself.

Author's Additional Note: This is the first Swat Kat fic I've written in a
long time. Please R&R. Flames not welcome. Please tell me if I got the guys
out of character & give me the name of the old Kat who I mentioned above. He
was in the ep. where they go into the future & the Metallikats have taken over
and the Swat Kats are supposedly dead.