Chapter 4: The Cycle Ends

Author: The fourth & final chapter to this series. It's not set on any
particular day or amount of time after the last chapter. Thanx to Ulyferal for
Betaing this. Warning: A pair of nude toms, mentions of sex and incest in
Jake's past plus language. Jake's psycho mom is mine. I'm borrowing the rest.
Movie they see is inspired by one with Larry The Cable Guy in it.

Thoughts/Flashbacks everything else

"Are you awake?" Jake whispered. His mate snuggled closer to him without
speaking. "I doubt this apartment will ever be completely clear of the reek of
sex, even after we move out." He added in amusement.

The tiger tabby lying next to him chuckled softly and muttered, "Then we'll
just have to stay here."

Jake just snorted then said, "Morning."

"Morning to you too." Chance whispered, leaning over and licking a messy
patch of fur on his mate's shoulder down.

"I think we're gonna need to shower to get cleaned up not that I don't
appreciate your efforts." The russet tom told him warmly.

Chance just sighed and fell silent, burying his nose in Jake's neck fur and
putting an arm and leg over the smaller tom's body.

The intimate position suddenly made Jake's breath stutter. His mate's
position was too reminiscent of someone he wanted desperately to forget. He
mewed for his mate but it came out in a whisper. Chance didn't hear him.
Unbidden a flashback drew him into a past he tried hard to escape. As the
image sharpened, it was as if he was back there again being subjected to her
unwanted attentions. She always ignored his pleas to leave him alone.

"Be a good Kat and stay quiet." She admonished him as she settled her body
atop his, purring the whole time.

"I don't want to do this. Get off!" He begged.

She paid him no heed as she ground her femininity against his genitals until
his body responded unwillingly.

He bit his lip until it bled to keep from crying out as stars exploded in his
vision as he came. He heard her yowl her pleasure at the same time and he
thought with bitterness, "I hate you so damn much."

The flashback shattered leaving him shaken and angry. He called out to his
mate in a more urgent and tearful voice.

"Chance." He pleaded, shaking his mate.

Chance groaned then suddenly snapped his eyes open. He stared at Jake from
just inches away, instantly seeing fear, anger and tears in those eyes as well
as feeling the body against his shaking.
He cursed himself for falling asleep and missing his mate's call for aid.
Chance reared up and gently grabbed Jake's scruff in his mouth. Jake
instantly went still but moments later began to shake again and was now crying
in earnest.

The big tabby carefully released the smaller tom and quickly climbed off the
bed. He picked up his clothes from the floor and rapidly dressed, knowing
that being nude wouldn't help Jake regain control and calm down.

Now dressed, Chance got back on the bed which creaked beneath him as he
settled close to the smaller tom. He pulled Jake into his lap and wrapped his
arms around him. Rocking back and forth, he murmured comforting words,
"Shh, you're okay, love. It's gonna be alright."

It took almost twenty minutes to get Jake to relax again. His sobs finally
becoming hiccups then sighs.

"Jake I'm sorry, I went back to sleep. Kat's alive, I'm so sorry." Chance
murmured contritely.

"It's not your fault. You woke up quickly when you realized I needed you."
Jake said, his voice hoarse from all the crying.

"I should have been awake from the start, though." The tiger tabby berated

They fell silent for several minutes before Jake said, "Let's go out today.
Things have been slow for us here and in the city."

"You sure?" Chance asked softly.

"Yeah, come on. We both need some fresh air. I'll even set the VCR to record
Scaredy Kat for you." Jake said, trying to be upbeat.

"Now you're talking." Chance grinned with pleasure, nuzzling Jake before
releasing him to get up and dress.

"I need to shower alone, okay?" Jake said quietly.

"Sure, love. No problem." Chance said gently and watched him walk out of
the room.

"I think he's beginning to learn to deal with the past better, at least
he's recovering faster."
The tabby thought in some relief.

Several hours later found Jake and Chance exiting the nearest movie theater.

"Alright so it was funny." Jake said.

"Even if it was about a bunch of Kats who thought they were on an
undiscovered planet when they were really in the desert?" Chance prompted.

"Yes." His mate laughed as he elbowed him in the ribs. A small group of Kats
eyed them curiously as they walked down the street with their tails loosely

"They act like they've never seen a mated and bonded pair before." Chance
hissed, twitching his ears in annoyance.

"We're not like most pairs, Chance. In any way." Jake muttered. The tiger
tabby nodded his silent agreement as they continued to head downtown.

Jake glanced back and jumped like he'd been shot. "Chance." He mewed

Chance followed Jake's frightened stare at a ginger colored she-kat who had
just emerged from the alley behind them. He didn't have to ask who she was,
the family resemblance was very clear. His ears pressed close to his head and
his claws unsheathed. A hiss began deep in his throat as his fur stood on end
and his tail slid away from Jake's.

Jake took an involuntary step back as the she-kat came toward them. He moved
to stand slightly behind his mate, eyeing her with distaste and fear.

"I was coming to find you. I want you to come home Jake." She said as she
stopped before the pair.

"Keep away from him." Chance hissed warningly.

"I only want my son to come back home." She said, in a sickeningly sweet
voice while eyeing Chance warily.

"So you can hurt him some more." The tabby tom growled furiously.

"Liar! I've never hurt him!" She hissed back, suddenly slapping Chance with
unsheathed claws.

Jake gasped as blood trickled down his mate's cheek.

"The scars say otherwise." Chance growled, ignoring his injury. "I don't
hit she-kats but I may make an exception for this bitch."
He thought angrily.

"Chance." Jake whispered, staring toward the street. Chance's amber eyes slid
in that direction in time to see an Enforcer vehicle pull up beside them. A
female enforcer was climbing out.

Moments later, the officer came to their side, her paw on her side arm.
"What's going on here?" She asked.

Lt. Felina Feral regarded the trio on the sidewalk suspiciously. She caught
the signs of an insipid altercation and decided to stop and see what was going
on. One of the three was a ginger colored she-kat who might have once been
very pretty, but now her fur was very dirty and there were several patches
where her fur was thinning. Her brown eyes were too bright to be normal and
she was quivering.

'There's something amiss with her.' Felina thought with a frown then
turned her attention to the other two. She recognized them both. They were
ex-enforcers...the big tom was Chance Furlong and the smaller tom was Jake
Clawson. They had been the best fighter team the Enforcers had seen in a long
time. Furlong was an exceptional pilot while Clawson was uncannily accurate
as the gunner. Some enforcers used to joke that his sight was as sharp as his

"If only my uncle knew the pair of troublemakers he'd thrown out of the
enforcers were making his life miserable as the SWAT Kats. Of course, I'll
never tell him that."
Felina thought in some amusement. Her face, though,
remained stern and businesslike.

"Hello Lt. Feral." Chance said politely while not taking his eyes off the
other she-kat. Jake remained behind his mate and just nodded at her.

"Problems?" She asked again.

"To say the least." Chance growled just as the ginger she-kat pounced on him.

It was almost two hours later by the time Felina got everything sorted out.
The shekat had been arrested and hauled away, she'd taken statements from
both Furlong and Clawson then gathered statements from witnesses as well
before snapping her notebook closed. They were relieved she had been on hand
to take care of everything. It had made things go much smoother.

Just as she was getting ready to leave, she said with a warm smile, "Mated
and bonded, heh? That's really good news. I'm happy for both of you."

"You are?" Chance asked in surprise.

"Of course! One of my oldest friends and her girlfriend are too." She
admitted with a shrug.

Jake looked away from the scratches on Chance's furry cheek to smile at her.

"One last question Jake then you guys can go home." She said.

"Hmm?" He murmured. He had returned his attention to the scratches on
Chances face and was licking them.

"Do you want to press charges?" Felina asked.

Jake's eyes squeezed shut and his tail stiffened. He knew in his heart what
he wanted to say.

"No." He whispered.

Chance hissed in shocked anger but Jake ignored him.

"I don't want to press charges, Lieutenant. Just make a note or something
that she needs to have a mental evaluation please?" He begged her.

Felina studied him a moment, pity filling her heart but not her face as she
made a note, then handed Jake the statement he'd given and had him sign it.
Chance signed his statement silently while fuming the whole time.

"He's going to let me have it when we get home." Jake thought

The thirty-minute drive home was made in strained silence. Once out of the
car and inside the apartment, both toms sat on the couch.

"Chance." Jake whispered, hesitantly.

"Why didn't you press charges?" Chance asked, still angry.

"I couldn't." Jake said quietly.

"Why not?" Chance snapped.

The russet tom's ears pressed against his head as he lowered his eyes. The
tabby was quivering with rage.

"She's my mother, Chance." Jake whispered.

"But she abused you, raped you and placed those scars on you." Chance said,
his anger dissipating to one of confusion.

"There's something mentally wrong with her. It doesn't change what she did,
but she needs help not jail." Jake told him as he ran his left paw over the
scar on the back of his right ear.

The tiger tabby tom sighed in defeat and hugged his mate.

"I'm sorry I got so upset." Chance whispered.

"Not your fault." Jake said.

"I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you again. If I hurt you, even accidentally, let
me know." Chance told him as he pulled the russet tom into his lap.

"I will. Love you, Chance." Jake said, a yawn catching him.

"Love you too, Jake." Chance whispered, his tail curling around his mate's.

Author's End Note: I think that's the best way to end it. I've decided to
dedicate this series to a few of my friends and anyone else who's been abused,
raped, etc... I know from personal experience that it's hard to deal with it.
It gets easier, but you never really get over it. It happens too often, so
please help stop it by reporting it. This is my only request from those who
read this. I don't care about reviews this time.

P.S.: As always, thank to my awsome Beta author, Ulyferal. She's been kind
enough to read & put extra lil details in for me that I have missed. Because
of her help, I can't take all the credit for this series & when/if I write a sequel
she will be the woman I call on to Beta it for me. LOL, there's no if to that since
I'm planning a sequel. Keep an eye open for it Cody Furlong, it'll be here ASAP.