Battle Drill

Authors: OTP and MoonStarDutchess


Disclaimer: We don't own FMA and gain no profit from this fiction.

Riza sat at her desk, forcing herself to breathe calmly as the other officers in the room ran around as if their asses were on fire. She'd just made a simple, non-panicked comment and it caused the lazy men to go insane.

Her husband was issuing orders like he were directing troops at war, and she was growing impatient with the chaos. "Havoc! What in the hell are you doing? I told you it's not supposed to be over there! You know that from the drill! Put it over there!" Roy pointed at the far corner of the room. Havoc quickly obeyed.

"Chief as long as it is out of the path to the door I don't see why it has to go there," Havoc replied after he moved the chair and desk to where Roy directed. Riza sighed and rolled her eyes. The furniture didn't have to be moved!

Roy ignored Havoc's comment and continued his commanding. "Breda! Move that table over there by Havoc!" His eyes burned with a fiery intensity that made him look angry. In reality, she knew he was a nervous wreck.

Riza lifted one hand to rub at her right temple while the other moved to rub her stomach. She jerked slightly a stabbing pain hit her. Her head was throbbing thanks to the chaos going on around her, adding to her...illness. She guessed illness was a good word. She certainly was sick.

"Um sir? What should I do with these?" Fuery asked nervously, holding a stack of books.

Roy glared at him and pointed to the bookshelf next to Riza's desk. "Put them over there! Why else would there be a bookshelf in here if you don't put books on them!"

Riza watched as Fuery rushed to put the books on the shelf. Sweat was dripping off his forehead and his hands were shaking.

She jerked when another pain jolted through her. If she didn't get to the hospital soon she would be giving the men a surprise right there in the office. Falman walked by, and she grabbed his arm. "Go get the car ready this minute." He nodded and rushed out of the room.

Roy scanned the room, sour at the loss of extra hands but clearly satisfied. He took a deep breath and shouted, "Stop!" All eyes moved to him. "It's good enough." He looked to Riza. "Alright, we're almost ready. They can move the desk in front of you and then we can."

"Roy Mustang there's a clear way to that door already and by god if you don't get me to the hospital right now I'm going to make myself a widow!" Roy nodded, easily scooped her up into his arms and rushed out the door.

Riza buried her face at the crook of his neck and sighed. A pregnant woman should never casually mention to male military officers that her water broke.