Astinos was walking around Sparta looking for Stelios, he walked down the path to where Stelios' lives but before he got close to the building Stelios walked out he paused as he saw Astinos "Astinos... what are you doing here?" he asked "oh um I'm here to see you" he smiled "here to see me why you haven't fallen for me have you" he smirked then laughed "of cause not I was just wondering if you would like to go for a stroll its a beautiful day after all" Astinos replied "alright then lets take a stroll" said Stelios.

They walked to the fields and Astinos sat down "not tired already are you?" Stelios laughed as he looked down at the younger man "not at all" he smiled back then laid down. He glanced up at Stelios and asked "why not join me then" Stelios laid back as well. The cool breeze brushed against their skins the warm sun resting upon their heads Astinos yawned and laid on his side facing Stelios "I'm going to take a nap" Astinos whispered,
as he was resting Stelios looked at the boy and smiled "such a cute face" he moved his hand to Astinos cheek and gently brushed against it with the back of his hand, he stopped when he felt Astinos' warm skin against his skin and Astinos' fingers moving on to his shoulders the young Spartan then spoke in his sleep "Stelios...I love you".

When Stelios heard what he heard he began to blush "Astinos" he whispered Stelios moved closer looking at Astinos' face, he placed his thumb onto Astinos' lips dragging them along to his cheek he moved his lips closer to kiss Astinos,
he let go quickly before Astinos woke up and saw him kissing him. Stelios placed his hand on Astinos' back and waited for him to awaken but he then thought "do I love Astinos or is it because of what he said, but why did I kiss him" he thought Stelios sighed then mumbled to himself "his flesh upon mine is so warm maybe if we stay like this a bit longer he wont mind if I see him waking up I shall pretend to be asleep and see what he does".

Time pasted and Astinos was starting to wake up when Stelios saw him waking up he turned his head and closed his eyes. Astinos woke up he felt the hand of Stelios on his back, he saw his hands on Stelios shoulder he quickly removed his hands he leaned close to Stelios' ear then whispered "I know you kissed me Stelios" he smirked as he sat up to see Stelios' face.
Stelios blushed and opened his eyes "oh really" he blushed even more then sat up, "Astinos there is something I must ask you" he said looking at him, he leaned in close and said "do you love me because I think I have fallen for you",
Astinos blushed and looked away " do" he asked Stelios nodded his head and leaned into kiss Astinos he waited for Astinos to return the kiss but as soon as he was about to pull away Astinos pounced onto Stelios.

Astinos wrapped his arms around Stelios' neck moving his hands into his hair, he started to kiss Stelios passionately, Stelios placed his hands upon Astinos' warm back moving one hand to up to Astinos' neck.
Stelios moved himself closer to Astinos and he gently pushed him on the ground, Stelios kissed him some more then moved Astinos' hair out of his eyes Stelios looked deep into Astinos eyes and placed his hand softly on Astinos cheek and slipped his lips onto Astinos' and then began to run his finger down Astinos' chest and Astinos smiled and looked up at Stelios.

"Stelios I know your married and we can't be together but can we have more moments like these" he whispered placing his fingers through Stelios light hair "you mean more strolls" he smirked and Astinos nodded his head "I'm glad you have the same feelings for me" Astinos said wrapping his hands around Stelios' neck.