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Ever since I started writing fanfiction, I wanted to write something in this genre - four years later, here I am.


"It's hard knock life..."

"G'night Spot..."

Jack "Cowboy" Kelly casually strolled down the dirty, gritty streets of his adopted home, New York City, where he had finished a monthly meeting with one of his most trusted colleagues, one Spot Conlon, of the Brooklyn division. He knew it was going to be one of their last interactions, and had savored the late fall evening with one of his oldest friends. As they had finished the end of a fifth of whisky, they both drunkenly recognized they were getting far to old to be carrying anyone's Banner. Spot had connections in the Family - an uncle who needed a barback at one of the local watering holes. The money wasn't clean and the clientele was dangerous, but what else could an uneducated young man hope for? Spot attempted to keep up a good face about the matter - noting all the ladies he would undoubtedly be meeting.

The broad shouldered young man turned the corner and thought about their rapidly declining crew. Kid Blink had cut out six months ago - surprising everyone and joining the army. David had followed through on his constant threat to go to school - enrolling in the local community college - as a journalism major no less. Mush had taken up with a girl from Medda's and they were talking about moving out to Long Island and starting a family.

Jack knew his time was coming - his teenage years had been formative ones, teaching him the ways of the world, but he needed to leave before the city owned him. Before he forgot the real reason he had escaped here. Before he lost who he was completely... With a warm buzz from the whisky, the lights blurred softly and he remembered this street...

It had started as a dare one Christmas a few years back. Old man Pulitzer had given a small bonus to the newsies, and the boys decided it would be best to use their money at one of the local brothels. Of course, everyone but Spot and Cowboy had chickened out, leaving the boys alone to become men. Jack smiled to himself, remembering how completely naive they had been. Still, whenever he was on this side of town, he found himself walking a little out of the way, hoping to see her...


He smiled, recognizing her sweet tone and the only name she knew him by, and answered flirtatiously, "What's it to you, Ginger?"

She was on a corner he had seen her on before, only now the colors and view shifted focus and he saw that even though they were the same age, she looked much more tired and worn down than he remembered. Her hair wasn't the vibrant red he had sworn it was, and she was paler and less filled out than his daily fantasies portrayed her as. He stepped across the street to meet her when an older man walked up to her, obviously about to proposition her services. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in his direction, but there was nothing he could do...

Maybe he didn't have it so bad...he had options.

Jamming his hands in his pockets, Jack looked over his shoulder once, and was shocked to hear the gentleman say, "Aww...looks like someone else wants a piece of little orphan Annie here."

What could he do?

"Maybe tomorrow," came his frustrated reply. His boots clicked on the pavement, taking him away from her forever.

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