Title: Only Fitting
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Rating: pg-13
Prompt: Everybody Wants to Rule The World for
Word Count: 359 words
Note: Special thanks to
lacrymosastar for looking this over for me.

He's the president. The leader of the free world. It doesn't get any more special than that.

And still she doesn't want him. Still she turns him down.

Five years ago, she came to him in his dreams. At first, she was just a cheerleader, an innocent little thing, eyes wide with fear as she slips right through his fingers. He knows now that it was fate. He was never meant to kill her.

No, she was his reward instead. She was a goddess to rival Athena, an angel only missing the wings and halo, the only one worthy to stand by his side. And once he was special enough, he would get to finally have her.

In his dreams, she mocks him with the image of golden hair and pale skin, of her head titled back and her eyes half closed as she beckons him to come closer, and then closer still. And just when he's near enough to see the gold flecks in her eyes, she slips through his fingers yet again. He longed for the day they would touch skin to skin. It seemed all he ever did was chase her down empty hallways and dusty streets littered with newspaper like tumbleweed.

Those dreams were scenes from another life, a life a lot less special than the one he could give her now. Five years and more stolen powers than he could even count, he was worthy of her now. She would be his, his beautiful goddess. He would catch her and he would finally be able to run his fingers through that spun gold hair.

The vision is ruined when Parkman finally manages to drag her into his office. She stands there, her hair darker, her skin more tan, it was like she was trying to erase his angel. And then she turned away from him, rejecting him. He has to reel in the anger that wants to explode from his fingertips; it wouldn't hurt either one of them. One breath, then two, as he slips back into his true visage.

The fates were wrong.

Death was the only fitting punishment for a fallen angel.