Title: There's No Comfort in the Waiting Game
Rating: PG
Prompt: Failure on my 50scenes table.
Summary: Set at the very end of Wilson's Heart. What if Cameron had been there instead of Cuddy.

He wakes up to pain, more pain than usual. But he doesn't wake up alone and that surprises him the most. Cameron (sans scrubs, which meant she's visiting him on her own time) greets him with a hint of a sad smile. She closes her book and moves to stand by his bed. He would have laughed at the déjà vu quality of the whole thing, but he was alive when he shouldn't have been, when he didn't deserve to be (it really wasn't even close to being funny, or amusing, or whatever, this time).

"Hey. How are you feeling?" she asks.

He doesn't answer for a moment, still stunned by her presence. Why is she even here? An even better question is when is she going to smarten up and realize that he destroys everything good in his life. Wilson could tell her; he had certainly learned firsthand. He's a screw up, just like his father always said.

But she wants an answer; he can tell. Her hand moves on top of his, giving a quick squeeze of encouragement. If anyone else would have tried that…

(well he doesn't have to worry about that now, does he?)

"Like I tried to scramble my brain and got a seizure for my trouble," he finally says.

"Well, I'm glad your sparkling sense of humor wasn't damaged in the crash." That small smile of hers is back and their fingers are now intertwined. It doesn't do anything for the pain, logically he knows this. But as he leans back into the pillow, a little lighter, it doesn't matter.

All he wants is for it to go away, but it won't. Someone is dead, someone they knew, Amber (calling her Cut-Throat-Bitch seems grossly inappropriate for the situation, even for him).

"Wilson hates me," He says suddenly.

"Yes," she replies. He bits back a snarky comment when she doesn't bother to sugar-coat it. What happened to his kind-as-kittens Cameron?

They fall into silence (comfortably). There is nothing more to be said.

It's almost like being alone (he really is now, isn't he) except for their fingers laced together. He can't make himself let go for fear she'll disappear (like everyone else).

"Get some rest. I'll be here when you wake up."