Title: Pretty Piece of Flesh
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Rating: R (warning: rape)
Prompt: Pretty Piece of Flesh for
Word Count: 320 words
Note: Special thanks to
lacrymosastar for looking this over for me.

Pink cotton panties lay on the ground in tatters.

Ripped to shreds, like her body, like her dignity, like the innocence he stole from her eyes.

Everyone who tried (died) to protect her has failed; he's made sure of it, as his rough hands steal over her breasts.

They weren't like she expected; calloused hands gliding and stroking and caressing until the unwitting response rushes over her faster than the shame clawing in the front of her mind.

Then his hand clamps around her throat and the shame wins, causing her to struggle even harder against his grasp.

Yelling, screaming, all the protests in the world, nothing can stop him from taking what is rightfully his.

Plunging into her cunt, he kisses away crystalline tears that leak from the corners of eyes squeezed shut; it's just one more way to control her.

It only takes once to break her, but he wants so much more than that.

Everything; that what he wants and that's what he gets.

Claire no longer screams, no longer tries to get away, and he knows he's won.

Even better than the first time was watching the light die from her eyes as he told her, "You're mine now. Not that anyone else would want you now anyways."

Over the months he held her there, his broken play thing, she never said a word; never even made a sound anymore.

Freedom becomes an even more imaginary concept with each time he runs his hands down her back, and bends her over to watch their sin.

Flesh met flesh in the mirror and her dead eyes couldn't even look away; not that he would ever let her.

Locking the doors would be useless; she'll never get away from him now.

Everyone who'll look at her will know.

She'll always be branded it; he's left a mark everyone can see.