Hey guys. This is a Doctor Who/House/Torchwood x-over and I hope you guys like it. It's going to be a Chase/Jack Harkness pairing with mentions of Doctor/Rose and Chase/Cameron. Anyway here's chapter 1 so please review.

"House!" the older doctor groaned and slowly turned around to face a frustrated looking Cuddy. "Ah, Dr. Cuddy how may I help you this lovely morning?" House asked.

"You've got a case," Cuddy said as she shoved a file into his hand. House frowned before flipping the file open and taking a look at its contents. "Hmm, I'm just going to take a stab in the dark here but I'm going to have to say…flu," House said wondering why Cuddy would be handing him such an easy case.

"Great, now take all of these," Cuddy said as she grabbed a stack of files off of the nurse's station and held them out to the older man. House raised an eyebrow and began to back away slowly from Cuddy wondering what evil plan the director had in store involving him.

"House, I'm not in the mood, now take these and get to work," Cuddy said. "You want me to take on boring cases?" House asked feeling offended. "House, we have eight doctors that have gone missing in the last three weeks and we are far behind so you either take these or do clinic duty for the rest of your life," Cuddy all but growled.

"Eight now, it was five last time I checked," House mumbled as he looked down at the files that Cuddy held out for him.

"Yes eight, there hasn't been any sign of them, they've just vanished," Cuddy said and House thought he heard worry in her voice.

House grabbed the files and tucked them under his arms before he turned and hit the elevator button with the end of his cane.

"Well I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere," House said.

"That's what I'm afraid of," he heard Cuddy mumble as the elevator door slid closed.

The Doctor picked himself off of the grated floor of the TARDIS console room and ran over to the monitor. He had been trying to go to 23rd century Tokyo but the TARDIS apparently had other plans. "21st century Princeton, New Jersey, how the hell did we get here?" he asked, looking up only to find no one there. His face fell slightly as he remembered that he was alone. It had been a year since he had wiped Donna Noble's memory and had taken the mind of the Time Lords out of her. He still hadn't had the courage to invite anyone else to come with him. There had been many that he had considered but somewhere deep inside of him he knew that they weren't right to be his companion.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of bad memories as he bounded over to the door and took a peek outside. He was in a closet of some sorts, but he couldn't tell exactly where he was by its contents. There were only cleaning supplies around him and even though there was nothing inherently exciting about his surroundings, the TARDIS had brought him here and he was curious as to why.

Locking the TARDIS he made his way out of the closet and into a brightly lit hallway. People were bustling by him in scrubs and crisp white lab coats and he smiled as he realized he was in a hospital and he couldn't help but think about Martha. He quickly pushed the thought of her aside and he made a mental note not to think about the past anymore.

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and as subtly as he could, locked the janitor closet door so that no one but him could enter. Tucking the sonic device back into his coat pocket he strode away down the hall. No one took notice of him, the hospital employee's were running about in a somewhat panicked and worried state and the Time Lord wondered what had gotten everyone so flustered.

"Did you hear," the Doctor heard someone say in a hushed tone. He slowed his walk and listened to the group of nurses who had gathered together. "Doctor Freeman went missing yesterday."

"Doctor Freeman?" one of the nurses asked.

"That makes eight doctors now that have gone missing," another nurse said.

'Eight doctors missing?' the Doctor thought to himself. He made his way over to the nurses.

"Hello there," he said smiling widely.

The nurses turned their attention on him, "Hello, who are you?" a female nurse asked.

"Doctor John Smith," the Doctor said as he brought out his psychic paper.

"You've come to help with the case load?" one asked.

"Yes I have," the Doctor lied. "I was wondering if you could direct me towards the hospital director."

"Well Dr. Cuddy is really busy right now but she has Doctor House handling most of the cases so you'll probably want to talk to him."

"And Dr. House would be?" he asked.

"A complete ass," he heard one of the nurses mumble but he was interrupted before he could comment.

"He's on the fourth floor; he's head of the Diagnostics Department."

The Doctor nodded his head and thanked them before heading off towards the elevators at the end of the hall. Eight doctors missing, no wonder the TARDIS had brought him here in the first place. He hoped he could do something to help and he hoped the Dr. House could help give him some answers as to what was going on.

"We have all of these cases?" Foreman asked.

"Unfortunately yes," House grumbled as he popped a vicodin into his mouth. "Mistress Cuddy has spoken and until these eight doctors drag their happy asses back from their impromptu vacations, we're in charge of all of these people, yippee."

"Great, I've run out of crossword puzzles anyway," Chase said as he stood and went over to pour himself a cup of coffee.

Cameron reached out and grabbed one of the files from the stack and flipped through it. "We could solve most of these today if they're as simple as this," she said.

"Oh look at all of you, saving lives and making a difference, brilliant."

The four looked over to see a thin man in a brown suit and coat with bed head and glasses smiling at them.

"Who the hell are you?" House asked.

"Doctor John Smith," he said as he took out his psychic paper and flashed it at them for a second before shoving it back into his pocket.

"John Smith?" Foreman asked incredulously.

"Yup, that's me, hello," the Doctor said as he waved at the group. "I've come to help out."

House eyed him suspiciously "What are you a doctor of?"

"Everything," the Doctor said simply.

"Everything?" Cameron asked wondering who this man was and what he was playing at.

"Yup, and are we just going to continue repeating everything I say because I had a bad experience with that and it kinda…wierds me out now," the Doctor said remembering his time on the planet midnight.

"Alright fine, take a case," House said as he limped over to the table and tossed the Doctor a file. The Time Lord caught it easily and opened it, reading everything in seconds.

"I'm glad you came, we need any help we can get," Cameron said.

"Yea and I'm sure Chase would like to have some fellow English company," House said.

"I'm Australian," Chase replied blandly before looking back over at the mysterious Dr. John Smith. There was something different about the man that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He radiated genius but not in the way House did, the older diagnostician was rude when he demonstrated his intelligence but this man seemed to have a hyper energy genius that was rather refreshing after years of working with House.

"So, what's the story on all of these doctors going missing?" the Doctor asked without looking up from his eighth file.

"What does it matter?" House asked as he drew a score board on the white board. The Doctor noticed that his alias name had been placed on the board as well.

The Doctor looked up and took off his glasses. "Well nothing really, just wanted to know just in case I go missing as well."

"No one really knows what happens to them, just that they're there one second and then gone the next," Chase explained.

"The police have any leads?" he asked.

"None," Chase replied and the Doctor nodded his head. "Well that's interesting, do any of these doctors have anything in common?"

"What the hell does it matter, you came to help out so help out and stop wasting our time," House said irately.

The Doctor ignored him and looked over at Chase who was the only one that seemed to want to answer him.

"Other than working here, there's no connection at all, they all have different specialties and work in different parts of the hospital," Chase said.

"And what do you think is going on?" the Doctor asked the Australian.

"What part of get to work do you Brit's not understand, or is tea time already?" House grumbled.

Chase looked over at House before looking back at the Doctor. He opened his mouth to reply when the hospital started to shake violently. Everyone scrambled to grab onto something sturdy to keep themselves from falling to the ground and the Doctor laughed.

"There we go, that's more like it," he said gleefully as he looked at Chase and the blond couldn't help but feel like his life was about to take a dramatic turn.