Hey guys here's the next chapter. I hope you like it and I promise that Jack will be coming into the story soon.

"What the hell was that?" Foreman asked as the building settled once more. Cameron began to pick the things that had fallen off the table and shelves before placing them in their rightful places.

"Must have been an earthquake," House said as he popped another vicodin in his mouth.

Chase moved over to the window and looked outside, "Doesn't feel like any earthquake I've ever felt, this was different," the blond said as he looked out at the people who had been seemingly unaffected by the tremendous shaking of the hospital.

"Very good, what was your name?" the Doctor asked. Chase turned around "Robert Chase."

"Well Robert Chase, you're right, that wasn't an earthquake," the Doctor said.

"Well what was it?" Chase asked.

The Doctor grinned "Wanna find out?" Chase didn't look to House or the others, there was something about this man that made Chase trust him. He had barely known Dr. John Smith for a few minutes and he trusted him more than the others in Diagnostics.

Chase took a few steps forward and the Doctor turned to lead him out the glass double doors.

"Hey!" House called and Chase turned around abruptly. "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"I wanna know what's going on," Chase said.

"It was an earthquake, Chase, get over it," House said. "No it wasn't," the Doctor said confidently over Chase's shoulder.

"Of course it was what else could do that?" Cameron said trying to be rational.

Chase looked over at the Doctor hoping he would answer as to what the shaking really was but all he said was "They're not allowed to come; they'll just slow us down."

With that the Doctor turned and walked out the doors. "Chase we need all the help we can get with these cases," Cameron said pleadingly.

"I'm sorry, I'll be back ok," Chase said before running out to follow the Doctor. House glared at the blonds' retreating form and wondered how this new doctor could take away his ass kissing Australian so quickly. It had taken him a week and a half to get Chase to beat Chase's self confidence down enough to where he would submit to anything he said.

Then this English twig comes rolling in and steals his trust in two minutes. Whoever Dr. John Smith was, he was very good, but House knew he was better.

"So do you know what's going on?" Chase asked as they jogged down the stairs to the basement.

"Nope, not a clue," the Doctor said and Chase thought he heard a bit of glee in the man's voice.

"Well that's comforting," Chase said but continued to follow the man down the stair well despite the hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge indicating that whatever was at the bottom of the stairs wasn't very friendly.

"You didn't come to help out did you?" Chase asked as they quickened their pace. The Doctor looked over his shoulder at the blond.

"Course I did, that's what I do," The Doctor replied.

"Maybe, but not to help because the doctors are going missing, you came because the doctors were going missing," Chase said as they finally reached the bottom.

The Doctor looked over at him "Are you always this perceptive?" he asked.

"I try," Chase said with a grin.

The Doctor nodded "Good, oh and by the way, my name isn't John Smith."

Chase frowned "So what is your name?"

"The Doctor."

"Just the Doctor?" Chase asked amused.

"Yup that's me," he said as he moved over to the basement door.

"Alright Doctor I have a feeling that whatever's behind that door isn't very nice," Chase said.

"You're probably right," The Doctor said, waiting for Chase to turn around and make his way back up the staircase.

"So what are we waiting for?" Chase asked.

The other man smirked and turned the knob and opened the basement door. The two made their way inside the vast room. There were spare hospital beds along one wall and a huge boiler along the other. The lights were flickering and it was hard for Chase to make out what was in the center of the room.

He took a step forward to get a better look. "Doctor, what is that?" Chase asked softly.

"That…seems to be an operating table," The Doctor replied as he moved to stand next to the human.

Chase's eyes widened as he saw something move slightly on the table. "Seems like the patient's still on the table as well," The Doctor said. Chase made to go towards the table to see if there was anything he could do but the Doctor held out his arm indicating that the Australian should stay where he was.

There was equipment all around the table, some of it Chase recognized and some others looked so out there he wondered if they had even been made by humans in the first place.

"Wanna go back?" The Doctor asked.

"No way," Chase said as he continued to look at the figure on the table.

Chase jumped slightly as a booming voice reverberated around the room in a language he couldn't even begin to place. The Doctor held up his hands and began to speak back in the same strange language and a door on the opposite wall and four large figures made their way into the large basement. The blond felt his stomach tighten in anticipation as the lights flickered and Chase saw the dark figures for a second. But that was all he needed to know that whoever the figures were they were not human. And that excited Chase to no end.