Title: Yuu the Master

Summary: When learning about a great wizard, Yuu the Master, Sirius starts a little bit of a back and forth in History of Magic.

Note: It's just a silly little one-shot based on a joke from the third Fatal Frame by a few fans. Or a lot of fans. It's not meant to be serious and make sense and belong really. I hope you guys enjoy!

Sirius Black sighed softly. He was in his least favorite class, and it seemed like it was the hottest day of the year. His black hair was wet with sweat, and looking unattractive which annoyed him to no end. And he was pretty sure that when he tried to get up, he would probably be stuck to his seat.

But Professor Binns, the ghostly teacher of History of Magic, was droning on and on like the heat did not affect him.

Which it probably didn't, him being a ghost and all.

He tapped his quill against his parchment. He was supposed to be taking notes, and 'taking notes' usually meant 'playing games with James Potter'. But James had his head on his desk, snoozing away.

Oh sure, Sirius had TRIED to pay attention to Binns, he really had! But it was so hard between the boring words he was saying and the heat.

But suddenly something Binns was saying caught his ears. Usually Sirius did not pay attention in this class, but he found an opportunity he could not bear to pass up.

"When Yuu passed away, his followers, both magical and Goblin alike --"

Sirius's hand shot up in the air. "But Professor," he said, "I'm not dead. And I don't have Goblin followers."

Professor Binns looked up from his book, surprised by this interruption. "No, Mister Blue. Not you, Yuu."

"Yes, Professor, I'm right here. And not dead. And it's Black by the way."

Professor Binns shook his head and pointed to the book he was reading from. "Not you, Yuu! Don't you remember reading about Yuu?"

"No, Professor, I don't recall ever being written about."

Professor Binns seemed to be growing annoyed. "No, not you. Yuu!"

"Professor, you're the one telling me I'm dead. I think I should be the one getting annoyed, don't you?"

Around Sirius, the class was stirring. Some people were twittering behind their hands, doing their best to cover up their laughter. Others were rolling their eyes. One or two people had even begun to write down the debate between professor and student, thinking, in their stupor, that it was notes.

Professor Binns straightened himself up as best as he could. "Mister Blue, if you do not start taking notes on Yuu the Master, please kindly leave my classroom!"

Sirius leaned forward on his desk, all eyes on him. "I didn't realize I was a master at anything, Professor. But I will certainly begin taking notes on myself." As the rest of the class chuckled, he picked up his quill and parchment.

"Let's see," he began, "I was born in the Moste Noble and Acient House of Black, not Blue. When I was about a year old my mother had my little brother. I was told I favored my great-uncle in looks and -- "

Sirius broke off as the class's laughter started to get louder.

Professor Binns was not pleased. "Out, Mister Blue! Now!"

"But Professor, I was only doing what you said. You said to take notes on myself!"

"Not you!" Binns ghostly pallor was flushed silvery. "Yuu! In this book!"

"I can't fit in a book Professor."

Sirius was grinning like a fat cat. He could have done this all day long. He watched their ghostly teacher slam his book shut and huff off through the chalkboard.

"Class dismissed." Sirius said with a smile. "After all, it's only a few minutes until lunch anyway."

As everyone started to gather up their things, James spoke. "Sirius, you are the master of something."

"Master of annoyance?" Sirius asked innocently.

"Master of puns."

"Ah, yeah. I'm Siriusly good at that!" Laughing, the two, and close friends Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin, headed off to lunch.